The Indian whose free services has saved over 1,80,000 cancer patients

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
You don't know Harakhchand Savla. It is time you do.

Three decades ago, the young man would stand in front of Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai, watching helplessly as patient after patient stood in endless queues, suffering the agony of watching their loved ones in distress, unable to procure food or afford medicines. As the owner of a small hotel that did decent business, he was financially stable. But not even his family members could have imagined what he had in mind.

For 30 years, Harakhchand Savla has provided free food, medicines and accomodation to over 1,80,000 cancer patients.

Right in front of Tata Cancer Hospital, he began by providing free food to around 50 people back then. Free food was not enough for the man who then decided to provide medicines either at cost without profit or entirely free of cost. And no, free food and medicines were still not enough and so he started a toy bank, donating toys to cancer stricken children in the hospital to help alleviate their distress.

In 1997, unable to financially sustain the burden himself even after having rented out his own hotel, Harakhchand Savla started Jeevan Jyot, a trust whose primary aim was to help cancer patients and their families in every way possible.

Harakhchand began this endeavour in his late twenties in Lower Parel, Mumbai. He will turn sixty soon. And in these three decades, he has not taken a single day off. Not one. Not even when Mumbai was brought to its knees by the floods.

For 30 years, Harakhchand Savla has provided free food, medicines and accommodation to over 1,80,000 cancer patients.

His kindness would inspire others around too to donate for the cause. As a result of this, today Harakchand provides free food to over 700 cancer patients and their families daily. Doctors and pharmacists assist him by providing free services to patients as well. They provide over 5 lakh medicines free of cost every month.

Today, in addition to free food, medicines and accommodations for cancer patients, JeevanJyot provides -
  • Mobile van services for early detection and prevention of cancer
  • Rest homes for cancer patients & relatives awaiting admission 
  • Senior citizen homes
  • Orphanages
  • Dialysis centers
  • Rehab centers
  • Clinics for injured animals and birds
  • Organic food for cancer patients
  • Day care centers
  • Cremation rites for unclaimed bodies of patients who pass away
  • Vocational guidance for school children and assisting child cancer patients in getting special permissions for exams.
All this began with a single thought from a young 20 year old standing in front of a cancer hospital - 'How can I help reduce their suffering?'

As I said, you don't know Harakhchand Savla. It is time you do. After all, he has helped over 1,80,000 cancer patients in India till date.

You can read more about JeevanJyot here.

For 30 years, Harakhchand Savla has provided free food, medicines and accommodation to over 1,80,000 cancer patients.

Author's note:
This is part of my #BlogchatterA2Z and  #AtoZChallenge where I will be focusing on Real Life Heroes of Kindness and Compassion. 

Of course, I have been tracking these lovely human beings for years now and have found children as young as six years old and old women in their eighties from across the world who will restore your faith in humanity.

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  1. WhiteangelbirdApril 09, 2019

    Thanks Dr Roshan for such an inspirational post..These are the gems in the society who prove that angels are real. All the hard work you put in finding these kind souls and bringing them to us is really appreciated.

  2. I am overwhelmed everytime I read your blog Doc- these stories are just superb and your research in finding them and then the writeup - just beautiful!!!

  3. I was awestruck reading every word in here! What a large-hearted person he is....and so special too!
    God bless this kind soul!

  4. It is so heartwarming Roshan to know what people are doing just out of good will.

  5. One person could do so much just because he wanted to help. This is such an inspiring post!

  6. Very nice to know about Harakhchand Savla. He is a great giver of his time and resources for the service to cancer patients. Inspiring.

  7. I have read about Harakhchand Savla sometime ago. He is a ray of hope for cancer patients, a real hero indeed!

  8. I was just watching Kaun Banega Karorpati program on Sony TV where I saw Harakchand Savla ji, Anuraag ji playing with Amitabh ji, I googled and started reading about Harakchandji. So inspiring gentleman with beautiful great SOUL. I live in USA and wish that I could meet him or work with him.

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