Empowering women entrepreneurs through digital media - Open House

by - July 19, 2013

Dear women in India,
You are as content as you choose to be. Perhaps more importantly, you can be as successful as you aspire to be. The field isn't limited to the traditional barriers of a successful household or the surprised looks of a winning beauty pageant contestant. India moved on in the workplace and so did you.

Managing Director (MD) of the biggest pharmaceutical company of the country. Head of Operations of India's leading banks. Chairman of India's leading news network. Vigilance Commissioner. MD of one of the biggest super-specialty hospital chains in India. 

Every field above has been held by a woman, born not with a silver spoon but with the grit and determination to take skepticism in her stride and keep on persevering towards her goal. They are just a handful of the successful stories of women across the country, ranging from fields as diverse as software, health care, hospitality, media, consumer products, online shopping, literature and public relations. 
Everybody has an opinion on how to be a successful woman in today's world where we are all connected to each other via social media and digital interaction... what's yours? 

Azure and Google Business Group invites you to an Open House on 
'Empowering women entrepreneurs through digital media tools'
A place where your opinions will matter - you get to share your views,
 talk on people you know or who inspire you, meet like-minded people 
and clarify your doubts on any and all issues.  

  • The event is free and open for all*
  • It will be held at the NSE auditorium, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.
  • Date:  27th July (Saturday) 2013 between 5-8pm

For further doubts or to RSVP, it is perhaps befitting that you catch hold of the young, vivacious, inspirational and brilliant director of Azure, Ms Akancha S who regularly steals brilliant, soul-stirring, insightful updates from my social media profile (Some might say it's the other way around and that I steal them from her... whatever. potato potahto.
A strategic brand consulting firm based in Mumbai, Azure has worked with a large number of start-ups, aiding in product launches and entry of multiple global brands in India. Being invited by Google Business Group is a matter of great pleasure for this wonderful entrepreneur and her team as they get to share their own experiences and simultaneously learn from others. 
She may be contacted at akancha(at)azureonline.net

Hope you can make it there. After all, your opinion counts.

  * - Open for all includes us guys too. Don't worry - there isn't any significant cricket match that day so you and I won't be missing much. Besides, free high-tea !! Win-win situation!   

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  1. Sounds to be a good initiative

  2. Women are indeed going places. Nice initiative indeed

    1. Its a good platform for people to share their views on how to keep soaring upwards

  3. wish I could be there...sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing Roshan...

    1. Share the word with people yoou think maybe interested and would be in Mumbai that weekend.

  4. It's in Mumbai but does sound like a good event.

    1. I know. Do spread the word with people you feel maybe interested

  5. this is really good initiative, thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks interesting, wish could be there.


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