What better way to start off year 9 than by doing something I haven't done before?
I will be participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words 2 which takes place between 8-14 of December. Basically, there will be 7 themes for 7 days and we should try to give a different take on each theme.
Now, for those who want to participate, further details on sharing are mentioned in the link above.
For me, I've never taken these prompts before... definitely never done 7 posts in 7 days. It helps that the themes allow for a lot of freedom. In fact, in 8 years, I doubt if I've really done 7 posts in a month!
Anyway, touchwood let's see how it goes.

Themes for the week:
8 Dec – Memory/ Memories
9 Dec – Food
10 Dec – Books
11 Dec – Music
12 Dec – Travel
13 Dec – People
14 Dec – Dream/s


Go for it doc! All the best.
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to it Doc, and btw, do look out for my posts during the WT Festival of Words as well :D
$$ said…
Thanks!!! It's definitely a challenge. But would love to take it up!
And good luck to you too. I am looking forward to reading your posts :)
Will be a little late commenting for the first few days... am scheduling like some of the other since I will be away. But will check them all out once im back.
try it... the themes are easy and give a lot of freedom..
Looking fwd to your posts.. I want to participate as well but I am not sure If I will be able to make seven entries... :-(
lets give it a shot together... I have already written and scheduled posts for the first three days since I will be away.
Nisha said…
Oh great! Goodluck!
maithili said…
Even I want to give it a try :D Let's see if I can stick to blogging 7 days. I want to do it one day at a time, no scheduling business. Just done with the exams and hope I dont succumb to my laziness :P
BK Chowla, said…
My best wishes.
I for one have never participated earlier.
All the best doc :)
Karanth S R said…
Good going :) All the best for the remaining days.
Karanth S R said…
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