Godyears begins it's ninth year this month end. 
Nine years of writing post after post, revealing one life altering moment after the other. 

Statistically speaking, the numbers have increased quite dramatically over the last year. (social media ftw):
Year 5 - 2 blogs, 322 posts, 3333 comments, 072702 page views.
Year 6 - 2 blogs, 361 posts, 3990 comments, 100908 page views and 06 published stories.
Year 7 - 3 blogs, 432 posts, 5936 comments, 143942 page views and 10 published stories
Year 8 - 3 blogs, 499 posts, 8227 comments, 291886 page views and 19 published stories

It has once more been a very eventful year for me. 
  • From a blogging point of view, there has been a departure from goofy posts to more insightful ones. Part of that transition is because of my monthly articles in the e-zine "Tamarind Rice" which allow me to finally reveal sides of my medical life which I don't usually portray in the blog, including the first time we doctors have to face death, the good that comes from death and how we yearn to be remembered by our patients.
  • I finally won something in an Indiblogger contest (woohoo!) after all these y ears. Well, actually three somethings (woohoo! woohoo! & woohoo!). Blogadda was really kind to me this year too. 4 articles made it to their 'Spicy Saturday picks of the week' list this year which was really gratifying. This includes the unique feat of having three consecutive articles from the Tamarind Rice series win 'Spicy Saturday' picks at the blog.
  • The book launch in Bangalore for 'Ten Shades of Life' was pretty special. At some level, all of us bloggers want to be there standing in front of an audience holding a book with your words printed in it. Also, it gave me an opportunity to catch up with some true friends of days gone by which is kind of rare given my work schedule.
    fiction anthology

  • There were a lot of new meaningful friendships that grew this year even as old friendships continued to stay strong. It's taken awhile but fair-weather friends have been pretty much erased from my life and frankly, it is exhilarating getting rid of unwanted burdens. Touch wood, the true friendships will continue to grow as the years go by. (A Special shout-out here to my co-authors of 'Love Stories That Touched My Heart' who are just the most hilarious, talented and awesome bunch to have on Whatsapp. I just love having you guys and gals around when I go online!)
  • Ruby passed away. She was a huge part of my life over 14 years and had her own faithful fan following on this blog. When the pain of silence got too suffocating at home, Snoopy arrived and has already proven to be a total live-wire.
  • Every year, I want to test myself. I know I will never possess the writing skills of so many fellow bloggers whose prose read like sonnets but I want to still use that minuscule creative streak that exists within me and try out different genres. And it has served me well this year too. Three stories did get published in 'Love Stories That Touched My Heart ' (Romance), 'Ten Shades of Life' (Action and Adventure) and 'Family Matters' (Faith). One more is due in Indireads' anthology e-book where I won the 'Crime' genre. To make a mountain out of a molehill, I appeared in the national newspapers too. 

One of the hardest things you learn as a doctor is that the show never ends; irrespective of whether you walk out successful after a ten hour surgery or have to watch a patient you liked die before your eyes, you just have to carry on because there is always someone else in pain who needs you. Who you can help not just within the confines of an operation theater but with kind words as well. 

When I was moving into year 8, there had been a desire to make a difference in people's lives beyond the operation theater. It was a need to be 'a rainbow in someone else's cloud', to quote Maya Angelou. That shift from a childish nature to a more mature and insightful one did find it's way into the blog I guess, based on the comments and private messages of many readers of ol'.  

I know I have helped some people who mattered to me (both online and offline) get through some of their worst moments last year. They have moved on to better times and the twinge of sadness and envy I feel watching them leave for better shores is far outweighed by the happiness of watching them succeed when they had lost faith in themselves. I'm not being selfless, mind you. Far from it. In their smiles and renewed hopes, I steal a slice of happiness for myself after another exhausting day of watching people who are suffering. And that laughter helps me when I feel too tired to carry on. 
Which is why year 9 is more introspective... it's all about the old Kansas rock anthem... or as TV sitcom fans would say 'the Supernatural season finale song' - "Carry on my wayward son".

Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more."
  - Kansas.

