Rise of the Appletini !!

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I'll keep it short and sweet.
While Godyears remains my primary blog, I felt the need for a blog where I can just be 100% goofy. A place where we can all talk about stuff that doesn't seem important, but we'd all like to pitch in with our opinion.

THE APPLETINI is the result of this whimsical desire. Here, I take off my doctor's white apron and put on my bartender's apron as I look to uplift the moods of people who drop in for a few seconds at the end of a tiring day at work. Over here, there won't be any serious discussions ( touchwood ) and you will all find something you can relate to and laugh about.

I know it's gonna be a strain managing 2 blogs ( besides BrokenRoads, which I have always treated as a workshop rather than a blog )... hopefully, I'll find the time for both sets of audiences : those expecting the part mature, part satirical posts of Godyears as well as the 'gossip lovin, silly giggling' crowd who come down to THE APPLETINI at the end of a long day.

To get a glimpse of what you can expect to come, I present to you, the first appetizer from the Appletini : THE SUPERSTAR CRITERION, a post which takes away all the biased nonsense and uses an ancient objective technique passed down all the way from the Mayan Civilisation, based on pure science and mathematics to identify who is indeed, the most BEST OF THE THREE KHANS in Bollywood !!

Let the party begin :)

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  1. Wow! Congrats on your new blog :)
    See you there :D :)

  2. I'm a fan already ;)

  3. ahem ahem... sounds more like a mocktail :)

    1. It is a cocktail actual...not a strong one, but a very mild, supposedly sweetish kind. its meant to be that way.. a mixture of all things fun.

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