Like so many others, I too have taken up the 100happydays challenge. I agree with the concept behind the challenge, honestly. So many of us (myself included) don't have time to be happy and appreciate a lovely moment in today's world. According to the site, 71% of people could not complete the challenge of submitting a picture of moments of happiness for 100 consecutive days. They simply had 'no time to be happy.' I definitely intend to be among the remaining 29% when April arrives!

While I am submitting my pics on Facebook with the hashtag #100happydays, I figured I would share my moments of joy here too on a regular basis. So here goes... days 1-5.  

Jan 4 (Day 01) - A wish-board for 2014...  Because 2013's wishboard actually did work out for me.

Jan 5 (Day 02) - Amazing as it sounds, the last time I had rice and fried fish at a restaurant was in 2012 in Mangalore. You tend to miss the basic joys once life takes over. So today, went and found a place which served yummy fried fish and rice for lunch.

Jan 6 (Day 03) - From the very first photo taken of him, there was a distinct air of evil naughtiness to Snoopy. Over the last few months as he's grown up in our house, he's done nothing to dispel that impression, making everyone laugh and driving us mad simultaneously with his phenomenal head-weight yet extremely playful and lovable nature. Going through the album of his pics is such a joy even if I get to see him only once in awhile.

beagle puppy

Jan 7 (Day 04) - One thing that I've always been guilty of is hunting and storing random useless trivia in my head. One of the few positives of this habit is that I find some serious 'awww... so sweet' moments while randomly hunting. 
The most recent episode of the usually saccharine #Castle featured some surprisingly tense moments, especially for on-screen couple Ryan and his wife in labor. Fine acting aside, I did some checking up on the actors and found something really sweet which I would like to share.
The two actors, Seamus Dever and Juliana, who play Ryan and his wife on the show are actually husband and wife in real life who met at a bookstore where he was working. To quote actress Stana Katic (Kate Beckett in the show) regarding the episode a few seasons ago where the two onscreen characters get married: “I loved being able to see Juliana walk in with her wedding gown, because it was the kind of gown that she wanted when they were young actors getting married but they didn’t have the finances they needed to make the wedding as large as maybe it would have been in their dreams. This was a chance to kind of do a ‘second take,’ and it was fantastic to be a part of that real-life experience as well as that ‘movie-life’ experience.” 
P.S. Yes. This is the kind of feel-good trivia I love to come across. Useless? Maybe. Brings a smile to my face? Definitely!

Jan 8 (Day 05) - So I won the lottery. Yes, true story. I'm now already stuck between the tough decision of whether to buy a cruise ship or a Lamborghini for myself. Of course, I will be ditching all of you and now onwards only hanging out with celebrities. Kindly adjust.
P.S. For the record, I will not be sharing the 50 rupees I won with you all so please don't beg. (Now all I have to do is win 1,99,999 more tickets like this and I will be a crorepati!! Ambani! Watch out... here I come!)

That's Days 1-5 of my attempt for a hundred happy days. If you feel you can take up the challenge too and have a hundred happy moments over the next one hundred days, do register. Don't think of it as a contest... it's about you appreciating the happy moments in your life.  


Aathira Nair said…
Snoopy had me all awww :)

And congrats on the lottery.. its just the start of the year, you should be having many more wins coming up soon!
Shilpa Garg said…
I am loving this 100 Happy Days project. Have seen a couple of friends doing it on Facebook. Your wishboard for 2014 is cool. Good luck with that! Snoopy is super cute and I am sure husband would be drooling over rice and fish lunch.You won a lottery!! How awesome! I may take this up too! Thanks for inspiring :) Have a happy day! :)
vandana sharma said…
It was difficult to scroll down below the food picture...but I managed. n Dever and Juliana's story is lovely and would definitely put smile on face.
Anonymous said…
This was just such a 'happy happy' post (pun intended), but jokes apart, I am sure that you will sail through the 100happydays project quite easily...
Renuka said…
Happy for your lottery win! You started small & there is the rest of 2014! Ambani & even Gates should now look out!
Soham Roy said…
If you keep winning lotteries at this rate you would have 50 X 365 days = INR 18250 by the same time next year...Which isn't too bad I guess..
Nisha said…
So this is what your pictures are about! Good job! Let me know when you need inspiration on a certain day .. I'd be happy to help! :)
Nisha said…
And yes... you made me laugh out loud today. I really sulk when I lose :)
Aditya Iyer said…
i'm on it as well :)
I post on my instagram, considering otherwise I practically don't use it at all
Anonymous said…
Lovely post! Glad you're on board as well. Am doing the 100happydays as well and hope I'd be in the 29% too.

