Real-Life hero Cory Hinkle shields accident victim from car explosion #Watwb

by - October 28, 2017

When you see an accident between two vehicles and smoke starts to come out of the car, logic tells you that it is going to catch fire and instinct tells you to run away before the car explodes.

Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle, an Iraq combat veteran, definitely does not read from that same textbook. And because he doesn't, a young mother of two is alive today.

When Hinkle witnessed a head-on collision between two vehicles and noticed smoke, he rushed towards the vehicles instead. Trapped inside was 28 year old Brandy Guin with a fractured ankle. Hinkle helped get her out of the car and on to the side of the road but then the car caught fire and parts started to explod, flinging metallic debris all over.

With no way for Guin to escape with a shattered ankle, Hinkle became a true superhero a second time over, shielding her body with his own to stop the debris from hitting her.
"It is going to have to get though me to get to you." Hinkle told Guin.

Guin was hospitalized but stable and the two strangers are now good friends. Hinkle did injure his ankle, courtesy the metallic debris that hit him but says he would do it all over again.

“It’s a belief in humanity that I have. I have a wife and two daughters and I hope if my wife was in the same situation someone would stop and do the exact same thing,” Hinkle said.

You can listen to Hinkle talk of the incident in the news video below.

Cory Hinkle truly is a real-life hero. And if you are following this blog, you know I am collecting real-life heroes from all around the world.

Authors note:

I am linking this post to WriteTribe and the We Are the World Blogfest initiative.

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  1. I don't know if it's courage that some people have, more than others, but I reckon it's humanity in its best expression - seeing the situation and doing what must be done ... this man is truly a hero. A man above men. Thank you for this great post for #WATWB!

  2. I can think of no greater gift than someone risking his own life to save mine. True selflessness is rare.

  3. You are right, Dr. Roshan, most of us would run the other way. Brandy Guin was fortunate that Cory Hinkle was in the vicinity! He sure is a hero - risking his life to save hers. Thank you for sharing this great example of a real life hero!

  4. Wow... To drag someone from a near-to-explosion vehicle is one thing—and already a pretty heroic one. But to then actually use your own body to shield them from the explosion... I have no words. This man is an example to all of us. Great post for the #WATWB!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter (October cohost)

  5. WOW....Hats off! It requires something more than humanity to do this.Contrary to popular belief,I have observed that the men in the uniform are the most warm-hearted,helpful and sensitive.Much more than the civilians!

  6. What a big heart and amazing presence of mind by Cory Hinkle! Thank you for introducing him to us, Doc.

  7. Roshan your stories are always inspirational and amazing! How do you find them!

  8. What a brave and unselfish act - good to read about people who put their ives on the ine for others without thinking too much! Thanks for sharinf Doc

  9. What a wonderful hero! Sgt Cory is one of a kind! Inspiring to read about such wonderful humans. Reinstates your faith in humanity.

  10. That's inspiring. When we are in danger, if we can think about others in danger too, it's a big thing. Sometimes, our brain doesn't respond or work fast when in trouble.

  11. Wow he is a true hero... What an amazing and brave man. People often think about themselves when in danger. It's so wonderful to read these stories of goodwill.

  12. An inspiring, heartwarming story! Thanks for writing about this superhero, the world needs more of him.

  13. There is still some humanity left in the world if you start searching for them.

  14. Risking your life for a stranger is commendable. Cory Hinkle truly is a real-life hero.

  15. Sent me shrills reading this! When people believe there are good people outside, their trust isn't broken.

  16. Such acts of kindness brings back faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. Hats off to Hinkle for his act of bravery and kindness! Thanks for sharing inspiring real life story.

  18. Inspiring tale showing us we need to focus more on humanity and gratitude than negativity

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  21. What a selfless act. Such a wonderful story. These people often say they are not heroes but (hopefully) there is a hero in everyone of us when the need arises; and the need may not be nearly so dramatic.


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