My interview

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Here is my interview at Sigh. Everyone wants to know me. Everyone needs to know me. I wonder if I should be hiring an online personal bodyguard to save me from my adoring fans. For now, I guess I'll just try to blend in by wearing dark cooling glasses whenever I come online so noone will recognise me.

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  1. "Recently, this year had a severely debilitating episode of sacroiliitis with sciatica which left me bedridden for over a month."

    hehe only another can understand this, you know that right? 10 years does that to your language doc.. its ok :)

    you're so full of contradictions.. u like "love actually" and then you like MASH.

    a bit long but worth the read.

    the interview, i mean.

  2. Cool :)
    Local celebrity? :)

  3. Truly honoured.....the second time!!!!!!!

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