London nahin, U.P. Statue !!

by - October 17, 2011

Will someone please explain to me how we're allowing a confirmed megalomaniac to build statues of herself all across the state ? Is there any common sense to telling us that 'her party founder' wanted statues of her so she had to make it ? What if the dude wanted her to take a picture on the moon ? Would we then have to build a rocketship in U.P. and send her there too ?

This is really getting ridiculous.
You're taking money for the state's development, using it to build statues of yourself all over parks and landmarks and then when the country cries 'foul', you say they're just being 'Anti-Dalit'. And everyone quietens down immediately because they're scared of being termed 'anti-minority.' Meanwhile kids are dying of encephalitis left, right and centre in the state.

I know it's pretty slim pickings as far as Indian politics are concerned with one family taking it for granted that they own India, another party sure that communalism is the way and umpteen number of idiotic small parties fighting to further divide a nation. But still, the thought that a crazy loon like this is being considered as the next Prime Ministerial candidate is really scary.

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  1. We can't really blame anyone but the voters who vote for them and give them these positions. . They claim to be representatives of the minority and do all sorts of drama. . Its sad that the people can be taken for a ride like this. .

  2. Yup... can't imagine the condition of the nation if ruled by people of this kind... people should stop voting for such morons who claim to be leaders.

  3. I feel so frustrated with her and dont know what to do..up is full of masses who think she is their saviour, they dont realise that she is fulfilling herself at the cost of state and depriving everyone of their due development:(..very sad state indeed,,

  4. Another reason why India never makes any progress. These are the maniacs who rule the country. Sometimes I even think the Britishers would have done better :D (just joking)

  5. I agree...
    I have never seen any kind of big statues or ..anything of that sort in US or on intersections ..unless its down town area or tourist spot..I guess ..For (us)India more then anything it needs to been clean to keep away from any dust and traffic population is exploding traffic is enough ..we don't need statues these expenses can be used for noble cause!

  6. it is an absolutely stupid situation...huge land space devoted to stupid parks for her stupid rallies, right in the centre of the city-the woman has gone should hear some of the other insane stories circulating about her and her other fetishes beyond herself...

    if we are allowing this buffoonery, you can only imagine what the future holds:(

  7. I say we send Anna to the rescue. This should be the sort of thing hunger strikes should be deployed on.

  8. our behenji is one master piece. I'm from Lucknow.Every time I visit I see a new statue. The city has become one concrete structure. Although she has done some good work to beautify the city, but as far as the state goes, it's in a pathetic condition. wonder why she is so self obsessed and even after a lot of criticism does all this unabashedly!


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