Why did the snake cross the road ?

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I am constantly amazed by the hidden abilities of animals that form their survival instincts.

My friend and I were returning back to the operation theatre after lunch when we saw an unusual sight.

Even as a lot of medical students were walking past it blissfully unaware, a common green whip snake was slithering and crossing the cobbled road that joined the college and the hospital. It seemed to be in a genuine hurry to reach the administrative block, so probably it was late on it's hostel fees or something, I figured. Heaven knows I've done the same across these very same roads during my college days. 

But then a funny thing happened. At the edge of the road, it quickly climbed up the pavement, entered into the grass immediately adjacent to it and.... stopped. 

It just stopped.

Even when I brought my mobile camera to within biting distance in an attempt to get a clearer picture, it didn't call my bluff. It just stood still ( stood/ sat/ whatever it is snakes do !!) And the truth was - it was a wonderful camouflage. The snake which was so obvious while crossing the road suddenly became invisible to all the people walking around it.

I don't know how they realise it - that they look like a blade of grass - but they just seem to do. I'm sure it's a hoot when they play catching cook at their friends birthday parties but for silly humans like me, these survival instincts which come so naturally to animals is really fascinating. 

Of course, my friend pointed out that this particular dude is probably gonna be going home pissed, throwing his school bag on the floor and  screaming to his mom - "Camouflage, my cold blooded a** !! Mom, you better have a plan B on how to survive because I did what you said and those humans were just taking snaps of me as if I were a swimsuit model with a wardrobe malfunction !!!"  

P.S. Could you find the snake in the first picture ? If not, I hope he's clearer in the second picture. He's diagonal from top left to bottom right... kinda like as if he were posing for a game of "Snake and Ladders".

P.P.S. Clicking the picture enlarges it. Just in case you didn't know.

P.P.P.S. If you meet a green whip snake wearing tinted shades with a gun in his pocket and he asks you for my address... don't give it to him. 


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  1. ROFL ! Thank God u mentioned that it is diagonal and from left 2 right cos I seriously dint find it in both the pictures ! U must have super functional eyes ! And I guess you are making good use of the android camera. :D

    Poor snake. Even after wearing the same color as the grass there, the detective eyed doctor still captured a pic on his mobile and published him on internet. Now which other snake will want to marry him ? The family name is gone too. U are answerable to this doc.

  2. Hmm.. I couldn't find the snake in either picture and was extremely relieved to see the pointers at the end.

  3. Good God!

    I found him on the 2nd pic only after reading the clue from you.

    As for the 1st one, took me many minutes ( what? why tell it here and embarrass myself)..and much squinting to find him right there!

    Such a hilarious account on how you spotted a snake (heh). Only you can do this Rosh :)

  4. Anita..indeed this is the beauty of the 8MP android camera.. :) Now, let him go by horoscope and get married.. otherwise there are some pujas related to snake-curses, right ? :D

    Sunitha, thats the ebauty of their defence mechanism.

    Aishu, hehe.. I actually thought more people would get him in the first attempt.. guess its just because I know where to look right ?

  5. Awesome Camouflage.... I actually couldn't find it in the first shot....

    Actually had to enlarge the pic and then concentrate hard to see.

  6. I swear.. U watch a bunch of these kinda pics and some episodes of Animal Planet and u really start to wonder...

  7. as always mother nature is so loving and adorable ... most humans dosen't realise that ..

  8. Hey there was this group of green snakes wearing green camouflage dresses taking the elevator to the 6th floor!! Were they looking for you by any chance??
    And where exactly did you find the snake? Near the coffee shop??

  9. hey ..its so dangerous..unless you tell ..cannot make a difference ,looks like a part of a bush..
    I cudn't find at first ..then saw the picture(second) again... its amazing..how they blend so well in colors.
    it works as a defence mechanism for these animals I guess.. the same works for chameleon too..
    ..nice post...n informative too..

  10. Shine, so true.. its really amazing.

    Rohan, dammit !! Dont worry.. I'll fool them.. I'll put a mole on my cheek ! :)
    Ya, nearer to admin block.

    Harman, seriosuly amazing how well they blend and know that they blend..

  11. really..its amazing how all living beings learn how to survive.such facts make us realise that thr is a greater being who has desinged this world to perfection!

  12. My gawd- I had to strain my eyes in this budhappa so much to make out the snake...and i am sure mom ko ghar jaake he must have actually said camouflage my arse!;-)

    the P.S. are really funny doc!n also u must be careful in the kinda campus where snakes like these freely and unnoticeably roam around:-)

  13. Dear Roshan,
    I'm honored to nominate your name for a blogger award.
    Please visit my blog for details.

  14. I'm petrified of snakes. And I was shivering all the while I was reading the post. But you managed to break it with the HILARIOUS P.S's! :D

    And I'm not sure I spotted the snake in the second pic either. Is it the one that looks like a dark green balde of grass? :/

    P.S:- You can enter this for some contest you know. 'Spot the snake and win a snakebite kit!'.

  15. Suruchi.. hehe.. it was such a surprise to see it there.. i walk by that road daily.

    LeoPaw, thanks man. Will get on it soon.

  16. @Spaceman, his head is in the left hand corner.. below the whitish blade of grass which has a orange and yellow mark.

    And ya, this would be a fun pic to show in competitions, right ?

  17. I last heard that Mr.green snake was offered a 1yr contract by nat geo :P Don't forget to collect ur commission :D

  18. I spotted it after seeing the clue from Anitha's comment.Lot of humour though

  19. Denizen, any idea how to get that commission without getting bitten ??

    CaptainJohann, thanks..

  20. Hey Roshan,

    Nice post once again..snakes!!
    I stay in a village just outside Mumbai and coincidence or no, I must've had at least a dozen encounters wit snakes of all types.

    And believe it wen I say, dat I hav actually waited for them to cross my path once I spot them and dat too at a foot or two's distance and they don't harm u...hav even gone so far to be unfortunately staring into one's eyes at 8:30 in the nite...and that was so creepy dat I just screamed and the poor fellow got killed by my dad. But all in all, being around so many have given me the confidence that if you don't bother them and let them pass, they in turn don't harm you.

    - Mel

    1. We have had quite a few snakes in our compound and dare I say a couple even within the house over the years... still scary for me every time. Of course, this little bugger in the pic was a comedy.. he was just literally crossing the road in college and noone even noticed his presence except me

  21. how did u make him pose across your frame ? snake charning ? or charming of all kinds ? all the best

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