“What do you mean, colours?”
For a moment, I think he hasn’t heard me. I imagine him standing there, his eyes focused on what lies beyond those windows.
“How old were you when you lost your vision?”
“Seven.” I reply.
“What colours do you remember?” I close my eyes. At first, there is only a familiar darkness. But then, the palette starts to brighten.
I see my mom’s wavy hair ..” Yellow” I whisper.
My toy car….”Red”
The beaches … “Blue”
“They’re all there, child” I hear his words, but the catch in his voice is even more audible.
“Why are you crying?”
I feel him bend down and place his arms around me, hugging me tightly, as the sounds outside grow nearer. “Imagine all those wonderful colours together”
“Like a rainbow?” “No. Even more splendid. The whole sky is just painted in all these lovely colours. Can you see it ?”
I keep my eyes closed and slowly all the colours start to appear. They flutter around, coalescing with each other indiscriminately. They envelop me within their vibrancy and I am one with them.
“Yes. Yes I see it.” I feel his cheeks widen as he smiles A moment later, the missile hits our building. I hear its deafening fury and feel the scorching heat but I see it not. In my eyes, I see only the last image my Abba painted for me.
They are the most beautiful images I have ever seen.

Authors note :  The above post, my attempt at short fiction, was first published in Tamarind Rice for the theme 'Colours', a fun free e-magazine where I will be a guest writer cook. Well, it's kind of like the animated movie 'Ratatouille' and like Alfredo Linguini, I'll be allowed to contribute till the creative heads there realise the truth - that a rat could do a better job than me! 
Anyway, if you feel you have an anecdote/ review/ a good picture/ a heartfelt poem to share or just want to win their monthly contests and win free goodies, you can subscribe to their Facebook page or get free updates in your mail and participate to get published in their monthly magazine.

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