The one thing I find amusing is that there's always someone ready to sit for arguing with you based on silly assumptions.

This was an incident that occurred when I was in medical school. Our hostel mess had a fixed menu for every meal of the week. For example, Sunday mornings were dosa day, Friday afternoons were fried-chicken-and-ghee-rice day and so forth. Tuesday morning was bun-and-jam day.

We were sitting down for breakfast one Tuesday at the mess and were served our regular plates of bun and jam by the cook. While all of us tucked into it, a friend of mine came over to us and dropped the plate with a loud clatter on the table as he sat down.

Me : Something the matter ?
Him : I hate bun and jam.
Me : ( sensing a rant coming and trying to undo my previous question and act oblivious ) Okaaay.
Him : What "okay" ? How can you all eat this ?
Me ( resigned to my fate ) : Well, it's pretty good, you know. I don't really see the problem.

Him : You NRIs are all like this only. You'll eat bread toast with butter and sausages and cornflakes for breakfast. You should be brought up entirely in India. Then only you can understand what it's like for us.
Me : Really ? What's that like ?
Him : We need our dosas and idlis man. Their taste is different, man, from all these foreign foods. That taste of appam with stew...
Friend  #2 : .. puttu and kadala curry...
Him : Exactly. That's it. That's a good breakfast. Not this bun and jam.
Me : Look. I ain't arguing with you on Indian food. I just don't see what's wrong with normal things like bread and jam or a bulls-eye egg.

He looked at me with contempt. "You guys won't understand. For you, all this British and American stuff is normal."

I'd had enough by now. "Look. It isn't about US or UK or anything. I'm just saying you should be open to enjoying others food too. Infact, this is pretty normal stuff. I know a place where people actually eat Chinese food for breakfast.

He : No way. That's rubbish. I've never heard of any such place.
Me: Seriously.
He : What ? Chicken Manchurian, fried rice and all ?
Me : Manchurian, Schezwan.. you know, Chinese stuff.
He : I don't believe you.
Me : Bet ?
He : Bet.
Me : What do I get if I win ?
He : I'll draw the diagrams for your anatomy record books for a week. Otherwise, you should draw mine.
Me : Done.
He : Done.
Me : Neatly ?
He : Neatly.
Me : Okay.
He : Okay.

I continued munching on my bun. I looked up. He and the others at the table were watching me expectantly.
Me : What ?
Him : Hah ! I knew it. Simply you were bluffing. Haha. These 5 guys are witnesses. You can't back out now. You have to draw my record book.
Me : Wait.. what was the question again ?
Him : Haha. You can't escape.
Me : I just wanted to know what the question was.
He stressed out each word slowly as he spoke, obviously enjoying the sweet taste of success. "Where do people eat Chinese food for breakfast ?"
I smiled back at him. "Well... China, I'm guessing."
Him : ...

I didn't have to draw any diagrams that week. He tried to back out, of course, but ..well, I had 5 witnesses too, you see.

This is my entry for the KFC "Sets you on Fire" contest. Hope you liked it.


Denizen said…
LOLZ ! Awesome! Thanks for the pointers :) I gotta try this out :P
Mad said…
The witty doc strikes again!! Good one.
Rohan said…
Too good!!! And if you are winning this thing then you have to give also a piece of the chicken!! After all am the top commentator!! :P :P
Dhanya said…
You are Evil :)
Harman said…
nice ...that was witty!
Dr Roshan R said…
Denizen, haha... enjoy :)

Mad, thanks.

Rohan, I'll take it out from the treat ur gonna give me for the latest Blogadda award :p

Dhanya, I have heard that said about me before :D

Harman, thanks..
Meira said…
Haha! Served him right :P
If you win this contest, maybe you can eat chicken wings for breakfast every day for a month!
Grayquill said…
I know for a fact breakfast in China is bacon and eggs with wheat toast. Fun post...good job.
Meety said…
Ha ha... that was some bet.... :)
Spaceman Spiff said…
Are you SURE you're a doc? Or just a stand-up comedian masquerading as one? :)
Anonymous said…
Your style of writing, sometimes reminds me of Ruskin Bond. Indeed a pleasure reading these anecdotes! Great job as always, Doc.

- Ankita
Suruchi said…
aha-smarty pants at it again...and I agree with Ankita above...come to think of it, you actually are Bond-ish;-)

there is something very terse and witty about your writings-you are matchless Doc!
all the best for the contest:-)
Dr Roshan R said…
Meira, trust me... its gonna be chicken wings and chicken pop corn all the assured :)

Grayquill, thank God you werent there to say that that day :)
Dr Roshan R said…
Meety, Dear God !! Where have you been ?? You just disappeared all of a sudden.. anyway glad to see you back online.
And sigh... if people actually did give me the things they bet on, I'd actually have atleast 2 millionaires properties by now ( courtesy their ignorant brat kids bets :D )
Dr Roshan R said…
Spaceman Spiff, I get that every day. I play the Johny Lever character in the operation theatres here, making people laugh.

Ankita, gee, thats pretty high praise.. thanks a lot.
Dr Roshan R said…
Suruchi, haha.. I'm guessing you read it as James Bond and not Ruskin Bond :D Waise tho dono kaa powers hai mujhme...only problem is its Ruskin Bonds looks and James Bonds writing skills :D
LOL ! super cool ! I should read your posts at home...some people here in office actually think I am crazy...I always giggle at the monitor reading u !
Sumana said…
Dr Roshan R said…
Anita, that's a good thing right... you'll get more free time !

Sumana, thanks
Pria Rao said…
LOL.. poor guy! :D
Dr Roshan R said…
Pria..not really :) He had it coming !!
simply me said…
Dr Roshan R said…
Thanks a lot... Glad you enjoyed the book.
Its a cute story.

Was expecting something pertaining to momos/ dimsums because of the image, but I liked your post overall.
Dr Roshan R said…
Hehe.. Anupama, that was just to get the mood of Chinese food :)