35 bubblegums and candies

by - October 05, 2008

I always wanted to attend a book launch. It’s just one of those things, you know. You see it so often in movies and all, but you never expect to actually be able to go for one.

Well, I’m really glad that when I did go for one finally, it was Preeti’s “34 Bubblegums and Candies”. Preeti of course, is no stranger to most of us in the virtual world ( come to think of it, I think that applies just as much in the real world too ! ). Her blog is hugely popular and in person too she is a bundle of infectious joy. After so many requests from so many people, finally, she did put her heart into it and release her first book this month, based primarily on articles from her blog.

Watching her interact with the audience at her book launch, sign autographs or answer our questions, you’d never guess that this was a first time author. There is a confidence in her that speaks a lot in itself ; she can afford to be confident too, because this really is a great book for everyone. There is just so much in these 146 pages on offer for you... you can see her hubby being pitted against John Cena ( and winning without lifting a finger ) or you can sit back and reflect on the truth behind human ‘Radiators and Drains’. You can watch how plain words can move you in ‘My Special Friend’ ( it’s been my favourite from her before, and it still holds that place today ) or just admire the random acts of ‘The Stranger’. Oh ya, or you could conversely just learn the perils of doing favours to impress two women as 2 caretakers found out in ‘Sly Stallone does not open so easily.’

You see, each story gives you the chance to sit back and think. About the various opportunities life really offers us if we actually bother to notice them. And I think that’s where the book wins. Moreover, being blogposts, they’re satisfyingly short for the ‘I’m too busy’ man, funny enough for the ‘I hate serious stuff’ teen and thought provoking enough for the ‘I’m transcendental’ dude.
This book is definitely worth a read, especially for those cynics out there who sneer dismissively at the term blogger. If you want proof of what talent exists in the virtual world, look no further. Jack Canfield is gonna have some sleepless nights if Preeti goes global.

Oh, and by the way, that’s not a typo in the title. There really are 35 stories in the book – the thing is the 35th story is only just beginning. It’s the tale of a young woman , an artist and a writer, just a mother of two, who’s now taken her first steps to becoming a famous author... here’s wishing her the success we know she’s capable of.

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  1. Hi Roshan,

    This post was written beautifully and I must say I cannot agree more with you about some of the things you have mentioned here. I would also like to add "tere muh mein ghee shakar or whatever you like" from a very selfish point of view. If Preeti goes global it would ensure book lovers across the world have something great to read definitely, but additionally from my point of view it would also ensure my retirement package. I picture myself sitting in a hammock with a book in hand (one of the PS specials) and a drink by the side. The pictures too were fantastic barring the reminder that I now have to double my work out to get the fat out of the way - which you have also reminded one of at the top of your blog.
    Cheers and thanks.

  2. and we are waiting for her to come to bangalore....

  3. one day its gonna be you doc :)

  4. so u did attend??!!


  5. That was a very heartfelt post. And yes, we are eagerly waiting for her launch out here in our city. I'm sure she's gonna rock and so will her book.

  6. this was well written...

    yes, her confidence is well placed, and quite inspiring... and i'm waiting for my copy so that i can read it for myself...

  7. Well written.. Waiting to meet PS at Bangalore :)

    All the best to PS.

  8. Dear Satish, every chance for you to end up relaxing on that hammock a whole lot earlier than earlier feared.. But on the flip side, it would make it easier for a certain Mrs to return a 'bedside kick' she talked about in the book.

    Nags,umm... Ya right. I can picture it. '6 copies sold... 5 bought by mom. Used for straightening out uneven table legs'

  9. Lovely review..my only regret is that I coulfd not have been there on the day! I did have the privilage of meeting upo with Preeti and satish last year in London. It was a special time..and I endorse all the comments you make about Preeti the person...this is only the begining!

  10. wow, seems like a definite must read! come to think of it, why don't YOU write a book too?

  11. Roshan, I must have read what you wrote here at least 10 times :-)and have happily put in on my facebook, as well as Orkut status messages and also sent link to close friends. Thanks so much!I am beaming!

  12. Michelle, my God. It's been ages. How are you doing? As regards MY book deal, i'd refer you back to my reply to Nags!

    Preeti, what can I say? Just be prepared for Bangalore. From the comments i see here, There's an avalanche of fans waiting out there!

  13. After reading ur post i feel i should get hold of a copy too..

  14. :)
    and er...make that 7...I'l buy one of your books too :D and no, will NOT use it to straighten out uneven table legs (what an imagination,phew!)

  15. Now I am intrigued!
    I need to get a copy of the book,dunno how!!

  16. meira.. 7 books.. woo hoo !!! I'm a celebrity.. I can just see that paycheck.. 70 bucks ( you didnt think mom was gonna pay for those books herself, did ya !!! )

    Ap, they're available at Crosswords, Bangalore

  17. I am not in India anymore,some time since moved to Germany,will get some one in India to send across :)



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