Reviews : Thor, Priest 3D, Ragini MMS, Source Code

by - May 17, 2011

Ok, rather than simply write 4 posts, might as well finish it all at once here. So as not to bore you, I'll keep it short and sweet.

01. Thor ****
Vain, proud God with really, really strong hammer gets kicked out of his world for being a pain in his dad's ass and thrown to Earth as mere mortal, thanks to his scrawny evil brother's schemes. He learns manners, kisses Earth babe and heads home to defeat his bro and become rightful leader of land. Misses Earth babe.

( Forgive me, Marvel Comic fans... I know it's more complex than that, but keepin' it short, guys )

Plus : Excellent acting from leads with perfect casting for both the hunky beefcake Thor and the quiet and manipulative brother Loki ( God of mischief ), great graphics, Comic fans will be excited to see the links between earlier Marvel movies ( Hulk, Iron Man ) all leading up to next year's Avengers movie.
Minus : Story keeps jumping from Earth to Asgard. Needs patience.

02. Priest 3D *
In some world, priests are Bible fearing Ninjas who fight vampires that look like a cross between hyenas and Australopithecus. Vampire kidnaps a Priest's niece. He goes after her.
Plus : Film was short.
Minus : Slow screenplay, uninteresting characters, most of the film is in palettes of grey or sandy brown which really adds to the dull nature of the movie.

03. Ragini MMS ***
Girl doesn't tell her mom she's off with her boyfriend to a farm house for a roll in the sack. He doesn't tell her he's gonna make a sex video and sell it. Somebody forgot to tell them both there's a ghost in the house.
Plus : Taken in real time a la Paranormal activity. Very good acting from the lead pair. Scariest Hindi movie I've seen in ages.
Minus : Some choppy editing.

04. Source Code ***
Guy wakes up inside a train in someone else's body and train explodes. Based on a new technology, he's being sent in again and again till he finds out who activated the bomb so that he can stop the guy's 'next attack (?) '. He has to also figure out where he is in real life.
Plus : Good graphics, good acting, nice concept.
Minus : Focus is more on the guy's emotional quotient than identifying the terrorist, which is misleading. Ending is a doozie which makes Inception seem like child's play.  

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  1. Fast five??? Din see that??
    Anyways its d worst possible timing for me with my exams jus round corner!
    But wont miss Pirates!!!!

  2. dude, totally forgot.. I'd seen fast 5 too :) and it was awesome... Definitely, me too waiting for Pirates..and Transformers 3 :)

  3. we can't saw anything about yahoo reviews..they always make us fool..haunted was gr8 movie and yahoo was saying this is rubbish Ragini MMS is a rubbish movie and they are saying this is gr8 movie.plz change to Guha Kunal from review job..his reviews are only based on film posters..we can understand because he has't money to see the pic. in theatre..he paste the review only at the base of poster


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