Indian seafood crab curry

Everyone always mentions the site from which they took their stock photos for their blog posts. Well, this post is slightly different. Because this crab curry dish and the pictures all originate right here at home. So where's the tribute?
Well, this is a thank you to the blogger Aarthi from the wonderful site Yummy Tummy.
This dish is based on her recipe here which all of us at home just loved.

Indian crab curry

Indian crab curry seafood

Seafood lovers, do try out that recipe - trust me. It's yummy.
Aarthi, on behalf of all of us at home here in Kannur, thank you very much for an awesome recipe.


Nabanita said…
Oh God...Just looking at it I'm hungry!! Ahh when will technology be so advanced that we could eat food on the net :P
Tina Basu said…
OMG I am drooling already for the crabs!!! I am having lobsters for dinner BTW :D
Shilpa Garg said…
I am not into sea food, but husband would surely love this!!
Kathy Combs said…
WOW...looking scrumpdiliumptios!
Illeen said…
This post is so delicious :D
I love crabs, Roshan. The spicy Andhra curry is also great!
Anonymous said…
hello dr roshan...making everyone jealous huh?
Sorry!! A vegetarian here!!! who is happy with your sadya pics :D ;) :)
A said…
Drooling over those pics! Shall try this one.
The day that happens, cookery blogs will crash!!
Lobsters!! You wanna trade ? :)
tell me what he thinks :)
It truly was, Illeen :)
True.. a good spicy gravy would be heaven :)
I assume its for the recipe from her site and not to just ogle the pics here :)
haha... yes, Boopathy :) Doing it at national level now :) Not just local hospital level..
haha.. u escape this time! I will return once more with more veggie pics!
please do. tell me what you thought of it...