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Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
This is a mobile post. Had to be really since i've lost access to the net and anything else upstairs thanks to my new complication Sciatica. (you'll have to google it to find out what it is, i can't link from my mobile. )
I ain't gonna describe the pain since it's horrendous- suddenly the sacroiliitis feels like a walk in the park.

But this isn't a post about the pain. It's a post about something i learnt while i've been here. Turns out that along with all the lovely folk who stop by and read this blog, i also get visited by "old foes". And they've been gloating about my present condition and how their "prayers" are being answered. (who/what they're praying too/for is a different story, apparently. ) I guess i just find it pitiable that some people refuse to let the past stop haunting them, choosing instead to "win" at any cost. And their victory, it turns out, is in my demise or some crap. Sigh. Sorry beeyaches, still alive.
Grow up, really. Live a life instead of behaving like spoilt brats who need to have the last word in to feel important in life !

What is instead heartening is finding out how many people from the past responded to the news of my condition. Friends from school ( the ever charismatic Thanni, blogrolled as Nithin T ) dropped by from his busy schedules. Collegemates took time off from their pg life,36 hour shifts and maternal duties to come visit. They've even taken time out from their own wedding to spare a thought. Calls have come in from Pune, Jharkand, Rajastan, Mang/Bangalore,Chennai,Trivandrum,Hyderabad, Delhi, from across the continent and beyond. Long lost relatives have gone way beyond the means needed to make me feel better, be it holistic or moral support.
What it has done is really give me a positive feeling. When people take the time out to care for you, you know you've done something right in your life. You know that with so many people praying for you and having you in their thoughts, the big Guy'll listen to them. I know because ( as i've repeated oft ) i believe he/she listens when you pray for someone else rather than yourself.
I've seen it work personally so many times even in recent years - when praying for a loved one to get married, when praying for the safety and wellbeing of an unborn child, when praying for a friend to deliver normally after having suffered a miscarriage earlier, when praying for a guy to get a pg seat. Darn thing really works.

As of now, i'm in an acute state of pain physically. Truth be told, it's worse than bamboo shoots up your fingernails and yes, even worse than tying me up and tickling my feet with ostrich feathers. But i have to say this too- i'm at peace mentally. There is just a belief that this's gonna end well and that the ill wishes/prayers of a few rich in the wallet will be trumped by the good wishes/thoughts of a lot of people rich at heart. Of course, now would be a nice time to also hope that the principle of that self help book "THE SECRET" is true. You know, the one where if " certain people" keep thinking negative thoughts, only negative things will happen to them. Hehe.

In the end, it's like that old song from the Wonder Years theme-
"I get by with a little help from my friends."
I really do. In hindsight, I find, I always have.

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  1. first one to comment..ahem

    Get well soon.

  2. tc man!!...

    p.s- plz pray for me for a pg seat[next yr]!:P

  3. Get well soon :-)
    liked brocasarea's comment..Pray for him :D :P

  4. hey Rosh.. I didn't know it was this serious..

    I took it lightly when you posted about your stay at home for some problem with your.. eh.. 'butt'.. no no.. im not laughing.. im serious..

    Who ever was beeyachy enuf to pray against you ?? Screw them all !!

    We are there man.. a lot of us who love ya.. I have never prayed to god for a long time and never been to temple too since almost 6 months i think.. but I am praying for you today.. get well soon ..

  5. Now I think this is way serious that what you wrote about with the alien pic!

    Get well soon!

  6. Gazal and Sumana, thanks. Don't know if there's a quick heal though.

    Brocasarea, remind again when we near the dates... And don't forget the treat once we get our seat. What are you aiming for, by the by?

    Quakeboy, thanks man. That means a lot. Really.

    Aathira, oh well. I guess i have a way of diluting original tensions/pain while writing.

  7. Hey Roshan.. Get well soon.. ! :)

  8. Get well soon Roshan.. Didn't know it is this serious. And how can we not pray for you?

  9. paeds or neuro md:D....any tips?[really appreciate it:)]

  10. We have got a deity here in Puri with big eyes who can spot good guys even if they are sitting far off. And he does miracles.I have sent him a message,more of a request actually ,and am sure he will do something about it.

    Get well soon :)

  11. Veena, Dhanya, thanks for the wishes.
    Paeds or neuro? Well, if you choose neuro , keep in mind that's an extra 3yrs after 3yrs of pg.
    Indu, i really could use it right now. Runnin out of options here

  12. Doc!! Take care, ok. This too shall pass :)

    *goes off feeling all wise and good*

  13. ouchhh!!! i had no idea! was wondering why u disappeared from the blog world for so long!!

    hope u feel well soon!! i can imagine how painful it must be for u! you will def be in my prayers! :)

  14. Please do take care of urself..
    i wish and pray for ur soon recovery...

    Get well soon...

