Avengers, it's finally time to Assemble...

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Warning : this post is for comic book fans predominantly. Geekery and other nerd-like behaviour ahead.

  • Real comic book fans the world over will tell you that there are only two bonafide super-hero teams : DC's 'Justic League' ( with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash et al ) and Marvel's Avengers. While the battle over who is better will rage on forever, the fact is that there is no Justice League movie coming up anytime soon. 
  • This is a project that has never been attempted before. 5 movies, all blockbusters by themselves, were made over the last 4 years just to gave viewers a base for this movie.  Starting with 2008 when you had the surprise hit Iron Man movie and the Incredible Hulk, Marvel Comics have steadily built up the tempo over the last 4 years, with the 2nd Iron Man movie, a Thor movie and a Captain America movie. Each movie had small interconnections and hidden clues, linking them to each other and building up to the beginning of this movie.
  • For those who need a big star cast to go watch a movie, relax. This movie boasts one of the biggest A-list star casts in recent memory. 

  1. Robert Downey Jr ( Sherlock Holmes, Tropic Thunder ), 
  2. Scarlett Johansson ( Vicki Cristina Barcelona, The Prestige ), 
  3. Samuel L Jackson ( Snakes on a Plane, Kill Bill, Shaft ), 
  4. Mark Ruffalo ( Shutter Island, Zodiac ) , 
  5. Chris Evans( Sunshine, Scott Pilgrim vs the world ), 
  6. Chris Hemsworth ( Star Trek ), 
  7. Jeremy Renner ( Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol ), 
  8. Don Cheadle ( Crash, Hotel Rwanda ), 
  9. Cobie Smulders ( How I Met Your Mother ), 
  10. Clark Gregg ( The Usual Suspects, 500 days of Summer )
  11. Stellan Skarsgard ( The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Pirates of the Caribbean )
  12. Gwyneth Paltrow ( Shakespeare in Love, the talented Mr Ripley ). 

  • They say the best action movies are only as good as their main villain. You could either be 'mind games' evil ( Joker in The Dark Knight ) or 'physical violence' evil ( Bane in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises ). In the Avengers, you have a villain who has the best of both worlds in Loki, the resentful brother of Thor who loves being deceptive and deceitful, and has at his disposal an entire army to thwart any rebellion. 
  • You have Joss Whedon in the directorial seat. For those who say "Who on Earth is that ?" , well, he's the director of the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel" and the movie "Serenity" based on his own TV show "Firefly". He's also the screenwriter of movies such as "Speed", "Toy Story" and "Alien Resurrection." He's known for bringing a sense of humour into action-based genres and more importantly, adding lots of exciting twists in his screenplay ( refer to the movie Cabin in the Woods , released less than a month ago which takes all the basic cliches of horror and brilliantly twists them around. )

Early reviews have been beyond anyone's expectations. There is yet to be a single bad review. On the contrary, many have lauded it not just for the brilliant action, but also the amazing camaraderie and humour, terming it 'the best superhero movie' ever. 

For those of us stuck cribbing on whether the graphics of Ra.one, Krissh or Enthiran were better and which was the 'classiest superhero' movie in Bollywood, don't you think it's time you got to go watch an actual superhero movie and see what a whole bunch of superheroes can do together ?

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  1. ya... was a Justice League fan myself, but loved the way theyve built this series up over the years...

  2. i saw this post of yours and saved it to read after i watched the movie. loved the movie. it was light enough (as opposed to nolan's darker movies) and it helps that i have a massive crush oh robert downey jr since his ally mcbeal days :D

    1. glad u liked it.. a stark contrast to nolans movies indeed...

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