Dog wars !!!

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
It is indeed the time for change. 

All my life, I’ve been used to seeing my house in various shades of cream or grey.. you know, the usual colours. This time around though, I was in for a pleasant surprise when I came home. I knew the house had been painted. I’d been told that it was a new colour... Mom had told me that the colour had been made ‘by computer mixing.’
Tadaaa.. turns out that a can of Barbie doll pink had illicit relations with a can of Smarties violet and their love child was the colour that was used for painting my house. 
Then again, I will say this much. I loved the colour. Shoot me with a spitstraw but people who know me will vouch for my fondness of bright colours so this was a welcome change as far as I was concerned. My parents too liked it, though certain pesky relatives thought otherwise.. bah ! Humbugs.

Anyway, part of the creativity (madness) included painting up the dog kennel. Well, now that’s a different story. See, I don’t think the doggy duo of Bruno and Leo appreciated the ‘alteration of their pad’. Quite frankly, I think they were embarrassed with the final result. It was like a major blow to the macho image they held in the neighbourhood. Going from 'Rocky & Rambo' to 'Pansy & Sissy' must have been hard.
As of now, they prefer to stay inside the kennel even if the doors are open for fear of being ridiculed by the other dogs. Heck, they only come out at night after it’s dark and even then, I could have sworn I saw Leo wearing a shawl to cover his face last night as he went out to ‘do the doodoo’. I guess he's passive aggressive... never should have let my mom use the old "When Bad things happen to Good People" self help book pages to form a makeshift flooring in the kennel while they were painting. You never know what these dogs read and imbibe these days. 
Ruby, their 1o year old mom , is a different case altogether. She gets pissed, she doesn’t hide it from us. She lets it all out. And she knows better than to bite the hand that feeds her ( mom ) or the hand that lets her sleep in the main bedroom ( dad ). So who does she vent out her rage against the new colour ?

Enter visiting doctor son aka Jackass who dog need not listen to. Sufficed to say, in the last 3 weeks, I have used ‘the good shirts’ maybe 4 times. Oh, and can you guess how many times Ruby’s used ‘the good shirts ?’ 4, did you say ? Close, but no cigar. She’s used ‘THE DAMN GOOD SHIRTS’  5 times, including the time she picked it out of a laundry pile after it had been ironed and after confirming it was mine( say what you want... I’m convinced she was checking out the XL sign on the shirt ), proceeded to wipe the floor with it. Man, she really loves that floor.
Anyway, plans to send her to Cambodia via air mail have been put on hold for now... mainly because I was vetoed 3-to-1, Ruby and my parents being the significant 3. Infact, seeing the glint in Ruby’s eyes, I wonder if she knows something I don’t...I wonder if she hasn’t been able to influence my parents to modify that plan slightly. Damn doggy feminine charms.
 I have a sinking feeling I’m gonna be knocked unconscious and sent to Cambodia via air mail one of these days.  

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  1. LMAO...

    was wondering wen ll i get a Ruby post and Tada.....

    ur Dog is the REal God at ur place... (i hope she doesn't read ur blog.. wudnt want to soil my shirts n skirts for calling her a Dog.. :-P)

    Bruno and mickey are looking cute...

    Get well soon Doc

  2. wooooa i loved the colour.. and doggies... *muah* to them.. :)

  3. I don't have new words to say ..Bad writer u know.. :-(

    As usual TOO GOOD :-)

  4. now you can roam around like a Salman..and blame it on ruby !!!

    wat say??

    bravo Ruby ! !

  5. Rat, how is it possible to be home and not have a Ruby post... as for the get well, well.. alternating between good and bad days.

    Pink orchid, haha.. pink would love pink i guess. get mixed reactions though over here..

    sumana, hardly a bad writer... thanks anyway.

    Gazal, thats right.. support the doggy !!! Grumble grumble...

  6. Aww...
    So sweet.. :)
    Ruby always reminds me of Maggi,my dog.She is a glutton.. And she always takes an immediate liking for all the guys i like..*grrr*

  7. It's always nice to have your home painted !A good change for the doggies too I think, they can mellow down a little with pink, don't you think? Have a good time, being home :)

  8. brocasarea, finally, a sympathiser.. free chocolates for you.

    Illeen, Rubys the opposite.. very hoity toity.. choosy on friends and even on recieving affecttion which I find weird !!! its like a cat in a dogs body

  9. haha niice! Ruby sounds hilarious!

    and i looove the pink! my dream room loong back had a lighter shade of that color with purple clouds...! :)

    i love bright colors as well...had once painted one wall of my room a nice bright shade of red and the other 1 and half (owing to large bookshelf and wardrobe) walls left a happy sunshin-ey yellow! man i miss that room!

  10. LOL Ruby knows how to survive :)

  11. sunshine, finally a girl after my own heart.. rest assured when the day comes that i can own 4 walls, they aint gonna be grey or cream !!!

    Dhanya, whats to survive.. shes the princcess here.. the only thing she needs to worry abt is doggy diabetes !!!

  12. clever ruby..hehe...and yaa i too love d colour!!

  13. yep exactly! i cant wait to get my own house which i can paint in rainbow colours all over! :)

  14. ankita, true she is a clever dog..

    sunshine, eep.. i hope the rainbow colours are gonna be inside the house and not full VIBGYOR colours on the outside..

  15. hey thts gr888....
    i liked the color..

  16. thanx mate.. my parents will be pleased to hear that after getting a few negative comments from 'concerned' relatives...

    been going through your blogs.. awesome work man

  17. will mail by address!!..courier it:P

  18. Hey..I'm from Imaze.
    Saw your request for a header, if you do want one to be made, send me the details at

    (Details include color shades, images,etc!)

  19. We can see all the brighly coloured houses in Kerala only down North. :)

    Thnk God u all are in kannur otherwise the whole family would have been outcasted by 'nattukar'.

    Hope u are in good health.

  20. dogs are color blind, they can't tell. humans however can. it look like someone dripped pepto bismal all over the place. oddly enough, i like it. probably because deep down, i want to live in barbie's dream house.=)

    (also, thanks for the kind comment on my blog!)

  21. Crystal, will have to get back to you on that. A bit incapacitated right now.

    Ap, haha. True, we Malabaris go wild with these colors.

    Splendid mishap, hmmm.. Now that you mention it, does have a pepto color to it in the pics huh? It's really a bit darker.

  22. i love it! My life long dream of being barbie would have came true if i lived in that house of yours.

  23. ruby seems one smart doggy!


  24. what will peta do???????
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  25. F, eep! Anyway, welcome home.
    Suma, that she is

  26. anjali mukAugust 04, 2009

    u wear an xl shirt??...same time im wiping the floor....:P

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  28. Hehehehehehehe.... Rosh doggies have a way of doing what they know are bad notty things!
    Awwww i have fallen in love with Ruby!!!!
    And am so sorry to hear about Bruno...May his soul rest in peace!

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