  15. Maybe it was the only way you could make time to do all that you always wanted to but never found the time ! Sincerely wishing for a quick recovery. God bless !

  16. Nags, thanks. I feel enlightened ! :) if only this could pass faster though.
    Sunshine and Pallav, thanks. Gonna need those prayers.
    Purple heart, what can i possibly do lying in bed all day? Umm... Never mind :)

  17. yeah thats true...anyway thanks:)

  18. Get well soon....
    we had research society from today.... a big time pass.....
    more than 30 posters on display.. but no Roshan R. this time
    .. that's unfair..
    recover fast..

  19. hey rosh, ur back in pune? or still maintaining it at home? i do pray like i said and everyday n lets not mention the times. to me this is wat u said will end in good. in gods time. i can see ur a positve person and that has boomeranged back to u by all the love that is showered back now for u! no way ppl who ve wrong minds can get to u rosh. life in thorns is a bed of roses, too beutiful that god had to let a thorn grow just for a while so that u know how many ppl really appreciate u. cheers and prayers

  20. get well soon..

  21. My first comment on this blog and all that I can say is 'Get well soon'.

  22. Prashant Sir, hope the research committee went well. Did we win anything?
    Anu, true. I have been showered with a lot of love. That is nice to observe. Hopefully the big Guy's listening, eh?
    Pink Orchid, D, thanks.

  23. i came here to thank you for your comment on my post and i see this

    take care, doc...and hope this passes off soon...

  24. i am also well-wisher!!!!!!!!
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  25. Ah--a fellow sufferer! The pain hit me in late November. I spent most of Nov-Dec more or less immobile (except for the show I was in--probably shouldn't have done it, but I was the lead and the show must go on!), and then I started to feel better in Jan. I've flared up again the last couple of weeks, which is discouraging, but not as bad as it first was. Physiotherapy has been the biggest help for me--and swimming. I'm sorry you're in pain, but I completely agree--it does allow you to see very clearly all the genuinely lovely people in your life. Take care!!

  26. Thanks suma and mahesh.
    Magnolia, that's depressing news you've given me. Can't imagine this coming back. Can barely manage now.

  27. You do sound like you are in a lot of pain yet optimistic. Good for you! Anyways, will pray for you to get well soon!

  28. in all these months that I was away from blogger preparing for my Final Year, a lot of things have happened.

    which reminds me, you probably don't remember me anymore! :|

    that doesn't matter, really!
    Sciatica? That bad and i know its one of the worst kinds of pain.

    The fact that you have touched a lot of lives should tell you that you have done a lot of things right in your life.

    For every 10 people that are awesome there are bound to be at least 3(this is my statistic) of em who are awful. Doesn say much about the person you are, says a lot about the kinda people they are!

    Never mind, all this! I just hope you get well soon. :)

  29. visit my page to collect ur award...:-)

  30. get well soon!!

    Prayers does miracle!!

  31. Anon, thanks for the wishes.
    Black coffee, sure i remember you. Actually i hope you read this cause i don't have access to your site for quite some time now. So what do i do? And are the exams over?
    Rat, will collect it when i get the chance to use normal net.
    Ankita, i hope so. Thanks.

  32. i made my blog private only for the period i was away. it is open now! :)
    the theory papers are done. Practicals from april 1st( i hope i don make a fool outta myself :-S )
    take care. :)

  33. Tried wikiing Sciatica. and ouch ouch, doesnt sound good at all! Get well soon.

  34. Was away for a few weeks visiting India and hardly got to get to my favorite blogs. I thought you would have kicked your sacroiliitis out the door by now.

    Hmmph, so that villain is still hanging on.

    You are officially added into my prayers for a super speedy recovery Roshan.

    And those horrible people who wish bad to good people..well, f**ck 'em.

    [Note: The new theme is good, but quite hard on the eyes, seriously.
    Plus, it's tough to pretend working and read such a flashy page, you know. Hehe.]

  35. Rosh ... get well soon..I am a regular visitor to your site and have come here every single day since 19th to see if u're ok.. my prayers are with you ..

  36. Black coffee, don't worry. Makin a fool of ourselves in practicals is part and parcel of passing. Just avoid the big blunders and you're thru.

    sumz,aish and anonymous, sure hope so this ends fast. Presently hospitalised in calicut as of today. Wil update as i get news. Last option is disfigurin my beautiful butt (nooo...) to get right down to the 'bottom' of the disease :)

    till den, aish, keep the speedy prayers comin and anony, well.. Gonna be a while i guess before i get a major post. Annoyin typin via mobile at one stretch

  37. Get Well Soon Rosh.


  38. Its really been a loong time..Missing ur blogs ..
    Get well soon,..waitng for ur blogs :)

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