A lovely flash mob

by - September 12, 2009

Why oh why aren't there more videos like this invading the daily news ? I mean, seriously, there is just so much joy and happiness watching people take so much effort unconditionally just to make others smile.

While you enjoy this video, I'll leave you with this thought : How ironic is it that we Indians are so prudish about sex in our movies and end up with the world's second largest population, while conversely, for all the thousands of songs in our movies where people spontaneously burst into song and dance with instant backup dancers, the fact of the matter is, we've probably never had a single such flash mob dancing uninhibitedly in India, have we ?
Talk about your misplaced priorities...

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  1. i dont know about flash mob in India... but me and my dance gang break into a dance even at public when we here a favorite beat..

    many a items, Indore has seen us dancing like crazy in Malls, McDonald, Ice-cream parlor, hotel receptions etc.. haven't done it yet at Chennai.. miss my dance partners sorely...

    and regarding sex vids... i was having a similar convo with my friend :) spot on

  2. i'd seen the video some time back and even I was surprised at the zeal and coordination..It brought a smile seeing people enjoy so much.. :)

  3. hey, if ur plannin 2 organize a mob dance like dat, i'm in!!

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  5. We are shy and inhibited as a race...and most of the time we never have this kind of space to break into a dance.

  6. wake up nation... wake up!!!! :)


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