100HappyDays: Days 13- 19

by - January 23, 2014

19 good moments in 19 consecutive days. There's only one thing to surmise from this... the regular demon in charge of giving me 'my daily dose of evil-eye' must be on vacation. If I had to take a guess, I'd say I'm pretty sure he's in Delhi playing havoc with 'certain chief ministers' there.

Earlier episodes of the Godyears #100happydays challenge featured:

  • Days 1- 5: included a dog with a lot of head weight, some fun trivia for 'Castle' fans and me winning the lottery ticket.
  • Days 6- 12: included a mug that needs an exorcism, inaugurating a pen given to me two years ago for a special reason and me being shortlisted for a very special Indian blog award. 

Without further adieu, here are Days 13-19.

Day 13 (Jan 16) - Happiness is when a patient is so pleased with the surgeon and anaesthetist that he gets his 'millionaire' kid to bring yummy pedas and amroodh ki mithai from across the state to say 'Thank You'.
Sadness is me hitting my head on the wall while
eating pedas and wondering why I didn't tell him
I liked Ferraris and private jets too!

Day 14 (Jan 17) - Happiness is the blind belief in the goodwill of a gift given by a friend which I carry as my 'lucky talisman'. Keeps my patients safe, brings me luck in published stories, blog nominations, lotteries and everything else.
My Chumbak Ganesha...

Day 15 (Jan 18) - Nothing beats the feeling of taking on a complicated case and managing it perfectly so that the patient comes out of the operation theater smiling. Also, raised the record of heaviest patient operated on from 120 kgs to 134 kgs.

Day 16 (Jan 19) - Getting this picture... the most important calendar of 2014.
So much happiness between April to November!

Day 17 (Jan 20) - Coming back from work to a bowl of leftover Palada payasam that is just as tasty 'straight from the fridge' as it is served hot.
How many of you enjoy cold payasam?

Day 18 (Jan 21) - Happiness is when a person you care about shares their secret joy with you because they know they can trust you.
Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.
It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t
learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.
– Muhammad Ali

Day 19 ((Jan 22) - Is looking forward to a long awaited vacation...

Oh Garfield. You know exactly what I'm gonna do!

I sincerely hope you're having a great start to the year too. The coming week promises to be even more fun with a lot of trips, encounters and parties scheduled. Have a great week everyone.

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  1. I like crochet better! Must try on people next ;)

  2. I had sooooooo much to comment..especially about the chumbak keychain...and the amrood mithai...but the PALADA PAYASAM made me forget it all :(

    1. haha.. there's gonna be so much food pics in here over 100 days !

  3. I have never had that amrood mithai :| (Mental note - must find it ASAP)

    And that garfield strip totally captures my mood :D :D

    1. first time im having.. its quite nice.
      And yes, Garfield understands me too.

  4. Cold payasam is awesome. . It's like the more relaxed version of the hot payasam. .
    Garfield comic was ultimate!
    Keep it coming doc!

    1. True.. I'm also a big fan of cold payasam.. :)

  5. Let that demon live happily now on wards (ever after) in Delhi or move towards North to some other countries... You have loads of happy thingys like Palada Payasam each day n share it with us :)

    P.S. Tell your patients that even your online friends like sweets such as Amroodh ki mithai/Pedhas/Payasam etc ;)

    1. That demon sadly keeps making guest appearances... it's okay. I'm used to his presence now.
      Haha.. I will share the commercial jet, but not the food!!

    2. Is it??? hum sweet khaane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai..... mind it aaa ;)

  6. I love cold payasam - all kinds taste better when they're cold, like ice cream!! And thanks for sharing that movie list - can't wait for The Lego Movie (hope they do release it in India, not sure how many Lego fans exist here :-)). Great post, as usual!

    1. Amen... i love cold payasam too! :D
      I don't expect the Lego movie to make it to Indian big screens.. would have been nice though. Among animated movies, aim for Rio 2

  7. Yes,new year has begun well.
    Happy new year

  8. LOL @ hitting your head against the wall :D Remember it next time :D

    1. Shilpa, hai na !! I really should mention it at the start itself... here, people see my size and assume 'foodie' directly, I guess.


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