Chinese whispers

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

Asha to Bhagirathy : Don’t tell anyone ok but I’m getting married !!! His name is Arun. He works in a computer software company in Australia. I’m so excited, ya ! And the funny thing... he’s a Tam Brahm like me... Who’d have thought I’d need to go all the way to Australia to get find one of my own kind !!! I’m gonna come home next month and surprise my parents by getting them to meet his parents.

Bhagirathy to Dhanya : Asha’s getting married. To a computer techie settled in Australia.

Dhanya to Nisha : Did you hear about Asha. She’s gone and fallen in love with someone in Australia.

Nisha to Meety : Asha’s lost it yaar. She’s having an affair with an Australian. You know, those guys who sit in their buniyans and drink beer all day long while watching cricket matches. One of those types.

Meety to Shalini : ... and I have it from a reliable source that he’s a chronic beer drinker.

Shalini to Sneha : Ya, that’s what I heard. Full time in the bar. These Aussies are all like this, you know. My sister says that they were all descended from British exiled prisoners.

Sneha to Indu : ...they say he has a criminal record in England. That’s why he ran away to Australia.

Indu to Suruchi : ...Half British, half Australian. Can’t remember if it was the father or mother who was British...

Suruchi to Chitra : That guy doesn’t even know who his dad is, it seems. Imagine what kind of a character the mother is !!

Chitra to Varsha : I swear it’s true. Why would I lie? Asha’s going to be a mother.

Varsha to Nagalakshmi: She’s pregnant with a Australian criminal, it seems. I told her never to leave India but she wouldn’t listen.

Nagalakshmi to Priyanka : She’s never coming back, it seems. She’s going to settle there with that drunkard and raise their child there.

Priyanka to Ankita : I hear her mom told her not to come back after she found out she was pregnant with that Australian’s kid. Poor thing.

Ankita to Bhagirathy : Poor girl is now pregnant and homeless.
Bhagirathy to Ankita : Really ? Bitch didn’t tell me that when she called. She just said she was getting married to an Indian guy. Must have fooled some other bakra into marrying her once the Australian dude ditched her... I swear, you can’t trust anyone these days.

Author’s note : Remember the kid’s game “Chinese whispers” where you keep whispering a sentence from a chit into the next person’s ears and see how it distorts by the time it reaches the last person ? Just wondered how it would be in real life.
And yes, “any” similarity in names to fellow bloggers whom I regularly read is purely coincidental J

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  1. lol ! But I always spreads quickly among us girls...especially when it is expected to be a secret..but conclusions dont get so dramatically changed :D...The groom in question can be made an Australian citizen and a drunkard too if Asha's friends were real ! ( I should not have said this on a women's day, but sadly that is the truth :D Sorry girls)

  2. lol.. nice post doc!
    And you definitely need guts to post this on Women's Day that too after you recently got married.

  3. Super lol...!!!

    So true... this is exactly how false news gets spread.

    But doctor.. why do I see only Sneha, Suruchi, Mala and Vimala here? What about all the Rajesh and Raghu and Kadar and George and Joseph and Paraminder?! Huh? Huh?!!!!

    On International Women's day, u r answerable!!! :P :P

  4. lol!! i liked the idea of the post..but as far as life is concerned, i refrain from such 'nukkad' gossip..i dont pass on anything to anyone unless ofcourse ie heard it from the horses mouth---what to do? im boring like that ;)

    but frankly, "chinese whispers" is not fun when it becomes more than just a game.


  5. Anita, hehe... you're gonna be the lone girl who doesn't go after my hide on this :)

    Sir,Quakeboy thanks :D

    Shalini... in my mind, Chinese whisper definitely brings to mind a bunch of girls gossiping... went with the flow.. pure "coincidence" that it was Women's day :)

    Pri, so true on that last line..

  6. hahhahahaha... brilliant :D

    Pointer : I have nvr used the word bitch... :D hahahahaaha

  7. what a dramatic turn... grr!! geee!!

  8. LOL!!! Poor my name :( lol

    Awesome post!!

  9. hmmm exaggeration:P ......
    my experience guys and gals gossip.. Guys are the one who add more masala with their weird imaginations lols

  10. ha funny!
    what if its reality!
    gossips can actually rip a person character!

  11. ratzzz... Really ? U sati savitri !!

    Moonlite.. Hehe .. 'geeee' ?? First time im hearing that one !!

    Sneha...yeeeeah !! Mubarak ho.. You're an even bigger celebrity now than u wer earlier

  12. ahem ahem.. but why only girls names here? Guys are equally competitive :)

  13. moushmi, i dont disagree with it :) its just more fun dis way.. Esp seeing des comments !!

    Harman... That is the sad truth... Even though this is a joke post, the reality behind it is pretty saddening.

    Rohan, thanks dude.

  14. dhanya, definitely we are... I dont say no to that.. Im just playing to the stereotypes :)

  15. Seriously, do girls talk like that? :O

    :P :D

  16. :D
    very funny post....
    but we girls keep secrets also... we are not like this always :)

  17. my gawwwwwwwd...if only i heard more of such interesting stuff in real life...super cute post Roshan...
    marriage is suiting u to the T;-)

  18. Pure coincidence is it?? :-)
    bwn as Shal said LOL post... I did make a few heads turn at ofc (which is not good) while I was reading this :-)

  19. Illeen, we all do, I guess... I'm just taking a cinematic/bloggetic liberty :D

    Sweta, I guess it's actually down to the individual.

    Suruchi, haha, you think ???

    Meety, absolutely coincidental... don't know how such normal names like Meety, Suruchi, Indu and Bhagirathy came into my head !!!

  20. Awesome!!!gossip can get really creative...and so can u!! thanks for making me a gossip monger here :)

  21. the pleasure is all mine obviously :D

  22. see see.. this is how women got stereotyped... because guys dont confess to it lols... but otherwise good one.. just that I am reading guys names instead of gals ;) ;)
    P.S OF course Roshan u r one of them too hehehehe

  23. Good One!!!
    Btw Arun indeed married Asha ,whom he met in Germany!!!

  24. aathira, u were a major contendor for being named in this ... Lost out cause too many names starting with 'a' :)

    moushmi, who me ??? Blasphemy!!! I never gossip !!

    Ap, i hear you... GUYS !! GALS !! ASHA'S MARRIED A GERMAN NAZI !!

  25. Why does this sound so familiar? Oh yes, this is why:

  26. hehehe.... talk about stereotyping! very funny... but will smash your head in if I don't see guys names in the next gossip column.... :-D !Loved it!

  27. meira, was amazed to see that article... this post is very much along those lines...

    Meena, hmmm... remind me to add you as the violent gossiper in my next segment :)

  28. purely coincidental my foot! there will be dire consequences.

    ps: enjoyed the post! :)

  29. foot! agree with Nags

    Nice one though

  30. hmmm.. both you and Nags say the same dialogue.. and in my conversation also, both of you are the ones talking to each other... hmmm. I smell a rat :)

  31. LOL :D What a dramatic twist.... well, such is the power of Chinese Whispers!! :D

    1. hehe.. yes. I do have a lot of angry females after me as the comment above showcase !!

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