A couple of years back, I had lamented on how in spite of all our Indian movie culture of people breaking into spontaneous song and dance in every film, in real life, I'd never got to see it happen. Flash mobs were common abroad, but surprisingly never in India.

Well, in recent times, there were quite a few flash mobs across the country and yesterday, it happened right here in Mangalore in the very college I studied in and am presently working. I can gladly say that I'm proud of all the doctors who put in so much effort for a whole 10 minute non-stop medley... hats of to you all.

Just the thought of a flash mob in our college seems so unbelievable to all of us 'old-timers' of this college and you all made it an awesome reality.
In the words of HIMYM's Barney Stinson, this is absolutely LEGEND - wait for it - ARY !!!
Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first instance of a flash mob of doctors in a hospital campus ?
Here's the video. Enjoy. 


Riyaz.Sheena said…
wow!! just cant beleive it!!
wow doctors can dance ! Gr8 2 know that lol! Awsm video!
$$ said…
college is always fun!!!
becoming old is a kolaveri, indeed!

awesome video, btw!!!
CD!!! said…
I thought doctors danced only in movies! Ahan.....awesome! Everyone would want to be a patients for such doctors.
Dr Roshan R said…
Riyaz, seriously..never thought we'd see this day, right ?

Anita, is there anything we docs cant do now :)))
Dr Roshan R said…
Shalini, haha..you have no idea. This is a shocker for a college like ours.. never expected to see this.

CD, I'm sure they'd be glad to hear that !!
Sangeeta Shenoy said…
This is unbelievable!!! I know what it was jss to ask permission to hold a cultural..and now i am spell bound!! Hats Off to the batch..At least let the college now be lively and let people live a happy life!!
Dr Roshan R said…
Exactly, Sangeeta... we've really come a loong way from then.
$$ said…
oh... from the comments i understand u have 'amitabh bachan in mohabatein' kind of management!

"sighhh...!!!" i have nothing more to say!

anyways, cheers to the agents of change!!!! :) :) :)
Dr Roshan R said…
"Amitabh Bachchan in Mohabattein" was a pussy cat compared to some of the things we've witnessed.

This is beyond change.. it is like watching 'Indian President Patil belly dancing for Gilani' level change !! :))
abdul rahman said…
Is the college so strict..?!?! I m getting into it dis month end..!! :/
Roshan said…
Abdul, it was quite strict in the past but as you can see ... a decade of making n remaking rules has really changed it. It's a good place to join n study. All the best