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Nirbhaya. Gandhi. Rahul. Modi. A billion votes. 

With elections around the corner, these words will once again invade your lives. You have to do your duty and vote. Your vote will lead India towards the glorious future that beckons it. Only I won't be there with you when the queues start to form next year. 

You see, I won't be voting. 
If I don't vote, I don't have a right to complain, isn't it? Okay. I accept.
But then, are you ready to accept responsibility for all that we suffered the last few years? Why do you assume you are free of guilt when it was your vote that allowed rapists, murderers and communal fanatics to enter Parliament and behave like roadside hooligans at the cost of taxpayers like you and me?

What did you actually know about the person you voted for last time? Was he honest or just powerful? Was he allowed to make a decision for his constituency or was he just another slave to dynasty or non-political outfits? When his fellow partymen were being caught in acts of violence, money laundering or just plain stupidity, did your elected politician make you proud by standing up against them and denouncing them ?

If you didn't know his abilities or didn't even expect him to stand for what was right, then what were you voting for... the lesser evil? Are we so vile and incompetent that we can't find seven hundred honest men in a population of over a billion? One honest, decent Indian in roughly 17 lakh individuals. That was too much to ask for? 

This coming elections, don't vote for a lesser evil. The country deserves better than that.
My discussion on whether your vote has any value is available here at the Facebook page of Nav-Bharat, an initiative to being in transparent democracy with accountable leadership. Controversial? Perhaps. But then, I stand by every word I say. 

The question is : What do you have to say on the matter? And what are you going to do about it?

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