You are beautiful to me...

by - May 18, 2011

"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her."

This saying stuck with me since the first time I heard it as a teenager. In many ways, it defined not just my romantic feelings, but also all my future friendships. It is a simple saying, but perhaps it is that simplicity that causes many to ignore it as they seek complicated answers in this journey of life.

The desire to be beautiful and to be loved is not a sin. Heaven knows we've tried everything possible to capture this fluttering butterfly called 'beauty'. From the poodle skirts of the 50s to the sensual hotpants of the 60s, the bell bottoms that redefined the 70s, those acid wash jeans that were so 80s or just 90s style grunge,
we've left nothing to chance. No dress was too outrageous, no colour too bold to adorn. And yet, women feel insecure. They still worry if they're a shade too dark, if they've gained a pound too many or if they look good sitting amongst their peers.

And that's sad. Because any guy who's gone past his 'raging hormones' phase and has ( eventually ) been bitten by the sensibility bug will tell you this one simple fact about his love for you : That you've become more beautiful to him because he loves you. Looks will definitely attract a guy towards you but a personality makes
you beautiful to him forever. That's the one thing no fashion designer can weave into his creations. That's the one constant right from the 50s to this day ( And yes, I'm reliably informed by anonymous sources within the archeological department that it extends all the way back to the first caveman who brought a girl home to his
cave for his mother's approval too ! )

So the next time you're worried about the blackheads, the love handles and the burgundy hair, think also of the things your 'old fashioned' parents were trying to instill in you when you were young - to be kind to others. Remember those boring words of advice ? "To care for people"... "to smile, to laugh"... "to learn to say a
simple 'Thank you'". Well, you know what ? A generation ago, they were the young teens worried about blackheads and grey hairs and bored of the very same'grown-ups speeches'. And somewhere along the line, they learned that bell bottoms and polka dotted shirts do not endear forever; a kind personality does. Of course, it's a lesson some have learned and some have chosen to ignore. That's the way it always is, isn't it ?

And today, it's our turn to make the same decision. We can choose to be beautiful physically for the better parts of our lives and remain in a few minds ( not necessarily for all the right reasons ) or we can be sweet and kind from within and stay in people's memories forever.
Remember, the brightest shade you can wear on your body that truly radiates your beauty when you walk out that door is a genuine smile.

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  1. That was a good post. Sadly, all loic takes a hit even to the most sensible person. Looking or rather feeling good dfntly makes u lot more confident. Maybe the man could be a lil more generous with his compliments ;)

  2. this definitely puts a smile and is reassuring...but we have been and will always be obsessed with looking good because of that tad bit of insecurity which haunts us forever!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Lovely :-) ... see am smiling already :P

  4. thanks Bansal, that's all I'm aiming for.

    A, definitely some truth in what you say. We guys can be pretty stingy with our compliments sometimes ( esp after we get the girl ? )

    simply me, i guess insecurity exists in all of us. Just a matter of how you deal with it...

    Varsha, hehe... Thanks, i think !!

    Meety, yeeeeah ! I got a person to smile. My good deed of the day is done !!

  5. amazing writing up..
    lovely :)

  6. Thought provoking post...

    Looks could be deceiving...but, we can never be deceived by a person's character once we know him/her well!!!

  7. Wow that's a lovely post.. Made me smile :)

  8. moonlite, thanks.

    Tan, so true..that's the best part.

    Dhanya, thanks...

  9. all women would love it and you post this:-)

  10. Suruchi...i hope so.

    Sinu sir, thanks a lot.

  11. Ive been married 10 months and I couldn't help smile as I read this, true to the core. Great work, I'll be sharing this with everyone I know, literally.

  12. Jb, thanks a lot... Dont forget to vote for me in the 'yahoo! Indiblogger contest' as well.. :)

  13. Nice post...very true!
    If only looks could keep one captured this fleeting world of ours:)
    Good Luck!
    Reached here from FB-Sameera's link

  14. simple, but beautiful and touched my heart.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  15. deepartz, if looks could keep us enamoured forever, i think 95 percent of the world would be alone :)

  16. someone is special,

    thanks.. Nice post.

  17. That's the one thing no fashion designer can weave into his creations.

    Thats a beautiful thought! Nice post!

  18. My sentiments exactly! People don't look at your face and decide you are a good person but by what you are. If you want to look beautiful, go ahead, but not to impress xyz.

  19. Prerna,thank you :)

    Nandhini, again..thanks.

    Zephyr, thats a very accurate sentiment... look good for urself, not to impress the world..

  20. Absolutely agree with your views. We need to love ourselves, feel beautiful within and stay confident in what we have. your thoughts surely make you a really beautiful person. Best wishes. Do read my posts too.

  21. tikuli, read your posts..lovely stuff.


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