What if you gave me a chance to be you?

What if there were no shades of grey in us - just white and more pristine white?
What if there were no bad news?
What if the worst evil we were capable of was saying no to third helpings of dessert?
What if leaders fought wars over chess sets and allowed human beings and innocent children to live? What if we could actually strive for world peace and attain it instead of preaching about it behind firearms?
What if love were a disease we all contracted and cancer merely an emotion that we could control?
What if good deeds made you prosperous and gold and cash were just worthless baubles and papers?
What if we took a step back from the caste, creeds and religions and saw the world as one shared foster home inhabited by over a billion children in love?

Meghan Vogel
What is her name? 

What if you knew your soulmate from the moment you began to exist rather than suffer the pangs of loneliness and fear?

What if you didn't know your hands could be used as weapons?
What if rapes and molestations could not occur because like the penguins yonder, such a  thought did not even exist? Would our women be able to walk free then and share a smile of kindness without fear?
What if we all had the choice to lead a joyous life, without harming everyone we come in contact with and got the chance to die with a smile on our faces?

What if it were all possible at the snap of a finger and you just forgot you could do it, God?
What if you trusted me and gave me a chance just for this infinitesimal moment in time to be you?
What if you allowed me to be God, my Lord...

Author's note: This is my take for the prompt 'Free Write' (explained here) in Write Tribe's Festival of Words 3. This was what came to mind in ten minutes of free writing for me. No prizes for guessing that I'm pretty disillusioned by what I see in the newspapers everyday. But I also wanted to showcase the girl in the picture.

I bet you don't know her name, right? 
It's Meghan Vogel (remember it from now on), a high school runner, who could easily have run past her injured competitor but instead chose to stop and help her cross the finishing line, even making sure she finished ahead of Vogel herself. (Video here, Story here.) A young high school girl is capable of such acts of selflessness. When was the last time we had an act like that happen/be feted in our own national newspapers?

There is still good left in the world... we just need to focus on it more instead of letting the constant suffering and evil get to us.

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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