Dostana - ****

by - November 16, 2008

I don’t remember the last time it’s happened.

No, not two mainstream stars going gay onscreen. I’m talking about the last time Bollywood has actually taken inspiration from a Hollywood film and actually done a better job of it !!!

Seriously, it’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so much, so often in a Hindi film. Going into Dostana, I was so scared the cast would screw it up somehow... because for me, this plot of two guys pretending to be gay and then falling in love with the same girl always had a lot of potential for comical moments, and yet there was the fear that somehow, the director would wash it all up with a plethora of morality and emotions.

Well, rejoice. They didn’t screw it up. Infact, they did a lot better than I imagined. Right from the introduction sequence with Shilpa telling us to ‘shut up and bounce’, this movie is just a high octane laugh-a-thon. Sequence after sequence attacks your funny bone with both guys getting ample opportunities to showcase their talents – be it John’s abs or Abhi’s histrionics. Priyanka... well, after a bad year, she’s just rocketed upwards these last two months with Fashion and now this. She looks gorgeous in this film.

Surprisingly, the romantic moments in this film are so beautifully taken, they’d have been winners in any ordinary film. In this movie, they just pass you by as the next sequence explodes on you. Even situations which could have turned emotional are nipped in the bud by this comical duo. Case in point – Abhi’s mom finding out he’s gay, her acceptance of it and even the ending is so unique. If the pace lessens slightly in the second half, it's only because the first half was such a roller coaster ride - even still the second half offers enough laughs as Bobby Deol enters into the picture as the adversary to these two for Priyanka's affetions.

The songs are awesome. I loved all of them on the big screen, though my surprise favourite is ‘Jaane Kyon.’ I'd liked 'Bounce' and 'Desi Girl' earlier, but even ‘Maa ka Laadla’ grew on me after watching it onscreen.

Bobby Deol fits his role perfectly, but is totally overshadowed by the dynamic gay duo of Abhi and John. In fact, I'd have to say this is as good a performance as Abhi has given, second only to Guru. It takes guts to take up these roles and these two hunks have done a great job at it. The amount of catcalls the girls in the theatre were releasing - you'd think there was a male stripper around. Oh wait.. there was that, too.

Personally, I don’t have any reservations about the caricatures and stereotypes here, because this movie ain’t trying to be moralistic.. it’s aimed as a comedy and in that , it succeeds.

Go on, watch it. And have a blast. If the Yash Raj banner can 'get hip with it', surely you can get over your 'inner cheeeeeecheeee mindset' and enjoy this one, right ?


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  2. wheeee... loved the movie...

    actually the catcall phenomenon was here too.. so bad i cudnt whistle...

    i didn't like Deol.. he looked too wooden.. its high time he retired..

    :-) doctor had three hours free time yday.... woot...

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  4. so.. where that adventure T7 post ?
    It showed up on google reader... but seems u have removed it from both blogs..

  5. I got directed to didn't exist :O

  6. n sure its good.You ain't trying to subject us to a KJo movie? :P

  7. the rat, yup.. I get free time too. As for Bobby, I guess that was his role, right ? to be deadpan..

    Quakeboy, I actually deleted that post.. I wasnt happy with it myself..

    meira, u may get directed for the next couple of days only... i'd applied for it, not knowing that only credit cards allowed, not debit cards..hence it ought to cancel my .org option in a few days by itself.

    and trust me, this aint like any K Jo movie u've ever seen

  8. good that you enjoyed the movie :|
    ..but i beg to differ , not because i hold conservative mindset about homosexuality , but because the movie is nothing but a stupid mockery of such people. comedy is not when u give it on a platter to the audience , it has to be more subtle .thats my personal opinion about this mindless movie.

  9. I loved the movie...great laugh...
    the kissing part was yuck though... :)

  10. Pooja, i can understand your point of view. The way Boman's character and even the main two at moments were represented were really farcical. But they were attempting a comedy for Indian tastes.. Subtle comedy very rarely gets through to the public.. So many good movies in the end only get an average run in india only because,as the reviewers say, their sense of humor appeals only to 'the multiplex crowd'.. In d end, you're left with the job of pleasing everyone when makin such a movie. Personally, i think it was handled a lot better than you'd expect from a karan johar production.

    Ap, haha. True.. But i think it was a smart ending.. I can see Bobby's point of view tryin to screw these two guys back for what they did, not expecting them to do it


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