Seven years ago, I had written a blogpost on how I felt that the tv character I resembled the most was Chandler Bing from the sitcom FRIENDS. Back then, I did relate a lot to his care-free attitude, his sense of humour and being the clown of the gang. 
If you asked me the same question today, I find that I no longer see myself in him. Instead, it is another tv sitcom that I have spoken in depth about earlier and another young man from that fictional world. I see so much more of Dr John Dorian from the sitcom SCRUBS in myself today; not the earlier years when he is a geeky intern learning the hardships of being a doctor but the whole character arc over eight seasons - from the clueless dork to the competent doctor who was forced to grow up because the world around him changed and he needed to mature to survive. 

The child who wants to be silly still exists but the people suffering around me need someone else... not a person to laugh with but a person who can save them. The clown had to remove his face paint and don his surgical scrubs and mask. But you know what? That's not a bad thing. It isn't about growing old so much as it is about growing up. About evolving. About being the best 'you' you can be.

The journey continues... here's hoping for another year of happiness, romance, satire, thought-provoking posts, opinions and new friends, online and off. 
Carry on... there will be peace when you are done.
For now, here's a sneak peak of what's coming up further down the road of Year 9.


Soham Roy said…
Big hearty congrats....we have good honest bloggers by a handful....and its good to have you around.....
Sangeeta Reghu said…
Woo hoo !! 8 years wow !! Great job Roshan .. keep up the great job !!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Roshan! It has not been long since I started reading you. I have loved the energy and the positivity in your posts. Hope to read many more insightful and entertaining work from you in Year 9. Good Luck.
Seb Powen said…
Congratz from me and team WATCH INDIA WIDE
Rachna said…
Congrats Roshan on a fantastic journey. Wow, 9 years is big! It has been a pleasure reading your blog and interacting with the person behind the blog. God bless and good luck for many more achievements!
Susan Deborah said…
Wowie. You are a veteran, man! (Bows). Many congratulations and best wishes for many more beautiful posts, stories and friendships. Nine is a great milestone and I hope you continue to enthrall readers with your posts.

Here's to more and cheers!

Joy always,
Arka said…
Wow! Dil garden garden ho gya :D And hats-off to you, Doctor Dude. This is spectacular. May there be more such 9 years \m/
beingFab said…
Congratulations Doc!! And not just on the blogversary, on all your other achievements as well. Always love reading your blog(s) and here's looking forward to many more such insightful posts!
Aathira Nair said…
Congratulations! You truly have a wonderful blog :)
Congrats , congrats and more congrats..!! I hope you publish more stories, and be famous as a writer one day. When that happens, please dont stop blogging...We love you here !
Kalpana Solsi said…
Congrats congrats congrats and wonderful 8 years of blogging.
Thanks Soham.. that's really kind :)
Thanks Sangeeta... let's see how long we can go.
Touchwood Jyothi... hope to have more such posts or atleast get the right blend between comedy and insight.
Haha... seems like so long ago. Bush was the President when I started off :)
YUP.. I wonder if I get veteran blogger benefits :D
Hehe... author alert everybody !! Bonafide author on my blog :)
Thanks Fab... Always glad to hear such kind words.
Thanks Anita.. as one of the most regular commentators on the blog, its been a real pleasure reading your comments over the years.
Don't see myself stopping anytime soon... always wondered what I would write about.. somehow have always had some thing or the other to say.
Renjith Nair said…
Hey Congrats Doc......Looking fwd to more blogs and Woohoos from U !!!
Arka said…
That's a little stretch, but I am not complaining ;)
Renuka said…
As a recent reader of Godyears I am flabbergasted by how long you have been blogging. You are a great writer & may the years ahead see you touch greater heights & yes, that novel too!

Thanks Renjith... I'm looking forward to more woohoo posts too... not to mention woohoo prizes :)
Thanks Renuka... when I think about it, I'm a bit stumped myself... I don't even recognize the words from long ago... it seems like a lifetime ago!
Alka Narula said…
That's a long journey in the blogging world ....Congratulations !
9 years is surely a long time. And it has been a privilege knowing you the our anthology. Here's to lots and lots more writing from you! Waiting for that novel doc! :)
Soumya said…
You sure are an inspiration. Being a doctor, the passion you have towards writing is commendable. And your posts always always teach me something or atleast leaves me with a smile.

