Seeking God

by - April 29, 2007

You have to be someone in today's world, right ? There's no point without having degrees and diplomas and what not - unless you're into politics, of course, in which case you basically need to know to swim besides sharks.. that too in a metaphorical sense only.
But it raised an interesting question in my head - if God had to survive today in this world he created, what would he be ?

Would he be a writer - God knows ( forgive the pun ), there's enough philosophy the world around that he would blend right in. What kind of writer then ? A Philosopher like Chairman Mao - were the Chinese right after all ? Or Screenplay for comedy sitcoms and movies - Wouldn't it be the ultimate cruel cosmic joke if Woody Allen turned out to be God ?

What if he were a call centre worker ? It would make sense.. fielding calls from everyone in the world, with all our inane prayers ( "yes, Sir, I'll get back to you on your wish to screw Anjelina Jolie", "Please hold, Sir, I'll transfer you to the centre for Eternal damnation." "Your baldness will cease to recede in 48 hours time, Sir.")

If God were a Doc, I'd shoot myself..imagine, after all these years of doctors playing God, it turns out, God is a doc. I'm betting he'd be a psychiatrist.. analysing us to see where HE WENT WRONG, so that when he releases his next plague, he doesn't have to make mistakes with the new batch of humans. Then again, can you imagine his consultant fees ?

Then again, if he were a lawyer, I wouldn't be a bit surprised. After taking the flak for so many years from all of us, revenge would be so sweet in the form "el blood suckers".

In the end, If God were hiding amongst us, who do I think he would be ?
1. If its all about the women, I'd say Hugh Hefner is God showing us - HE DA MAN.
2. If it's about the money, I'd say he's a divorce lawyer in Hollywood. Where else does the money lie, mi amigo ?
3. If God knows his omnipotent quality, then he's gotta be Bill Gates... or the tax man.
4. If he were Indian.. well, you'd have to bet he'd prefer being an NRI than stay back and labour it out here, huh ?
5. If God were mocking us, it has to be as the chimpanzee... or more specifically, the third guy on the right, in Darwin's picture of evolution. What's more fun than watching us make an ass of ourselves claiming to be superior when we can't even decide if the chicken came before the egg!!! )
6. Of the following people with God complex syndrome, I don't see God as being a) The Pope [ a lifetime wearing white again, no way!!! ] b) George Bush [ there's a limit to how much God will mock himself ] c) Rajnikant [ this is 50- 50, I'm not sure. ] d) Laloo Prasad Yadav [ lets see, he has his own state, he has a cow with him..not Rabri, the buffalo, yaar, but there is NO WAY God is sporting that hairdo. ]My personal vision - I see God as this big cartoonist, forever sketching out these funny situations and watching them unfold. I doubt he really knows whats coming up next - he's probably reading and deciphering ol' Nostradamus quotes and other prophecies in his spare time and drawing them accordingly.
Of course, if I'm wrong, then I fall back on the old quote by Robert Frost - "Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on thee, and I'll forgive thy great big one on me."

On a lighter note, if God were alive and on Earth today, what do you think he'd be doing ?

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  1. amazing piece man!
    well if god wer alive now-(wat am i talkin abt? isnt god sum kinda forever evrywhere dude/dudette!?!)- well he'd b readin this latest post of urs n chuckling to himself wondering how much efforts u put into analysing god!

  2. i know he'd look at my life and go...what was i thinking?

  3. i know he'd look at my life and go...what was i thinking?

  4. i think.. *thinks really hard*

    -shrugs shoulders-

    He must be thinking what i'm thinking, which is what He's thinking..


  5. Wow, you sure have an interesting mind! I love this piece -- so quirky and original.

    If He truly were amongst us, I think God would be a call centre worker.

  6. Trying to decide if he was right in getting srk to try and set karan johar umm... straight?

    Taking bites off the apple logos on their assembly line (just to see what got adam and eve so tempted)?

    Reading the hindu scriptures and trying to figure out how many people to invite to his daughters wedding and what kind of saris to gift them?

    Try and hit the guy who invented pollution with a bolt of lightning?

    Raise money to pay his international roaming bill?

    Spend a moment a day in everybody's minds and give them a smile that lasts?

    dunno... good blog, found you on czars blogroll. will visit again. :-)

  7. ah believer, if only u knew...

    michelle - get in line. i was there first!!!

    snowy, so true!!

    missy, glad to see, i got it rt!

    haha xai, awesome themes!!

  8. u rogue doc.. u have been updating ur blog pretty regularly.. and i never came (or refreshed) thinking all the sad stories you said about u being busy was true (i know they are, just like disbelieving you once in a while)..

    loved the cartoon!! hahahahahaha


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