When Basketball team is down to just one cheerleader, opposing squad steps in #WATWB

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
99 times out of a hundred, this situation would have ended badly for the cheerleader from NorthWestern High who had traveled down with her school's basketball team to Hardin-Central High School. Due to both ailments as well as rescheduling of the match, Tori Adams ended up being the only cheerleader in the stadium for her school for an away match. The stadium was packed with locals who were there to support their team. Sufficed to say, the high school girl was scared about going out there alone to face the vocal home crowd.

That was when something no adult in that stadium expected occurred.

Realizing her predicament and seeing how scared she was, the young cheerleaders of the home team walked over to Tori and offered their support to her. In an extraordinary gesture, they quickly learned her cheers too and presented them to the crowd when the time came, ensuring Tori was not alone.

You can watch the footage of the cheerleaders joining Tori and doing their own opponent team's routine below. I don't know the outcome of the game but for once, it was the cheerleaders who won the hearts of everyone in that stadium.

As adults, the chances of us behaving as nicely as the cheerleaders of Hardin Central High School is quite remote. Forget the cheerleaders, we know in our hearts that even we would just end up mocking the lone woman cheerleader in this scenario.

That is why it is lovely to showcase these young women... they are better than us and we need to let them know they are inspiring the world with these small acts of kindness.

heroes of kindness: When rescheduling and health issues left the away basketball team from NorthWestern High with just one cheerleader, she was understandably scared as she stood there alone in front of the opposition crowd.  That was when cheerleaders from the home team of Harden Central High School rallied around her, learning her school's moves and supporting her when the time came by cheering alongside her.

Authors note:

This post is part of the We Are the World Blogfest, a monthly event to showcase stories of compassion. The hosts for this month Sylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein, Shilpa Garg, Eric Lahti and Belinda WitzenhausenThe idea is to spread positivity and light to counterbalance the negativity and darkness in socialmedia. You can check their pages to find the list of feel-good stories written by bloggers from around the world.

Do you want more stories of 'Real-Life Heroes of Kindness and Compassion' from around the world? I have been compiling a list for more than a year now - from small children to elderly women, from waiters to Presidents - you will see that everyone of us is capable of being a hero of kindness to others if we choose to be so. 
You can check them out here.

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  1. Heart-warming! This is a wonderful example of what true sportmanship is about, and a lovely tale of kindness.

  2. High schoolers have much to teach adults, as we find out more and more each day in the United States, thanks to the aftermath of Parkland.

  3. There are so many good teenagers in the world. Thanks for finding these. Gives me more hope! I love your blog! (JoAnnaoftheforest.wordpress... - my URL didn't work)

  4. Considering how teen girls can often act, this is extra special, and is encouraging. The world is bigger than a sports competition, and the cheerleaders realize it.

  5. Waw ..tats a great story of women empowerment I feel..Unlike guys who support each other when they do any task ,the typical girlie girls have somewhat a different psychology and mindset.They do not share their problems,help each other,hate it when their other female colleagues do better than them and often try to judge,bitch,backbite out of jealousy and put them down whenever they try to stand out from the crowd..But these lovely girls have taught us how to show professionalism ,sportsmanspirit and the power of women supporting each other as a group..They could've isolated her which they didn't do and stood by her as a team although they belonged to another team. Reading this I hope other ladies in the workplace start supporting each other.

  6. Lovely story Roshan thank you! True sportswomanship!

  7. Very cool. It's interesting how young people, especially those in high school, are showing the world how to love, to be compassionate and to be passionate about issues that matters. I would tell them to keep going and shine a positive light on the world.

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