'An appletini a day' is my favorite section of Tamarind Rice and it should be given the best post award every month. 9 years is a long time and God bless you for 90 more :)
Anonymous said…
Awesome post, nice round up of your blogs as well as your personality over the course of time. Although it has been only six odd months since I have started reading you and have caught you in the midst of a personal transformation both as a person and a writer, I am thoroughly enjoying your writing at this point in time, keep up the good work Doc.
Karanth S R said…
Hey Congratulations and wishes for the coming posts! We too are hoping for more years of happiness, romance, satire, thought-provoking posts... Keep writing and inspiring... :)
$$ said…
Congrats and may you have many more blogging years :)
Nisha said…
You know, I loved the 'there is a fly in my soup, sir...' phase a lot. Your writing has definitely improved (although I am no one to judge!) but I feel you have become more serious here and in life. All I am trying to say is... balance it out, Doc!
Having said that, I am immensely proud of you. You are truly hardworking and that is an inspiration in itself. Keep up the good work!
Dhanya said…
Hey Congrats Roshan :) I have always loved reading your posts be it fiction short stories or lighter moments. And it's commendable that in-spite of a busy schedule you can manage the blog so well. Keep it up the same way :)
And that reminded me that I also completed a 7 yr milestone last month but didn't even remember it :(
BK Chowla, said…
Nine years is a Loooooonnnggggggggg journey and successful at that.
My best wishes
Thanks Alka... it really feels long when I think of it.
It's been great knowing you too. Looking forward to more stories from you two :) Perhaps another Indireads?
Thanks Soumya. That's one of the best compliments of the day - "An Appletini A Day" made me write more medical posts than I've ever written over the years. Well, my version of medical posts anyway...
Thanks a lot. That means a lot... it is indeed a transition phase in progress...
Thanks Karanth.. hopefully will do the same in the coming year as well.
Thanks... eagerly awaiting your return to the blogosphere...
Wow.. you know "There's a fly in my soup again, Mr God" was the first tag-line of Godyears and it stayed for over 6 years atleast. Who better to remind of that than you who's been there probably as long as I have!
Yes, I know there is a definite tonal change in the blog... very few fun posts this year and its something I need to get back...
Thanks a lot, Nisha.
Dhanya , lasting 7 years is a big thing :) You need to celebrate it, albeit belatedly.
Yes, time in between work has always been a deciding factor but somehow have always squeezed out time for a few posts every month.
Thank you sir... touchwood will keep on writing.
Soham Roy said…
You have more awards than I have posts :P .. Congrats and Keep rocking :)
Richa Singh said…
This was such an inspiring post. I read it and it felt sooo good to know that someone imagined and gained what they wanted! To many many many more years to come.....

Sakshi Nanda said…
A post that tells me as much about you as about your writings. Both - impressive. Hearty congratulations, Roshan. Wishing you all the best for the endeavours to come. :)
Exaggeration.. but I'll take it anyway :D
Thanks Richa... it feels good to still be writing and actually having people care for whats written too.
Thanks Sakshi... Touchwood, will continue living up to expectations.
Kathy said…
Congratulations on your 8 years! That is amazing and impressive. All the best in the coming years. Looking forward to visiting here more in the future and reading even more of your posts. ♥
Nisha said…
That tagline was what attracted me to your blog! :)
And don't remind me of my blog's age. It makes me feel I haven't done justice to it. Now don't say that I have coz I really haven't!
Congo Congo Doc! ;) You are an inspiration. 8 Years, 3 Blogs and so many posts and stories... Keep going... and make sure you throw us all a party on the 10th year! :)
Seema Nambiar said…
Congrats Rosh!!! Don't ever ever stop!
Danny Simon said…
COngrats doc! Missed you while you were here in Mlore!
Sharni Faisal said…
Hey Roshan.... Congratzzz :)

