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* Me in the Media

The list - in brief - of my  interviews and media-bytes till date are:


BlogaddaIndian Express *

Medicos IndiaHerald Goa *

Sweet SharingBBC RadioDeccan ChronicleThe News MinuteIndian Express /Tulips & MeDocplexusDeccan Chronicle (again)

Bombadil Publishing UKForbes USA * / Times of India / Manorama Arogyam

Urban MelangeFinancial Times * / Today */ The News Minute * / The Times of India * / Vanitha * / Hindusthan News * / The Tina Edit

                                                                                             * - Opinions featured in media outlets

IN DETAIL (With Previews & Links)

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My most serious interview would be for DocPlexus, I guess.

Or if you are too lazy to read them, there are a couple of video bytes too at the end!

Bonus: Tada. My opinion featured in Forbes. Yes, the Forbes.

01. Speakbindas - Interview


Q: Do you believe in God?

A. People always ask me whether I believe in God since some of my views on religion in my blog tend to be a bit severe. Well, the fact of the matter is, I do believe in him, no doubt about it… I’m just not too sure about his policies. I mean, you see all the suffering some pious people face and compare it with the luxuries some rotten guys have and it’s hard to believe God’s gotten it right, karma or no karma. Hopefully, he’s just dozing off leaving the Earth on ‘autopilot’ and our prayers on his answering machine for now.

You can read the rest of the interview here.


02. BlogAdda - Interview


Q: What inspired you to write a blog? How did it all start? Tell us the story of your blog.

A: With the exception of examination answer sheets, I’ve always been guilty of writing. I have written (decidedly amateur) screenplays involving my classmates and batchmates right through school and even college days while sitting in a dissection hall (anything to avoid staring at a dead body). I’ve had regular penpals and written long letters whenever I wanted to express myself during school and college days.

In some ways, I think blogging was a natural extension of that – a need to write to express myself better. So when a classmate settled in USA told me of this new ‘thing’ called blogging and suggested I give it a shot, I decided why not? I honestly did not think I would last more than six months. That, my dear friends, is the true birth-story of Godyears. Of course, if any non-bloggers ask, feel free to add some intriguing twists in the tale to make it sound more interesting – just message me in advance and I’ll back your story.

You can read the rest of the interview here.



04. MedicosIndia - Interview


"The Business of Blogging"


"What medicos expect from the new government."

07. SweetSharing (blog) - Interview


08. BBC Radio (2015) - Interview
(It is an audio clip so have your headphones handy.)


09. Deccan Chronicle
May 20, 2015

blog viral
Click the picture to read the full article


10. The News Minute - Interview
(May 19, 2015)
"Worrying? Medical fraternity agrees with man who blogged he won't let his child be a doctor" 


11. Indian Express - Interview
"The Interpreter of Maladies"
June 14, 2015


12. Tulips & Me (blog) - Interview


13. Docplexus - Interview


There is a rise in the incidence of attack or abuse towards doctors. What do you think are the reasons behind such violence? How should doctors raise this issue fairly to concerned authorities?

I am not a big advocate of the ‘present day doctors are evil & money minded’ theory that many proclaim and I hate that it is immediately brought up whenever an incidence of violence against a doctor occurs. You may differ with me on this but give me a moment to place my argument.

Do a random Google search and look at the cases of violence occurring over the last year against Indian doctors. From the media reports, you and I as doctors can get an idea of what has occurred in most of those cases.

Invariably, it is the death of a patient often brought with multiple co-morbidities or during an epidemic that triggers the assault. The doctor? A casualty medical officer or an intensivist. What money did these people try to steal from the patient that ended up in the patient dying? Were these doctors so evil that they withheld BLS and defibrillation because they did not get paid under the table?

An elderly doctor getting beaten up after a patient with a stroke and intracranial bleeding dies half an hour after admission. A radiologist murdered because he refused to reveal the sex of the fetus. A casualty officer beaten and having her clothes torn and threatened with rape because she followed triage instead of giving priority to a particular patient. A gynaecologist beaten because she confirmed that a miscarriage had occurred. A surgeon arrested because patients died in a government sponsored camp due to tainted pharmaceutical medicines.

Where are the evil doctors? The money minded ones ‘who need to be beaten up’? Yes, you and I both know they exist but these people getting beaten up – are they being beaten up for a crime they committed? Or for being the bearer of bad news?

Stop equating one with the other. Those who are guilty of cheating patients or medical negligence definitely deserve to be punished BY THE LAW but don’t use that as an excuse to defend violence today.

You can read the rest of the interview here.


14. Deccan Chronicle
(December 6, 2015)

A few minor inaccuracies at the beginning but still a nice interview


15. Bombadil Publishing (UK) - Interview

(April 22, 2016)

What is your message for the young, budding bloggers who aspire to make it big one day?

While blogging is about showcasing your own voice, use it responsibly. We live in a world where the media is often accused of focusing on hate and sorrow. I sincerely hope you find it in you to use your writing skills to spread love, laughter and happiness. In dark tunnels, be the ray of light people turn to… the words they want to read at the end of a long day.


16. Times of India

My thoughts on winning the WriteIndia contest.


17. Manorama Arogyam (2016)

July 2016
3 page feature in the Doctors Day Special Issue

You can read the full article here

18. Urban Melange - Interview
(2017 - Doctors Special Edition)


May 8, 2017
"Doctors are scapegoats for India's failing health system"
The same article also appeared in Today Online

May 16, 2017
"Mob of angry relatives of dead patient assault Mangaluru doctor, attempt to abduct him"


"Write India winners share their favourite quotes from literature!"


22 & 23. Hindusthan News (Hindi)
& Vanitha (Malayalam)
A picture I posted online of a patient playing games while doctors performed surgery on his foot went viral and ended up in a few news sites.


24. The Times of India

Write India Season 1 Winners share their writing tips


25. The Tina Edit

An interview I really enjoyed doing


Video Bytes:
Me at WIN'14, India's first live blogging awards and conference ceremony.  P.S. I ended up winning!

Media bytes: Social Samosa 

I also got featured in two of Renault Lodgy's official videos after having a delightful time in Goa at their LiveLodgyCal event in 2015.


Featured in Rajasthan Patrika on
National Doctors Day, 1 July 2015

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