Let's wait and watch!
Karanth S R said…
i strongly feel that the little things which bring smile on our face are very important. often we don't notice or understand such things in life. It's good that u enjoy every little thing that brings u happiness :) Wish ur days are filled with more n more such nice things and your wish board works out this year too :)
Michelle Liew said…
Oh,the humor here certainly made me smile! Thanks for sharing!!
Snoopy does manage to get that reaction from everyone even now in his growing phase :)
And yes, aiming for more wins as the year goes by and not just in lotteries :D
Thanks Shilpa. Join us in the 100happydays... it will be cathartic, I'm sure :) We could all use some happiness!
And yes... a whole 50 bucks I won...As I mentioned on Facebook, just another 1,99,999 tickets to go and I will be a crorepati. Yay! :D
hehe... should have taken a better picture of the fish but i was just so hungry by then!
And about the Devers... I know , right. Such a sweet couple. Didn't know it about them. That's why I just wanted to share it with other Castle fans.
Frankly, thats very optimistic of you. A 100 happy days is something I dont think I've seen in years. But this time, I need to force myself to find those moments and make it through :D
Exactly... those chirkuts must be trembling in their boots now! Today 50 rupees.. tomorrow, the world :D
I wonder which continent I should buy first?
Yay!! Just need to keep winning for next 1,99,999 days... umm, how many years is that again :/
hehe.. this is the plan. 100 days of this. One week at a time on the blog. And you may find your assistance already making its way to the list :D

And phooey!! We know we were deserving winners. Next time, we will spread rumours in advance against the favourites so that our chances get better :)
Join us in the sun, my friend. Come over to Facebook :D
Yay!! Let's keep at it.
I totally agree, Karanth. Its the little things that get you through on so many days... and we turn our back on them because we are so focused on all that went wrong...
Touchwood, hopefully that wishboard will work in 2014 ..
Glad you liked it.. touchwood, I will be updating on a weekly basis till day 100!
Obsessivemom said…
Totally love Snoopy. Oh and I watch Castle too. Interesting story there. Finally congratulations on the lottery... you're well on your way to becoming a billionaire.. starting with baby steps ;-).
Richa Singh said…
This project is surely catching on. And I follow castle religiously, thanks for that trivia. Like I was surprised when I came to know that in dexter his on screen sister is his wife and of course divorced later. All the best for 100000 days of happiness doc :-)

Snoopy really does know how to get the public on his side.. little devil!! :)
And yes. I hear that Ambani has already started getting sleepless nights thinking about me taking over his companies.. poor fellow. I just might, you know.
True.. Dexter and Deb's story was quite something.. u really have to admire the level of acting in the final few seasons considering the relationship they portray on screen as opposed to the bitter divorce off screen.
Thanks.. I could use those many happy days!
Ritika T said…
This is such a great idea Roshan. I have seen so many people picking this challenge up, in fact I think I am going to do it too :D :D

And could your dog be any cuter ? He is adorableeeeee
Red Handed said…
I too took up this challenge. sounds impossible though!!!!!
SNOOPY is adorable!
Suzy said…
Aha someone else who has a wish board and a Snoopy. My first dog was Snoopy and he actually looked exactly like Charlie Brown's Snoopy. Will have to consider this 100days thingy after I complete the UBC otherwise happiness will simply be drained.
BK Chowla, said…
Very interesting .
I for one have never taken up this 100 challenge
Rekha Dhyani said…
Lovely lovely concept and I loved all the little things that make you happy. May you find happiness in every single moment, not just for 100 days, but for the rest of your life. Keep smiling! :-)
Thanks Ritika.. all the best for the challenge... chronicle it on the blog :D
And Snoopy is evil! this is just his 'come hither' look
Believe me... if I can do it, u can.. just find a single moment of bliss in a day :)
Snoopy is the works!
Haha... the wishboard works well for me.. keeps me focused subconsciously.
Definitely do the 100happydays thingy once you're done... helps you focus on more good moments than bad.
Seriously? A dog which actually looked like Snoopy? :D
Thanks sir... it's just something to showcase more happy moments, rather than focusing on sad ones.
Thanks Rekha... glad you enjoyed it :D Touchwood, there will be more than a 100 days of happiness coming.
laila Begum said…
It sounds like a really good project radha!!feeling happy jus reading about it.....:):)u r right...v never find time to jus truly b happy these days...gotta do som catchin up on that!!loved the lottery story by the way:):):)
Hey Laila :D
I definitely feel we docs in particular need to take up stuff like this... we know how many times we feel stressed out and pissed at the end of a long working day.
And please, don't expect me to share my hard earned free lottery earnings with you!! I have to buy Australia and bring it closer to New Zealand (which i also bought!)
Rohan said…
Good going!! :-)
Lets see how long we can carry on !