The right man for the job

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
A few weeks back, I was shopping with a friend late at night when my phone rang.
It was my P.G. student from the college where I teach. 
Since it was late, I wondered what was up when I picked up the phone.
Me : Hi, A.
A : Sir, are you busy ?
Me : No problem, man. Tell me.
A : I needed some help, sir, and I figured you're the best person to ask.

My chest swelled up with pride. Sure, I was the youngest of the staff in my department, but apparently, the students had already seen some spark of genius in me. In a department filled with professors and associate professors and people with 30 odd years of experience, they obviously felt I was the most knowledgable in patient management. That's why even late at night, when the poor kid had a doubt while studying, he immediately called me.
I mentally prepared myself for tough questions on neuroanaesthesia, drugs and side effects, complex formulae and classifications.

Me : Of course. What's your doubt, man ?
A : Sir...
Me : Yes...
A : My Facebook homepage has changed. Can you tell me where the 'Sign out' button is ?
Me (and my ego) : .....


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  1. Darn! I hope it's not a true story and I do not see any tags too....

    Argh, facebook sucks big time!


  2. oh...its very much a true story... the said junior, A, was among the first to read this.. I made sure he got the news firsthand :)

  3. Lol Intelligent student I would say ;)

  4. ROFL !!! He called his teacher late at night and asked this ! Facebook scores big time I say !

  5. Dhanya... very intelligent fella'

    Anita, Score one for Facebook indeed :)

  6. Lolz! That student knows the right person to ask!!! :-P
    Even i'l ask ya my doubts!

  7. wow..for a second I actually thought this was going to be a serious post...and you teach too?

    wow, doc, beginning to wonder is there is something that you don't do;-)

    and yes, you are the hope of the future...please hang in there:-)

  8. wow!super duper intelligent fella!Rolf..
    the question was appropriate but time was wrong!lolz

    I love these kinda cute students!

  9. Rohan, yeeeeah !!! All those years of studying are paying off for me, I see. :D

    Suruchi, I can't sing like Himesh Reshammiya..other than that, I'm perfect. They'd make statues of me a la Mamata Banerjee, but not enough marble in the country.

    Harman, u betcha :)

  10. So you have graduated to a Cyber Doc?
    Sounds like a cute innocent boy.

  11. haha...tht means ur a young gen faculty there:P

  12. Alka, I think I always have had that tag... "CR".. normally stands for chief resident..for me, it was "Computer resident"

    Brocasarea, yup...that's me.. gen next :) The Facebook generation of docs:)

  13. Hahaha...that was funny;-D!!!!

    p.s: u teach;-o, I thought u were a doctor...hahahaaahaaaa...oooh I'm soo funny;-D

  14. haahaha... u do need to get a serious prof kinda look, doc!

  15. He..he... The Techie Doc....

  16. Reflections, I am a doc.. in a medical college. gotta teach too.

    Nisha, I try, but it aint working.

    Mogamboo, thanks man... that's gonna be new nickname probably !

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