No blog is complete without the love bestowed upon it 
by those who pass by and share their views.

While I do have a ‘top commentator’ widget on the blog always, it tends to showcase the most recent 1000 comments only on the blog. So I was overjoyed when I found one which actually calculated all the comments on the blog right from 2005 onwards. Unfortunately as it turns out, doing so slows down the loading of the widget (and hence the blog) considerably so I had to remove it. However, I did want to use it as an opportunity to thank everyone who’s been by the blog over the years. 

It’s truly heartening to see that even when I extrapolate to TOP 100 COMMENTATORS, the widget still gives me people who’ve commented a minimum of at least ten times.

Click the picture to see the enlarged version

Thank you. I mean that sincerely.
While I do write to let my own thoughts out of this confining bald cranium, without people dropping by to comment, I don’t think I would have had the extra motivation to keep writing for as long as I have… 3035 days today, apparently.
Even those who drop by, read and choose not to comment but later drop in a private message or line – thank you. It feels nice to know I've made you laugh or look at things from a different perspective.

I look at this list and I can’t help but smile: so many familiar names all distributed across various phases of my life. My childhood classmates are here as are my college friends. Sirs who’ve taught me and been an inspiration in my life are here. Fellow bloggers who are now national best selling authors and superstars in the blogosphere are here. Friends who started off with me are also here in this list – a rare few still persisting in the blogosphere while others have vanished, washed away amidst the waves of time hopefully onto better shores in their lives. There are new friends who I've made over the years who show me new facets of blogging even today. Real names, pet names, nom de plumes…
You are all here. You are all a part of what made this blog keep on running.

Thank you for that.

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