Best of Godyears Fiction

by - June 04, 2009

Yes. This really is nothing more than a glorified self-egoistic post. The truth is I'd been chatting with of the many readers ( one reader + one reader = many readers, right ? )  of my blog and she mentioned a very interesting fact - that most of my long stories ( which she enjoyed the most, apparently ) don't appear in the "Most Popular Blogposts" lists because they were all in my other blog BrokenRoads.

Well, I made a list of some of the better fictional stories that have found their way to these blogs over the years...  They make for pretty fun reading, even if I say so myself.
Click here to go to the list and choose your fictional dessert. They're arranged based on genre with a short foreword on what to expect in each tale. Enjoy... and don't forget to write your opinions.

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  1. this should be a treat difficult to ignore.
    will come back to comment after i have read the posts.

  2. Have read all...loved all. You are awesome!!

    And u can try another Amberville..Want my adrenaline rushing.

  3. Gazal.. please do.. awaiting ur opinions..

    Illeen, your wish is my command. expect one soon..

  4. I'm gonna start reading them...

    Before that loved the quote from JD...

  5. thanx for your comments on my blo. now i am following you and will go through all your stories.

  6. I know, Apocalypse.. me too

    Anju, looking forward to ur comments


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