Thanks Kathy. Please do come by more often :)
Thanks Sheetal... yes, so many many posts and stories. And Year 10 will definitely be a big blog party when it arrives...
okay, since you say so. :p
Thanks Seema.
Thanks Dan.. was there for a quick 24 hour jaunt inside the hospital :)
Will catch up the next time I get there.
Thanks SHarni... much appreciated.
Congrats Roshan - for the 8 years and all that you have achieved. I, being a non-doc, can still prance around in a clown's mask :) Good to see the back of some serious competition :)
Dr.Riyaz said…
you are an inspiration SENIOR!!!
maithili said…
Congrats Doc :D Reading you has been a real pleasure and I first drop in to your blog as soon as I see your post update (another matter that I log on blogger and comment much later :P). You already know you are my favorite blogger right? :P Hoping that you will write more posts, win more contests and get published more the coming year. Personally I would like to read more of your philosophical or animal fables. I have come to your blog so often when I was low to read some of the best of Godyears ( What dreams might come true and fox story being my favorites!), thank you for that :)
Haha.. Thanks Suresh. Glad to know there are other veterans in the game too :)
Thanks Pada... make me feel older and older, na!!
Thanks Maithili... there will definitely be more philosophical posts along the way. I guess I just need to find a right balance, as Nisha mentioned above, bringing back some of the humour as well.
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! That's an awesome journey of 9 years! Congratulations, Roshan and looking forward to many more milestone achievements! Cheers :)
Congrats dude! Bigger things to come.
Okay... I'm just gonna ask you to repeat out loud all those awesome prizes (OF MINE) which you won :D
Thanks Shilpa... feels great to still be blogging honestly. Still feel theres lots to say.
Touchwood, I certainly hope so...
Have emailed you regarding this :D
Nirvana said…
Rosh, when I read what you wrote for the very first time (you know who sent me the link :-) ), it left me with a strange feeling. Pride at having known you in person... Joy at reading something that is so superior to majority of the writing these days .... Resentment (yeah that too) that I couldn't write as well...... But you know what notes hit the highest? The fact that everything you put out there in the blog was a piece of your heart - truthful, heartfelt and genuine - you rock, Doc! *hugs*
Anonymous said…
I have been more of a silent reader of your blog commenting only once in a while and that too not from very long ago but I must say, I have always taken with me something new whenever I have read your blog and your column on Tamarind Rice. Loads of happiness to you. And Many congrats for all the good work you are doing.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Doc! Your blog is what pulled me into the blog world and I can never ever Thank you enough for it.. Wish you all the best :)
Thanks Meena. "You-know-who" is one of the truest friends I have in this world and means a lot to me too.. in many ways, she had a role in changing my outlook in life at a very crucial stage when I was an extreme introvert - that did help mould me into what I am today.
She knows that too.
GBTP, thanks. 'An Appletini a day...' did make me force myself to write medical posts which I used to avoid to a large extent here at godyears.. even still, I guess I try to show the human side of medicine rather than bore people with facts.
I'm glad you liked it.
Seena, thanks for that huge compliment. I have mentioned it in my 'Accolades and Moments' page :) It is a tremendous ego boost for anybody to see words like that in someone else's blog.
Rex_Vix said…
Congratulations Roshan for the many many successes! It was nice reading about your journey so far. I especially agree with you about the doctor having to move on after a success or a failure. You guys are really stars from the sky that make life easier. Best wishes for many many more successful years. And may we get to see a book solely authored by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan. :-)
Seema Nambiar said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks. Means a lot to hear that... hopefully there will be more such years to come..
Anonymous said…
Many many congratulations on completing 9 years in blogging world. Can you imagine all of us writing posts and commenting like this 30 years from now? That would be something! All of us old and toothless reflecting on how much the world has changed.
Thanks Amit. And yes, I honestly do think that may a possibility unless blogs cease to exist a la video cassettes and Atari games.
And when I think of it, the world has changed so much just in 13 years... 30 should be something worth looking back on.
Aayushi Mehta said…
It's good to see you doing so well, and balancing a writing as well as medical career! Congratulations and best wishes for this blog! I am quite jealous of your publications and prizes, mind you! ;)

Wishing you an even more memorable year ahead and a lot of things to write about (I know how much that matters to a writer)!
The Fool said…
That is indeed an impressive record. Congrats on the achievements so far and best of luck for many more ahead.
Thanks Aayushi... and if I can get published, anyone can :)

And yes, having a starting point is a really headache many a time.. writers block.
Thanks man... touchwood lets see what year 9 has.
DJ said…
Congrats Roshan! Waiting for more and more write-ups :)
congratulations sir.......... i told u dat i will check ur blog after d xam... i kept my words..... today i m proud to have a person like u as my frnd......
Thanks Vikas.. hope your exams went well... and its an absolute pleasure having you as a friend too.. the world needs more people who think with their hearts.