A mother's love

by - October 01, 2008

Ok. This is just an email forward I received from my brother. Just had to share it.

It's followed by this one line.. "A mother will even sacrifice her life for her child..."

You know what ? It's absolutely true. I can't imagine being as selfless as my own mom, especially when it comes to managing us kids, but she does it. And I figure she ain't the only mom around going the extra mile for her kids, be it by working, praying... or just putting their life on the line for their kids.

For once, I'm glad the dog didn't win.

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  1. am glad too....

    and yes it's true what they say about mothers...AHEM

    btw....you are supposed to be a follower of APAAV??

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Some moms are ready to sacrifice the happiness of their children for the 'good' of the family. Such moms have a greater purpose in life. Their kids learn the same values too, not minding giving up a lot of things because the greater purpose of keeping the family together needs to be high priority. (Just presenting another point of view...) Both views involve the greatness of the mother, which can not be questioned.

  4. Wow! The Tiny winning against the Mighty. Mother's love is boundless indeed.

    As much as I hate receiving those 'Lord will punish you if you ignore this forward' emails, I adore forwards like these :-)

    Especially amazing is the panic look on the mother's face when she first sights the baby in danger. I don't think she took a single extra second to even decide what next to do!

  5. did u check d dog's expression Rosh???

  6. Wow...nice capture of moments!

  7. punam, aish, i totally agree.

    rat, u mean the last pic rt.. hehe

  8. aren't you afraid of asking teachers' the wrong question...?

    you stand punished !!!!

  9. Gazal, i stand punished. I remain unanswered.

  10. i always had dog-o-phobia...but now i think dat if a tiny squirrel can defeat a dog, y can't i...yea, i kno dats not da msg dat was meant 2 b conveyed here, but still...

  11. it is true with mother's.
    but i feel it is all love, if you love anyone than you can fight against the entire world for them.

    i have two kids and was ill and bed ridden for 15 days and
    my husband took care of my kids even better than I do.its becoz he loves them.
    love is above all

  12. hi iam a new blogger, this is the first time i am reading you posts.

  13. june.. hope you're better now. true, i guess love is the key in the end..


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