Which are your Top 3 Marvel Movies till Date? #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

by - April 05, 2018

Thanos is coming. You have to be living under a rock if you are not aware that the behemoth movie event Avengers: Infinity Wars is coming to cinemas this April. It marks the culmination of a decade of cinematic storytelling that began with a billionaire playboy named Tony Stark getting kidnapped and held hostage inside a cave.
Since then, oh, how far we have gone.

  • We have been to the mystical land of Asgard where we saw the best (Thor) and worst (Loki, Hela) of the people there. 
  • We have been to the past, watching as a scrawny little runt went on to become an inspirational figure during World War 2, going by the name of Captain America. 
  • We have watched a nerdy scientist turn into a Green beast of a Hulk.
  • We have been to outer space and laughed beside talking raccoons and walking trees. 
  • We have web-swung with the youngest version of Spiderman and shifted sizes with Ant-Man.
  • We have seen the birth of an indefinable being called Vision and the transformation of a pompous doctor into a man of magic in Doctor Strange.
  • And yes, we have witnessed technology and class come together in a little known African nation called Wakanda.    

 18 movies. It is incredible how consistently good the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been for ten years. Even the relatively weaker movies (I have 2 choices in that list but I am not telling you so as not to influence you) have had their fans and done well with fans worldwide. This becomes even more impressive when you note how their main rivals, DC Comics, stumbled so badly while trying to emulate them in building a shared movie universe, even though the latter had far more famous and established superheroes in Superman and Batman.

The coming year is going to mark a significant shift in the Marvel movie story lines with many characters we have grown to love leaving (or dying) and new heroes (Miss Marvel in 2019) taking over. So before that time comes, I thought I would get your opinion via a poll on what you thought of the 18 movies til date.

Which, in your opinion, were the 3 best Marvel movies of the 18 till date? Join the poll and have your say.

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Specifically, I am looking to see which, in your opinion, were the 3 best Marvel movies of the 18 till date? Join the poll below - tick the 3 movies you loved the most And click the 'VOTE' button.

Haven't had your fill? Here is a reminder of what is coming at the end of this month. 

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  1. This is a very unfair poll! I wanted to select more than 3 ;)

    But I LOVE the Marvel movies because they do a fantastic job of tying in threads across their movies. Just watched Black panther yesterday and I LOVED it. Absolutely brilliant film. But I love anything which has Chris Hemsworth too, so I loved Ragnarok. And sigh, Captain America.

    Okay, I demand a re-poll!

  2. Very very tough to choose. But definitely my first vote goes for iron Man. Robert Downey made me fall in love with marvel. Can't really choose between iron Man 1,2or 3 'cause I love it all the same.
    Next has to be my favorite heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch.
    Last but in no way the least is the people of Wakanda just for the sheer power of all the black people on screen and the most awesome ever music.

  3. Because of transportation problems, I have not seen any of these movies. I love movies and it was delightful just to read about them.

  4. Unfortunately I am not a Marvel lover. N I know u already hate me
    But the good news my husband is an ardent follower, n hence I too have seen also all the listed movies with him. N now I like them
    Wonderful post.

    Pls read my week8 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  5. This list made me realize I haven't seen a few of them! Need to catch up before the new one!

  6. You have put me in a dilemma... how can anyone choose only three! Well I did anyway :)

  7. This one's tough doc. But I tried my best.. 1 definitely has to be Iron man. It is what initiated everything. And Robert Downey Jr. was awesome. Next has to be Guardians of the galaxy. In fact even 2nd part comes close. But I chose to go with the 1st part. And last but not the least was Thor Ragnarok. I loved the 1st and 2nd. But Ragnarok was worth the wait as well. So these are my three choices!
    Special mention to Black Panther as well. It would have been my 4th if I had the choice.

  8. I've loved almost all the Marvel movies and have voted my top 3 in your poll but I have so many more favourites. All of us at home are eagerly looking forward to the Infinity Wars.

  9. Very tough to choose. But I made my pick. I was intending to refrain from taking the poll as I havent watched the last few but as you said it is a fun poll

  10. Thanks for the list---I haven't watched a few. Voting now :)


  11. sorry, but I had not seen these movies, yet. but enjoyed reading your list. as usual very well written post.
    please read my week 8 post herehttps://surbhiprapannablogs.blogspot.com/2018/04/week8-superbloggerchallenge2018-with.html

  12. Roshan, I don't have much of a taste for superhero movies or for that matter fantasy. Most often when I am channel surfing on the tv I tend to quickly change the channel when I come across these movies. Buy your article enthuses me to watch one of these movies fully and see if they genuinely interest me. I will try and watch one fully soon.

  13. Omg I want a movie marathon of Marvel superheroes- I’m all for iron man & hulk. Robert Downey Jr makes a lot of difference with his ultimate swag. I clicked on more than 3!!!

  14. So this month is going to be all action packed and thrilling. And my son is a great fan of these movies.

  15. Me and my husband both are Marvel fans, reminder for me to go back to those days again, it was indeed a tough choice picking up just three btw :)

  16. Well well, its always good to share our own pick in terms of the best movies. Its hard to pick the top 3 or even the top 5 coz everyone of them were entertaining and fun to watch.

  17. I am. Not a big marvel movies lover but I like Spider man the most of the lot.

  18. Hulk is a favpurite of the family.Loved this.

  19. It was tough choice Doc. All of them are good movies. My husband is crazy for these marvel movies and don't remember how many times, he have seen each of these.

  20. Thor series is one of my favourite one from the list. Looking forward to the new series in April

  21. I actually binge watched most of the movies...again for two days continuous. It was a sick day of course.. Dr. :D



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