Two of my favourites...

by - December 10, 2011

 We all have favourites... be it food, actors, drinks, people or even Gods. This is a rare photo for me : combining two of my biggest favourites in a single shot.

Which two favourites ?

A) Ruby, the wonder dog. 

Born in our very own house more than 12 years ago, she's been there as a caring companion throughout our lives and is a constant reminder that when it comes to loyalty, dogs are better than humans everyday. Age has diminished her eyesight and reflexes, but not her loving heart.
Oh ya, and she blogs too. What ? You don't believe me ? Check this out then.

B) Prawns.

What is your first memory in life ?
Mine is of me stealing a bowl of fried prawns meant for the entire family, going to my room and eating it all by myself.

Three decades later, it's still not safe to keep a bowl of prawns around me.
Judging by the look in her eyes, I think that dictum applies to Ruby too !!

P.S. For those who're worried/wondering, naaa..relax. We don't give her spicy food.She's just performing her ritual of being the official 'food sniffer' of my plate.
Some airports hire dogs to sniff out drugs. Ruby's too posh to work at an airport so she just sniffs out hazardous stuff which she can consume to save time for me : stuff like bones between chicken, meat between rice, peanuts between closed palms and the ever deadly - ice cream out of the fridge.

Quick question : Name the first 2 'favourites' that come in your mind.

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  1. the master and the dog arent too far apart i say.....if u know what i mean.....i say....

  2. Coffee and books!
    Cant live without 'em!!
    Ruby sure is a lucky girl!! :P

  3. such a cute post!
    love her..wud love to cuddle n pet her..
    Sweet ..anyone wud love to sniff that ...flavourful plate ..can bet on that!
    I am a gr8 fan of Sea food!

  4. Sharat, I know... I'm trying to catch up with her still... if I could only learn to get the morning paper and Chase after cars, I'd be ahead of her ;)

    Rohan, good choice... once upon a time, books were my favourite too. sadly, haven't read anything in ages.

    Harman, all the best trying to cuddle Ms Prima Donna here. She knows she's the centre of attraction at home so usually doesn't come to get petted... she knows we'll come to her.
    and ya, seafood is a craze here too... of that, prawns rule of course.

  5. i think my first two would be biriyani and books. I was going to say food but then that's too generic :)

  6. Nags, ur would have been generic.. biryani... now thats yummi-fic :)

  7. chilly chicken and ginger tea .. Cant get without dem. And prawns are a fav too..!!

  8. Cute dog !
    Answer: Grilled chicken and chocolate.

  9. docpriya : I'm into apple tea and blueberry tea myself recently.

    Anita, any particular type of chocolate/brand ?

  10. My two favourites would be chowmein n chocolates-yes, I am a sucker for the C words:-)
    amazing how I could only think of food when you asked:(

    and that dog looks good Doc-don't you worry, she'll be around for a long while to sniff your prawns:-)

  11. hAHA.. Chowmein indeed.. thats a surprise... again as in Anitas case, any particular chocolate ?

  12. she is soooooooooooooo adorable the way shes lookin et the prawns reminds me of my fluffy who used to look the same way at raddish wid nimbu namak n lal mirch:)
    dogs are actually one of gods bet gifts to man


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