"Unse Nazar Kya Milin Roshan Fizaein Ho Gayee..." - 
Hosh walon ko, 'Sarfarosh', 1999

And instantly I smile. That single line within an already awesome song elevates the number to a ethereal plane for me. 
How many of you smile when your name comes up in a song? I guess not everyone is lucky enough to born with names like Roxanne, Sheila, Munni or Black Magic Woman, but still, I always wonder - do you react when the singer sings your name within a song or do you just casually ignore it?
Me, I'm very much a part of the former category -  I have been lucky too, obviously. Some very beautiful Hindi songs over the years have featured my name. And I always make it a point to let everyone in the room know that the singer just called out my name. Yeah, what can I say? They removed the humility bone along with the umbilical cord.

Anyway, here are some of the songs that I always keep around in my car's playlist to showcase my own awesomeness. (Making me sing them, unfortunately, is not a good idea for reasons I have explained earlier.) 

'Ye Chand Sa Roshan Chehra', 

Movie: Kashmir ki Kali
An obvious choice, considering the name is right there in the title but I really was a big fan of Shammi Kapoor for being a great entertainer too and bringing that spark of unabashed glee that Bollywood really needed.

'Kuch Kum', 
Movie: Dostana
I will just come out and say it - this is one of the most underrated feel-good movies from the Karan Johar - Yash Raj studios. The script was smart, the jokes were funny without being crass given the theme of the movie and more importantly, the songs were good. The fun and hip numbers were real foot tapping numbers but lost among them were two very good slow songs too - Khabar Nahi and Kuch Kum.

Other songs that came to mind included Shankar Mahadevan's Breathless and the 1935 Devdas' Roshan Hai Tere Dum Se

In a close second place comes the lovely Raabta from Agent Vinod. There was a time when I had this song on loop and played it over and over... sigh. Good times. 

So who's number one, you ask?
My all time favourite in the list featuring me is of course, Jagjit Singh's Hoshwalon from the movie Sarfarosh.
One of those songs that easily land in a 'Best of Jagjit Singh' playlist, I love how this song was picturized and the almost magical lyrics. Seriously, it is one of those songs that makes you stop whatever you are doing and just yearn to call the person you love.

What about you all? Which song featuring you do you love the best? And if, like that awesome cricketer Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman, you find it tough to get songs featuring you, which song featuring a loved one do you love the most? Do tell.


Bhavya said…
Does my name appear in any song? :P
Ruchi Singh said…
Sorry, none of the song can have my name :( Though 'Singh is King' is there if you are counting surname :D

Jokes apart, I like most of the yester years melodious songs. Dostana song and Raabta that you have mentioned. Being SRK fan, I love 'Suraj hua madhaym' from KKKG and 'Janam dehk lo mit gayi dooriyan' from Veer Jaara.
Nisha Sanjeev said…
You made me feel good Roshan...here I am
1. Jaane jaa...o meri jaane jaa... the old raunchy number from Sanam Teri Kasam
2. Pehla pehala pyar hai, pehali pehali bhar hai...the seductive number from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun
My two favourites...
Now you are forcing me to change today's post.:)-.
tulika singh said…
Awww... No songs for me.. But the comment above reminded me - Singh is King.. Well I'll settle for that one. Totally loved the songs you shared - the one from Dostana and Raabta and Shammi and of course Jagjit Singh. How could you choose?
Aditi said…
Wow lovely list of songs...my fav is the one from Sarfarosh!

"Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi mein" and I instantly smile! :)
Swathi Shenoy said…
I belong to the unlucky lot :P Hope some great composer does justice to my name in the future :P
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! You are the chosen one, Roshan! So many songs for you! I think there are none for me. :|
Kathy Combs said…
I don't think I have ever heard a song with Kathy in it...but...I LOVE music so maybe one day I will. ♥
haha.. then definitely add the surname! any possible means to just start showing off :)
Pehla Pehla is one of the few songs I can actually sing .. others all sound so terrifying :)
it helps that it is an awesome song.. SPBala FTW! :)
For me, the toughest two came down to Raabta and Hoshwalon, honestly... I just felt that Hoshwalon has a more ethereal feel to it... the flashback styled video and memories of first love... not that Raabta's unique video was any different, of course!
Haha.. true, you have that awesome number to show off to :)
haha.. its a conspiracy!! Start a hartal demanding you get the same rights as Sheila and Munni!
Really? No songs for Shilpa? Hmmm... Let me think on that awhile...
definitely there will be one coming up soon :)
When you have faith, we can bring events to us... of course, if its Justin Beiber singing, just reject it and wait on awhile longer..
Nisha said…
Yes... nishaaa ..tain tain tain ta tta tain!!!! It's so awful. I hate my name!!!!!!
Even the pehla pehla pyaar one.. gosh ..!!! And now there is a tv series called 'Nisha aur uski cousins'. Actually it could have been worse.. my name could have been Baby. Lol!
Jyoti Mishra said…
Jyoti Kalash Chhalke
Radhe Krishna ki Jyoti..

all devotional ones :P
Anonymous said…
Shammi Kapoor was adorable, the original dance king. Love Dostana, too. Can't remember a song having my name!
Nabanita said…
I love the songs from Masoom so much...I need to have them in my playlist...These days however I'm addicted to Taylor Swift...I think I'm behaving like a teen when it comes to music these days!

Random Thoughts Naba - A Confession, an Apology and perhaps Absolution Too?…...
Heyy Roshan is pretty luck on this I think!! and all that are beautiful songs too!! I just love Raabta and chaand se roshan chehra!! :)

Anjali Anjali Pushpanjali by SPB can add a smile on my lips!! It just lights up and Anjali Anjali chinna kanmani kanmani frm movie Anjali too!! and yeah i do here the name in some where here and there in many songs!! Lucky ME!! *Sigh!!!* *Smiles*
Beloo Mehra said…
Well, aren't you a "bright" fellow to have such a "bright" name that even Bollywood has been singing praises for you? :) The songs from Sarfarosh and Kashmir ki Kali have to be my favourites from this list! But as for any songs with my name in them....i don't think anything like that could ever exist :)
Ritika T said…
Hahahaha... I remember we had a girl called Roshni in our class and everyone used to just sing songs that had her name or just pun about her name

My favourite was that ad..Suryaaaa Roshniiiiiiii :D :D
Cathy Graham said…
That movie clip was so much fun to watch. I have no idea what they were saying but with those longing looks they gave each other, I get the idea. Swoonnnn!

Don't know too many songs with my name in it other than Cathy's Clown which isn't that romantic or exciting compared to all your Roshan songs. Thanks for enlightening this Canadian gal about more Indian culture. Always a treat.

haha.. I wonder if there are any devotional ones featuring me!
True.. big fan of Shammi. He was da man :)
Surprisingly, I hardly get to listen to English songs now and have lost touch with the new artists... totally unlike me
Uma said…
I don't any song that has my name in it..:-( I love hoshwalon and Yeh chand sa roshan from your list. I'm generally a fan of melody and any song that is melodious will find a fan in me :-)
Uma said…
* sorry..I meant to say there's no song with my name.
Show off!!! Okay, so there's one song with my name, kind of....Corina Corina! ;)
Great post.
awww... I actually like that song :p
And I love the name too!
the name Anjali holds a special place for us.. its our house name :) But yes, I love that SPB song too!
hahaha... yes, I do try to brighten up everyone's day :)
Sarfarosh for me still... I feel Raabta deserves more credit too :)
gaaaah!! dishkiyao! dishkiyao!! :)
Thanks Cathy... and yes, Indian songs tends to go to both extremes - 'longing looks' or 'spontaneous dance with 100 random people who all dress color coordinated and know all the steps' :D
glad you liked it... i'm surprised Raabta isnt get as much love :) I really fell in love with it when I heard it...
ok I just checked the sound... quite sweet actually this Ray Peterson number :)
heyy datz something special!! :) nice to know that!
Sushmita said…
Roshan, I have such a non-happening name! :(
really, no song on Sushmita? Even as a name itself?