Ah yes... the holiday season is almost over and it is time once more for the New Year Resolutions that make us reflect on our lifestyle. And yes, the most common one in all our lists is always I am going to be healthier this year and lose that holiday weight!

Yes, I can see you smiling in acknowledgment. You know it is on your list too.

For everyone, that race towards a fitter version of ourselves involves the usual classics - regular exercise, a better routine and healthy eating. I am no different from you at least when it comes to planning. In execution though, things are very different.

  There is definitely a certain timidity that creeps in when it comes to stepping on that treadmill. 

As for some of these health gadgets at home, I honestly don't even know how to use them!

But this year I have taken a pledge to #EnsureAStronger2018. You can do so too!

Similarly, when it comes to healthy eating I am actively conscious about what I include in my diet. Sweets and carbonated drinks are off the menu entirely for now and the change to green tea has actually proven to be quite refreshing, despite my initial apprehensions. Eating at the right time is something that was a luxury for me, considering my odd work hours but I have now started paying more attention to eating at the right time as well.

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I also keep away from those countless crash diets floating online, especially targeted to people my age, as reducing portions or particular food groups will only weaken my health by denying me of essential nutrition. As I edge closer towards the 40s, I know that my metabolism is slowing down and I need to make a better effort just to maintain the body’s status quo. The muscle mass and bone density too slowly decrease with each year and yes, that leaves me vulnerable to not just injuries but also infections.

It becomes all the more important now for me to make up these losses because the body just does not absorb nutrition from regular food as easily as it once used to. That is why I choose Ensure as it offers a healthy combination that includes high-quality proteins, essential vitamins and calcium and also carbohydrates that give me the energy I need to help build a stronger me. Ensure is easily available online on ecommerce sites like Grofers, Big Basket and Amazon

I have personally watched so many doctors advocate it for their patients and also have seen the results directly for my patients as well - be it recovering earlier after surgeries or just coming back looking healthier at the next check-up. For me, that matters most - visual evidence and reviews from people I have actually interacted with rather than just anecdotal tales. So yes, while my patients and even parents have already been taking Ensure for a while, I think it is time for me to slowly acknowledge the creaking joints in my own body and start choosing healthy options to #EnsureAStronger2018 for myself.


Anonymous said…
Hey yo Doc..you're new fitness freak Avatar looks cool and funny( treadmill look��).Just keep a watch on you're diet and cut out all sweets,carbs ,fats(which is the most difficult task for anybody in the world to follow I know)and increase protein,fibre,vitamins,fruits and vegetables ..youll be as fit as a fiddle however you age..Just follow the exercise and diet schedule consistently for a good result..wish you a healthy 2018 and stay fit for more years to come.

Freakedout doc
Moriarty said…
Ensure is a complete meal in itself and definitely more nutritious and healthy than the average young indian doc's meal anytime.But dont use it as a 'supplement'..
sulekkha said…
Roshan, I have a treadmill, cross trainer and exercise bike at home but they gather dust while my body gathers weight :) Ensure sounds good, must check it out.Here's to a healthier 2018 for you, hope the same for me too :)
U K said…
You are one funny guy Doc and you know it. The message in this post has been put so differently. Thanks for sharing.

