When James Harrison was 14 years old, the 13 liters of blood he received as transfusions during a serious chest surgery saved his life. At that young age, he pledged to be a blood donor for life.

Today, aged 80, James has donated his blood and plasma more than a 1000 times - that is an average of one blood donation every three weeks for the last 57 years. The funny thing is that this amazing statistic pales in comparison to the next one.

At the age of 13, James Harrison promised to be donate blood when he grew up. Today, at the age of 80, he has saved more than 2 million lives

Soon after he started donating blood at the age of 18, doctors called him in for a chat. James found out that his blood had a very rare antibody that doctors could use to create an injection called Anti- D, which could help pregnant mothers with RH negative blood from developing antibodies that could destroy the unborn child within them.

With more than 17% of the female population in his continent being Rh negative, James had no hesitation in agreeing to help. And he has been doing so for more than 6 decades now. The injections made from his rare blood products have saved more than 2.4 million babies, including his own daughter.

Every batch of Anti-D that has ever been made in Australia for more than five decades has come from James Harrison's blood. Imagine that.

At the age of 13, James Harrison promised to be donate blood when he grew up. Today, at the age of 80, he has saved more than 2 million lives

You can read more about James Harrison - 'the man with the golden arm' - here.

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Shilpa Garg said…
I am Rh Negative and have used Anti-D injections twice, so I know how noble and notable is James' mission. More power to him and may his tribe increase. Thanks for sharing such an uplifting and inspiring story, Roshan!
Lynn Hallbrooks said…
Wow, I didn't think that anyone who had been given transfusions would be allowed to donate blood and blood products. Amazing story, thanks for sharing and for being a part of #WATWB
Miss Andi said…
That is very generous of him! Here, we can only donate every 3 months - it also reminded me I can go again. Or, I can raise the bar and help organise a blood drive in our office building... food for thought!
Thanks for sharing his story!
Damyanti said…
Wow. I'm speechless: never knew such a person or donor could exist. What a wonderful way to return the life-saving donation he once received.
bellybytes said…
That's quite a story. I know of two of my relatives who lost their babies because they didn't take the Anti D injection the first time round.
Sharukh Bamboat said…
Thank you for hosting this blog fest. What a story this is. So far I haven't gone through the experience of donating blood ever so I can only imagine what this guy has achieved. Hats off to some true heroes of the world.
Ally Bean said…
That's a great story. Clearly this man's blood is worth its weight in gold. Wonderful that he donates it so freely.
Deborah Weber said…
Wow - how utterly incredible. Kudos to this kind and generous man who so clearly demonstrates passing-it-on can be taken to extraordinary lengths. What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this story, and for co-hosting.
Mary Giese said…
I'm not sure how he was donating blood every three weeks, but I guess it was doable in his case. What a wonderful legacy for him, to keep babies safe in the womb so that they may be born to this world. It is an honorable and loving thing that he does.
shalz75 said…
Wow this is an amazing blessing he has which he is generously sharing with the rest of the world. Superb story as usual Doc... I love reading them as they infuse me with hope of finding goodness in the world.
Susan Scott said…
This is an extraordinary story of the man with the golden arm thanks so much for sharing it with us! Two million babies - good heavens!!!! James, you are a true hero. Thank you. (I also will not look at the needle or the bag ..or any needle for that matter).

Thank you for being a part of the #WATWB ..
Wow, Dr. Roshan, that is incredible. Well done by James and his doctors, identifying the antibody early. I can hardly even wrap my head around the number of people he has helped!

Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Orphanage Teens Learn to Express Themselves Through DJing #WATWB
Deborah Drucker said…
Amazing story about this man's rare blood type that has saved so many.
BWitzenhausen said…
What a great story! I had to receive a transfusion as a child and if it weren't for people like James I wouldn't be here. Thanks so much for sharing this! #WATWB Hope you have a fantastic weekend. :)
I am Rh ngative and I can appeeciate this man's kindness deeply .Its because of people like him that babiies survive in RH negative mom.Great post Dr.Roshan.Lovely linKing uo with #WATWB
Mary Aalgaard said…
That is SO AMAZING! My son gave blood today. His twin brother went with him, but they had already booked up all the spots today. Good news.
Mary at Play off the Page

Gina said…
Wow. Mr. Harrison has taken "giving of oneself" to a new height. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!
Hi Dr Roshan - yes as with everyone else - what an amazing story ... and so wonderful he was that person with the special blood ... absolutely incredible to read about ... millions of babies - how extraorinary ... cheers and thank you for sharing James' story with us - Hilary
His is a really unique story, even from a medical point of view.
I think that must be part of how he got those antibodies.
Indywrites said…
This is such a wonderful thing. My mother, brother, my son and I are all RHnegative so I have seen the issues involved. My mom almost died twice!
God bless Mr Harrison. Such a noble task he does.
Thank you so much! In Darkness, Be Light. Team #WATWB
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Simon Falk said…
To think that a young man who was once seriously unwell has helped to improve the lives of so many others. What an extraordinary life has James, the man with the golden arm. Thanks for sharing, Roshan Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB
GST Course said…
Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.
Panharith said…
My mom almost died twice! God bless Mr Harrison. Such a noble task he does.

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vaiybora said…
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