Thank you, Orkutheroes.

by - November 07, 2008 reviewed me. 

I am pleasantly surprised.
I am humbled.
I am shy.
I am grateful.
I am blushing... have you seen a brown guy blush ? Not a pretty sight.. we just go darker maroon.
I am wondering if there is a cash prize to go with this.
I am wondering if there is any way I can use this in conversation starters to get a girl to like me.. or atleast delay the usual 'leave me alone, creep or I'm calling my boyfriend Rocky' line.
I am wondering if this means I should get a new superhero outfit ( Those girly X-men's black and yellow spandex is so passe... I think I'll go for pink polka dots and green lycra ).
I am delaying giving an acceptance speech because I'm still confirming it's not April first in the planet Xargon... I have a lot of sadistic friends from planet Xargon.

Ok, speech time. Be relaxed... remember the ABC of speeches - Always Be Calm. Check.
Good. Now, remember the XYZ of speeches - Xamine Your Zipper. Check. 
Look of shocked ecstacy - how to attain that ? Oh wait.. I remember. The first time Britney's upskirts landed in your email. Kazwing !!! Check.
Doubly confirm that there isn't gonna be any nip slips this time around to avoid a repeat of my graduation day fiasco. Both boobmeisters.. cough cough wheeze.. I mean, well defined gym workout induced pectorals are within dress.. I mean, suit confines. Check.
Ok, only one thing left to do.

Thank you, Zazo. For finding me. And for doing what not many take the trouble to do today - promote someone else whom you've never even met. And I've checked the other blogs in the article too. Great choices, nice variety. You rock, man.

Thank you, family members... for not reading my blog and thus giving me the freedom to caricature our family without fear. That goes to Ruby too, who, presently, is wrapping herself around my Zodiac shirt which I just ironed. I should have got a goldfish. 
Thank you, everyone who reads this blog. Your comments make it all worthwhile. Horsecrap aside, I know I may never get to meet so many of you in real life, but still, it feels good to know you all are around, to follow your lives too... to call you all my friends. Of course, I'd still prefer dollars and dames,cheques and chicks but your comments are good too.

Have a great day, y'all. I know I'm having one. Just one thing is niggling at the back of my mind :
As a Orkutian superhero, should I call myself WonderButt or just He Who Shall Not Fit In A Revolving Door Man ?

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  1. Like a million other blogs, godyears started out on a whim. One of his friends who had known him for years advised him to start blogging as he knew about Roshan’s craze for writing and ‘ a natural flair for whacky comedy’.

    someone i know?

  2. but of course... who else, but good ol' GAS...

    Heck, you'll find your comment there too.

  3. Is that a star,is that a plane??'s you flying high.. :)

    Many congratulations..

    PS:A post a day,keeps d doc away.

  4. Well I'm not surprised.. as far greater things are gonna come in the future !

    Congrats Rosh

  5. Thank you Roshan for giving all of us "GodYears" I love to come again and again to get this "orange" feeling.
    It's pleasure to write about GodYears, wish you all the luck!

  6. that was a good one.
    very well deserved!!
    i liked the ABCs and XYZs of your speech! rofl.

  7. one day out of blogsville and see wat and all i am getting to read... heck...

    Ahem ahem... congrats rosh... First web2rank's ranking and now this... U DA MAN...

    And wats up with polka dots.. first it was "teeny weeny polka dot yellow bikini" and now its "pink polka dotted green lycra".. anyways shud accept i can imagine u carrying of both with "panache"....

    Wonderbutt wud be Purfect... :P

    congrats again Bozo.. oops Rosh...

  8. Hey congrats..You deserved it..
    n it's party time :)

  9. Kudos Doc Wonderbutt :D
    Here's to many more super-posts :)

  10. Sorry for the delay.. Am now on the road headin back to Pune.
    Illeen, Quakeboy, thanks..
    Zazo, again. Thanks a bunch... Hopefully, Godyears can live up to expectations.
    Black coffee, laugh if you must but those XYZs can screw ya bigtime.
    The Rat, wonderbutt prefers to be unique, hence the polkadot outfit..
    Dhanya, party time? Ironic since i'm headin back to my 36 hour shift of work. Probably wrote more in last 10 days than i did in any one month this yr.
    Meira, sumana... Thanks.

  11. Congrats...
    So where is the party?

    A humble commentator ;).

  12. Awesome! And so well deserved too! :D

    Man, I never knew the ABC or XYZ of speeches..Thanks a ton for imparting such precious words of wisdom to humankind. ( ROFTL!)

    WonderButt ( Yes, that name will suffice), keep up the great work.

    Very happy for ya :)


  13. Hey, this blog is a great find! Very funny and positive!

  14. ap, ah yes, oh humble commentator... the party will have to wait awhile... I'm too broke after a whirlwind holiday for now...

    aishu, akshay... thankx a million.. await more adventures of Wonderbutt

  15. Congratulations. I happened to be routed through Orkutheroes :)

    Nice theme :)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. amazing news and well deserved too....congrats!! :)

  18. sigh.. just goes on to prove he never came across my blogs, this zaz guy.

    PS: way to go with the Ellen Denegeres illustration. Are you trying to tell us something?

    PPS: You do know she is gay, right?

    What's up Doc?

  19. PPPS Hehe.. you do know every guy has a thing for women with 'girl-on-girl' tendencies right, Nags :D

  20. ur blog works like a hook dude...u deserve it...n abt not bein able 2 meet all those who u call "frnds"...hmmmm, i think it's better dat way, or else every1 o them ll b askin 4 a treat n u'd b bankrupt in a blink of an matter wat kinda o suit u r wearin...

  21. thanks reni.. and ya, u're right... You guys stay away from Pune and Kannur.. I dont live there... I swear !!!


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