15 Fun Recipes for Fruit Infused Water #Instacuppa

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Fruit infused water is one of the easiest drinks you can make at home, offering a tasty option for the entire family while also nourishing your body with the wealth of various nutrients and vitamins that fruits have to offer.

Combining various permutations of fruits and vegetables in water and allowing it to chill for a few hours makes for some very lovely options. I personally use the Instacuppa fruit infuser bottle (the newer version comes with an ice gel ball inside that helps keep it chilled for even longer) for making up my daily requirements of water and decided to share some of the more popular recipes that you can try when making infused water for yourself at home.


Strawberry + Cucumber infused water
Strawberry + Cucumber infused water

15 fruit infused water recipes I have tried and personally recommend are:

  • Orange + Lime
  • Strawberry + Lemon + Mint
  • Strawberry + Cucumber
  • Apple + Lemon + Carrot
  • Apple + Lime + Mint
  • Apple + Cinnamon stick
  • Watermelon + Mint
Fruit infuser water recipes I recommend
Lemon + Cucumber + Mint 

  • Lemon + Cucumber + Mint
  • Orange + Ginger
  • Lime + Ginger + Mint + Cucumber
  • Lemon + Rasberry + Rosemary 
  • Orange + Star Anise + Hibiscus
  • Watermelon + Strawberries
  • Orange + Blueberry + Mint
  • Pineapple + Mint

For those who are wondering, these are the benefits of having fruit infused water as well as using fruit infuser bottles at home.

Benefits of fruit infuser water and bottle #Instacuppa

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  1. Wow this is great post. I would love to try this.
    Boomerang Moments

  2. These are some wonderful recipes. Will surely try them out.

  3. Never thought of infusing anise for detox water. trying it out asap. Thank for sharing

  4. woow I have this bottle, thank you for the recipies!

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  6. I would love infusing Strawberry for sure as it is something new to my knowledge

  7. I am looking forward to getting an instacuppa infuser bottle for myself soon. Bookmarking this post for the recipes.

  8. NovemberschildFebruary 27, 2019

    Lemon + Cucumber + Mint is my choice.

  9. This is my favourite instacuppa product. I am surely gonna have one. Thank you for ur ideas #superbloggerchallenge

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