When 6th grade math teacher Louise Glasgow realized that many students in her school (Thomas C. Boushall Middle School) were going home hungry and had few resources for food even at home, she teamed up with her church in Richmond to start the Backpack Nourishment Program.

Special backpacks were made for the hungry students, catering specifically to each child's needs (noting allergies and religious beliefs). The young teacher packs these backpacks meticulously every Thursday night and brings them to school the next day, handing them over to the children so that they have food for the weekend.

When 6th grade math teacher Louise Glasgow realized that many students in her school (Thomas C. Boushall Middle School) were going home hungry and had few resources for food even at home, she teamed up with her church in Richmond to start the Backpack Nourishment Program.

When maths teacher Louise Glasgow realized that many students in her school were going home hungry, she teamed up with her church to start the Backpack Nourishment Program to feed them.

At a time when the world is so cynical, it is lovely to see amazing heroes of compassion like Louise Glasgow who care not just for the grades of her students but also their well-being in life.

You can read the news report and listen to her talk here.

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Lynn Hallbrooks said…
This is a wonderful thing that this teacher is doing. I hope that she inspires other to do something for others that is in their passion zone. Truly, children are her passion. Thanks for sharing and for being a #WATWB team member.
Peter Nena said…
Hi, Dr. Roshan. Thank you for sharing this uplifting story with us. The teacher did an astonishing thing.
Shilpa Garg said…
That's such an amazing and thoughtful thing to do for the students. Hats off to Lousie. May her tribe increase.
Deborah Weber said…
Such a concrete helpful thing to do that truly does make a difference - kudos to Louise Glasgow and the Backpack Nourishment Team. Teachers really are frontline witnesses to the needs and challenges of so many, and the fact that so many of them give so much more than their teaching and mentoring expertise is something we don't acknowledge nearly enough in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this story.
Ally Bean said…
This is amazingly positive. Talk about someone who sees a problem then finds a solution. Teachers do so much more than teach facts, they show kids how to care, too.
BWitzenhausen said…
Brilliant story! She is one of those teachers who changes lives and teaches her students things no textbook ever could. Thanks so much for sharing! #WATWB
Belinda Witzenhausen~Writer, Creativity Coach & Artist
Simon Falk said…
Louise and her school are doing such great work. That puts fresh food for thought (literally) in what educating a whole person means. As the video clip demonstrates it appears to be achieving its outcome too. Thanks, Roshan, for this story and for co-hosting us Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB
amar said…
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Eric Lahti said…
What a wonderful idea! No one should ever have to go hungry.
Susan Scott said…
Thank you Dr. Roshan, an inspiring story indeed! Food for thought as Simon Falk says. Thank you also for co-hosting.
Hi Dr Roshan ... what a lovely story about Louise Glasgow ... and the making up of back packs for the kids, so they can eat ... wonderful ... cheers Hilary
Reji said…
Hi Roshan,

I am here from the link of a comment you left in Shipa Garg's blog and glad to see your great work and know more about your profession and interest in writing.

Thanks for sharing this inpiring story of Louise Glasgow. In todays world people even don't have the time to think much about themselves. Then, who cares about the others around them? People like Louise are ver rare to be seen in the current world.

Once again thanks for the share and looking forward to have more interaction in the future.

Have a great time blogging.


Reji Stephenson
Shilpa Gupte said…
It's heartwarming indeed to read about such selfless acts of love in a world where the definition of love and humanity has undergone such a drastic change .
God bless Ms. Glasgow and her likes. May their tribe increase!
Lovely story, Roshan!
Alana said…
I visited Richmond, Virginia for the first time this past April. What many people don't realize here in the United States, the "land of plenty", is how many students suffer from hunger (some from homelessness, too). It is a national disgrace. Many blessings on this teacher who is trying to help.
Rajlakshmi said…
Wow what an amazing lady. Kudos to her for her selfless and thoughtful act, doing her bit in whatever way she can.
Nabanita said…
It's rare to find such people these days who care about their students more than their own salary. More and more teachers should be like her. We need it.
Rachna said…
Thank you for sharing her story, Roshan. Reminds me a bit of our mid-day meal scheme only done by an individual. God bless her and this initiative is really lovely.
Menaka Bharathi said…
Wow that's such an inspiration story..There should more and more teachers like this who care about their students more than salary...Hats off to her selfless acts..God bless her

Shirley Corder said…
What a lovely thing to do. This is a true inspiration. Do you suffer from arthritis? Or bloating? Do you have high cholesterol? Read about the knobbly ginger root.
tulika singh said…
Such a simple thing to do and what a world of difference it would make to the children.
Indywrites said…
That is such a thoughtful idea, we need more teachers like her, God bless. Thanks for sharing.
A teacher's actions/attitude makes such an impact on these impressionable young minds. The best way to lead is by example...and these are things that remain with students for a long, long time. They in turn will pass it on...and so the positivity spreads...
What a caring and compassionate woman!
Thank you for sharing.
Writer In Transit
Upasna said…
Its so good to know about these rare kind people who think about others. Thanks for sharing this. Here through #WATWB
Adite Banerjie said…
Such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
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