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Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Okay, I'll be honest. 
I was hunting for reviews of the recently released anthology series "Urban Shots : Bright Lights" in which I'm 1 of the co-authors and came across quite a few glowing reviews, both of the book and ( ahem ahem ) my story too.

Now, I know we're not supposed to show off. It's bad manners to blow my own trumpet, tug my own collar etc etc... but what the heck, it's my 15 minutes of fame ( till I get selected in the IPL under the yet-to-be-sanctioned fat butt quota ) so I'm just gonna !! 
These are all the reviews of the book I've found so far online. If you find any others, feel free to give me a Brrrrring and I'll add the links over here.

Reviews of the book :

1. Palak Mathur.
 "Paritosh Uttam has done a fantastic job in bringing together the stories from different genres together in a single book for a good reading experience. It was amazing to read and realize that we have a considerable amount of talent and we can be sure that Indian English literature has a bright future...One book that must be grabbed, read and enjoyed! I just thank God that I got an opportunity to read this great collection of stories by some promising authors."
Book rating : 3.5/5

"Most of the stories are short and lucid. They are effectively told and the writers have the descriptions spot on with the in-depth detailing .. The simplistic nature of dealing with human emotions... Read it if short stories covering a myriad of those emotions is what you look for"

3. Priyanka
"Clearly, this anthology is to be devoured not all at once.It is to be savoured like a favorite dessert, bit by bit...story by story. To sum up, 'Urban Shots-Bright Lights' is definitely worth a grab.A proud collection to be enjoyed at leisure!"
Book rating : 3.5/5

The assortment of stories in the book ensures that a wide diaspora of the Urban Life is well covered... The book is lighter as compared with the other two editions released alongside and makes for a quick fun read. A fun collection of stories good to go for daily reading to liven up one’s mood.
Book rating : 7/10

5. Mahathi Ramya 
"It is a roller coaster ride of emotions when i go through this book as there are different stories with different storylines edited to perfection by Paritosh... All stories are just 4 or 5 pages and so it is very easy to read. People who are not book lovers may also enjoy this book... "
Book rating : 3/5

" I found it a touch better than the previous books - Crossroads and Love Collection- both outstanding by themselves. The quality of stories is magnificent, and so impeccable is their selection that this book stands out as a compelling read. 
Book rating : 3.5/5

"In the introduction, the editor writes “A word of advice – give each story breathing space, before you begin the next one.”  Sound advice.  This is a collection to be dipped into at will, and returned to at will."

8. Irfan
"I can say with all sincerity that “URBAN SHOTS – BRIGHT LIGHTS” will evoke laughter, mirth, humour, awe and inspiration in equal measure. There are no dull moments here. Keep turning the pages and get ready to feel genuinely bemused or pleasantly shocked till you reach the last words of any story...This book is worth cherishing and a must-read."

9. Blublubling
" Life and memoirs of  Urban India through these great writers coming from varied walks of life. One can connect with the stories and the writers vary from students to young couples and so the concept and content is new and fresh. As a whole yes the book is a good read ... It had its highs and lows , some characters stay with you..."

10. Haimanti
"If you are looking for heart-warming, hilarious and thought-provoking stories written in lucid way, then Urban Shots: Bright Lights is a must read. It is one such book whose stories will retain the freshness even while reading for the umpteenth time."

11. Confused Soul
"It is a perfect book to lighten your mood, read with a cup of coffee, or travel with...the collection of stories is lovely and the book is treat to the readers. There is a certain freshness in the writing style having been written by different authors and will keep the readers wanting for more."
Book rating : 3/5

12. Deccan Herald Newspaper
"Some stories are written with conscious literary creativity, others are surprisingly simple, even raw — but the story always triumphs. "

13. Maryann Taylor
"...  gives the reader a colourful account of lives and people in urban India and the experiences and challenges that are part of their lives. Brimming with an engaging array of brilliant tales, this book is a treasure trove the short story lover and for anyone who enjoys reading about life in India’s vivid, vibrant and dazzling cities."

14. Nadhi's corner
"Most of the stories make for a breezy and fun read... The book has an easy narrative, but the plot of each story is different with a dose of surprise which makes it a delight to read."

15. Subs
"...  this book is a ‘khichdi’ of stories with happy, sour, dreamy and sad narratives that makes the dish quite delightful."

16. Grads bucket list
"... prescribed dose of musings of urban life." 

Click here to buy the book.

Click here for reviews of my story in the book.


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  1. http://perceptionsofaconfusedsoul.blogspot.in/2012/03/book-review-urban-shots-bright-lights.html

    One more link! Flaunt some more ;)
    I just got the book. Will let you know my reviews :)

  2. Thanks .. dont know how I missed one :)

    Anyway.. do link back yoour own opinion when you're done...

  3. An amazing author who very well knows how to hold his readers. 'Father of my son' is one of the many examples!
    Oh... by the way, he is also a doctor :)

  4. thanks for linking my review to your blog. Don't know that you are a blogger too, will follow from now on hoping your posts will also be as interesting as your stories :) By the way, liked 'Father of my son', can relate to it as a i have a naughty child at home.

  5. You ! And your endless talents !!! I am so so proud to have found you in blogosphere and to be your friend in facebook too ! You are brilliant. By the way, my view about your skills as a writer is far above all of the above.

  6. Hey!!
    Forgot completely to tell u..I got this book as soon as it go released.
    Nice collection of work ..
    And for sure 'Father of my son' is top on my favorite list :)

  7. I'm yet to read it..and after the rave reviews.. I can't wait!
    Needless to say, I'm happy and a wee-bit jealous!haha

  8. Thanks SHalini... also for the reminder that Im a doc :)

    Mahathi, glad to know you liked it.. and can relate to it... looking forward to the wedding in 3rd standard :)

  9. Anita, thanks a lot... glad to become friends with you too.. as i always said, some of the best people I know are friends ive made via blogging.

  10. Sumana, glad you liked it too... even happier you bought the book :p

    Nisha, not yet reached the stage where I have to wear dark glasses and have bodyguards to escape my mob of fans :)

  11. Wow, and now the world is agreeing with what we have been shouting from the top of our lungs from a long time...

    The reviews are exceptional...and so, so proud of knowing such a prolific writer like you Rosh-I wish you more echoing, roaring success:-)

  12. Well well Sir, I've just ordered my copy of the book... and well.. you always rocked as a writer.. so the reviews weren't surprising :)


  13. Suruchi, thanks.. hopefully there will be more to come , touchwood.

    Thanks Meety...do tell me your honest opinion of what you thought.. both of the book and the story.

  14. Yestrday I picked up the "chick soup Ind Doc" at the store after I saw ur article in it. Infact I was thrilled when I saw ur name in the book.
    After reading this post, I'm sure I'll get my hold on this one too very soon.

  15. Grrreat job...congrats. Buying the book

  16. Thanks Leo Paw, please do tell me what you think of it.

    Varsha, same goes to you too. Please tell me what you think of it.

  17. Enjoyed going thru the reviews esp the ones of U:-)....now to get my hands on the book.

  18. pls do tell me what you think, Reflections :)

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