Finally on Android

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I was always a gadget freak.
So it was probably kind of weird that in this day and age of IPHONES and ANDROIDS, I was still stuck with Symbian. That too, a Nokia E72 that, true to form, waited exactly for the 365 days warranty to end before it's software started acting like a drunk frog chasing after fireflies.
The fact that it went for an 'unanticipated' swim in a bucket full of water a month later just seemed to confirm it's suicidal tendencies, as far as I was concerned.

Thus began the search for a new phone and a shift finally, after 10 year, away from Nokia. For over two months, I was irritating everyone I knew - from interns, post graduates and professors in the hospital to friends on Facebook - and even those I didn't know on Twitter, as I tried to reach a decision.

After ruling out the Iphone ( I find their rules a bit too restrictive ), I was pretty much going back and forth between sticking to my budget and going for the best. Samsung Galaxy S2 was definitely on a lot of people's mind as the best option, but frankly it was beyond my budget. In the end, I went with a decision that surprised even me.

I got the HTC INCREDIBLE S , after reading possibly every review of it there was online and asking quite a few people who had it across the world.

Major plus points for me :
1. Comes bundled with the latest Android software ( Gingerbread )
2. An excellent rugged feel unlike the plasticky feel I got with some Samsungs.
3. Wonderfully large and bright 4 inch screen.
4. 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for video chatting ( if that day ever comes !! )
5. Sense UI for a wonderfully smooth 'touch' experience.
6. Quite simple syncing between all my accounts ( mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo ) now.
7. Android market. 'nuff said.

Sure it has it's minus points too -
1. It ain't dual core which means someday in the future, the new android games may not work on it.
2. It ain't got as good servicing options as, say, a Samsung
3. Battery life, with me around, was always gonna be an issue. But I'm getting better at battery management now as I've learned to keep the battery guzzling Wi-Fi off, unless needed, besides getting a few battery saving apps. Incidentally, I met a few guys with other Androids as well, including the Samsung Galaxy S2, and all have the same complaint regarding battery life.

Overall, I'm loving my new mobile. For a kid who grew up watching Star Trek and the awesome technologies they dreamt of in the 60's before man had even landed on the moon, today it feels amazing to actually live in a world where all these gadgets are now a reality.
Everyday, I find new applications for the mobile : medical textbooks and drug encyclopedias, finding restaurants,hotels and even gas stations near me, chatting with friends all over the world for free ( WhatsApp ), online booking and what not, this mobile has everything.

Heck, who knows, someday I might even use it for making a phone call.

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  1. I bought Samsung Galaxy S2 this July and while I absolutely love my phone, I do agree that battery-life is an issue. I have bought an Eto Battery charger pack, which I keep in my bag whenever I have to be out all day, the model I bought can completely recharge the phone twice.

    I too use a Task-Killer and keep blue tooth and sync off except when actually using these.

  2. Wow! Welcome to the Android world! I'll be entering the Android realm by the end of this week (hopefully) Expecting a Samsung galaxy S2 to land from the Middle East. :D For phone calls ,I'll be employing the services of a dual-sim Nokia :P

  3. Indianhomemaker, true.. mostly I too will need a backup charger at work the way I use my phone... but then the htc charger is quite small and handy.
    I only realised the wi-fi, sync thingys today...gonna give a trial tomorrow keeping wifi off.

    Denizen, all the best... Samsung S2 is indeed iphones biggest competitor... have any of u seen the Galaxy note ? Just my opinion but it feels a little too big to place comfortably in the pocket as a mobile..

  4. So, honeymoon period with your phone, huh?!

    I wonder why guys are so paranoid about these stupid gadgets?!

    My husband's honeymoon with his phone is not yet over! spite of the damn phone being more than 8 months old!!

  5. Shalini, hehe... I'm always known for fiddling around with the comp/mobile so it was only to be expected. :)

    Anita, its not even close to my first priority...

  6. Ah.. I've been lusting after an iPhone for a while, but wasn't sure of it. I'm actually looking fir a phone that has a Blogger app. Does HTC have that?

  7. That was a perfect choice.
    Been using HTC for quiet some time and I'm happy. Only difference- I chose a windows mobile OS on my HTC (android wasn't popular then).
    The only problem I faced was with getting it serviced. They have only 1 authorized center in kerala. But you won't need a service unless you drop it down or carry it in in your tight denim pockets (as I did which reduced the touch sensitivity).
    It has been almost 3 years and I still believe, someday I might use it for making a phone call. :D

  8. Spaceman Spiff, there is an app available via Android.. but people's reviews in the "comment" section were not favourable so I still ahvent downloaded it yet... may just do that tonight..

    LeoPaw, the earlier HTC phones looked good but I never tried them.. but they've come out with a bang this year, I see... nice models, good features.

  9. nice phone..think i wil buy this after reading ur review...[am still on n72:D]

  10. Nice... I really do like Android much better than the iOS. But, I am on the Xperia.. and maybe now I think there are far better stuff out there.

  11. It's a very good phone... I love Android too... To save battery keep your phone on 2G mode....3G sucks life out of Android.

  12. do let us know how it works when u finally make calls :D :D

  13. Hopefully, they release ICS for your phone soon. Should make things even better (one hopes anyway).

    The battery usage is going to be a problem for a while with all these fancy processors and large displays that have to be run off those tiny batteries. You're better off not having a fancy dual-core to suck up battery power.

  14. Congrats!! And I have begun my hunt!!
    Last line is superb!!

  15. Brocas area,do read up.. there are plenty of options all around. But get rid of the n72 :)

    Aathira, somehow the Xperia never really appealed to me. But ya, Android is awesome.

    Prats, definitely.. 2G only for me. I'd left wi-fi on so it kept searching even when I wasnt bothered for one...

  16. Sukupedia, keep yer fingers crossed... it might become a reality someday.

    Anand, thats one factor I forgot to mention.. the dual core sucks up even more battery so I wonder how much of a battery life the new set of phones can have.. early opinions of Samsung Note are much the same.

    Rohan, eagerly awaiting to see what you end up with.

  17. Doc, Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest Android OS, the next version of Gingerbread. It's a definite improvement in terms of looks and features, I am not sure what all devices will get the update. It's definitely coming to Nexus S.

    Anyway, that camera you have there, it rocks! Download the camera app called Lightbox. I use it and love it. Will bring out the HTC's already awesome camera to a new level.

    Have fun :)

  18. ya Nags... Icecream sandwich is gonna b in the new Nexus first...
    and thanks for the tip ... the app is awesome.
    for those still following this, turning off WiFi and auto sync increased my battery life to literally double..tested today

  19. sigh!!! have been in the 'confused-as-hell' state of mind, ever since I discovered SOMEONE would gift me a phone - PROVIDED I decide which one. It will be 6 months to the date that I haven't been able to decide..... sigh! And the fact that I have no clue about every SECOND word in your post stands testimony to my smart-phone- virginity! Please tell me there are others out there like me! HELP!

  20. Nirvana, seriosuly...message me what you like in a phone and what you'd like to have in a phone...will give u ideas for the same..

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