zainab said…
I agree stepping in the treadmill is super hard. What follows after that may not be as complicated;)
That’s a funny bit I see Of today. Good luck for the goals :)
Dipika said…
Fitness is route to happiness. I strongly believe in this, and for me fitness also means having reasonable goals which can be achieved over time. House held gadgets are the best idea to have some easy workout at home.
Arrey yaar yeh fitness badi difficult cheez hain. It comes but it's hard to sustain. I've never had weight issues till I had my son 21 months back and still struggling to get back to pre pregnancy weight. So keep motivated Doc and eat right as you stated because that is important to internally heal and protect and strengthen the body. Exercise acts to assist why you feed your body.
Here is to all of us achieving our fitness goals
Tina Basu said…
mustering up all the courage and motivation for treadmill is the biggest hurdle!! I thought of taking membership at an expensive gym so that I repent if i miss even a single day! But then I didn't trust myself with that too!
Geethica Mehra said…
I am always after my man to stop taking protein shakes for stamina while he is doing gym. But your experience with Ensure stops me for a minute to re think.
I have luckily been able to get on the fitness thingy at home for last 18 months and I am doing well.Its important to eat smart and exercise but not go for crash diet.
Bushra said…
I never switch to crash diets as they make us unhealthy only. Morning Walk is my part of fitness routine nowadays. Ensure look good to meet Nutritional requirement that we might Miss on the go
Deepa said…
Good to know about Ensure. It definitely looks like a healthy drink for adults to stay fit. But nothing can beat a regular exercise and healthy eating.
Hiral Amodia said…
When it comes to fitness, the start is agonizing!! First 21 days are tough, then it becomes a habit.
Neha said…
With so many supplements and drinks, I am never sure what to buy! But a docs experience makes me sure of ensure.
Reema D'souza said…
Getting fitter is on my list of things to do but I haven't been able to do much about it! But nice to see that you are taking steps towards getting healthier! All the best Doc!
Your fitness pics are so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚,can't stop laughing seeing them๐Ÿ˜...I'm totally against any form of dieting, exercising machines and gym membership due to the monthly expenditure they drain from a person's income.. A brisk walk around the neighborhood combined with a balanced diet rich in calcium,minerals,protein with lots of veggies,fruits is more than enough to stay in shape..And most important of all,if you have a strong will power you can reduce weight and stay fit..Just think of Mathew McConaughey and how he transformed in each movies for those roles..I wish you a healthy 2018.
Sanch Writer said…
As a gym junkie, I'll tell you it's not that intimidating to step on the treadmill or try and figure out other equipment. It's important to ask questions though. I do prefer weight-training and resistance training over cardio and I think it's more beneficial and sustainable in the long term. My biggest hurdle is eating healthy but I try to meal plan and cook at home as much as possible and allow myself to eat everything in moderation. Diets don't work for me. Healthy lifestyle does. Good luck with your goals for 2018!
Sigh. Thanks. I wish it were ever as easy as we planned it out to be.. But yes, need to. Make the extra effort this year.
I was actually thinking of that last month... Ensure actually DOES have a better composition than my present meals at work
I've never consistently used these exercise bikes and all... Thats one of my major flaws. Need to incorporate it into my system.
Thanks Z. Yes, it's the starting process for me. Need to make it a regular part of my life.
Sigh... As you can see, I do have the gadgets. Need to. Make the extra effort. And now, add some Ensure in my routine.
I do need all the help i can get and that will definitely involve exercise, better eating and Supplements like Ensure this year.
Haha... I would never take that risk knowing my poor ambition skills :)
Ensure is much more than when you think of its contents... And its something that is more valuable as one ages.
Yes, I know what you mean Amrita. Need to implement it myself.
Ensure is something I've seen the medical fraternity put their trust in for more than a decade...
I'd say a combination is needed especially as we grow older.
Oh man... I really hope you're right. Need to begin.
This is a brand so many have trusted in the medical field for years...
I really need to make the effort this year... So using the right combination of Supplements and exercise matters.
Sigh.. That would be life goals... To be so. Motivated to make enough of an effort.
Thanks for the advice... Need to start small and then build up from there. Touchwood will make some change in 2018
Parul said…
As someone who started late but is now conscious about a fit self, I can tell you that it's all about that one step forward. Yoga, strength training works for me as much as walks and mild jogs. What I find hard to do it diet control. As a food lover and dessert craver, it's hard but I try. So - when I read the title of the post, I was happy that you are jumping in. You don't need traditional equipments. Just that little push :)
I will check out Ensure. Thanks for sharing!