Indireads anthology: Voices, Old & New

by - January 18, 2015

There is a lot to get excited about for me and quite a few authors this week. A new anthology featuring a story of mine is officially launched, the first in 2015. "Voices, Old & New" is the second short story anthology e-book by Indireads after "The Long & Short of It" which was released earlier in 2014.

A compilation of winning entries from the competition held last year, "Voices, Old & New" has 26 tales from across four genres namely Crime & Mystery, Drama, Paranormal and Romance thus providing the reader a nice variety to choose from.

The best part: You can choose to either buy the book here on Amazon or as part of a limited time promotional offer can get it FREE just 5 minutes from now by subscribing to INDIREADS here.

I have been truly lucky with Indireads if I do say so myself. In their first anthology, I had focused entirely on the CRIME genre and ended up winning for the best story in that genre. This time around, I chose to do something entirely different and instead focused on a single story for the DRAMA genre. And thankfully, it did work out with my story winning for the Category.

Godyears by Roshan R

In The Ballet Lesson,  as an elder sister helps her younger sibling in her ballet practise, she resents the privileges her sister has today that she missed out on during her formative years. But there is still a lesson to be learned by both siblings before the final step of the dance is taken.

I personally enjoyed writing this story because I found it quite challenging - I had to learn and read up on two very different styles of dance (ballet and Mohiniyattam) and find a balance between both while making them relevant to the central theme that I wished to convey. Touchwood, you will enjoy it.

Without giving away too much, some of the other stories within this book are going to show you:

  • A love that transcends marriage. (Between Him and Her - Jaspreet Soni)
  • How the rules of nature cannot be changed (The Message - Sid Balachandran)
  • The deep rooted biases within us (Prejudices - Shivani Shourie)
  • A tale with a twist (Boomerang - Ruchi Singh)
  • A haunting tale of love (The Last Thread - Diganta Sarkar)
  • The surprising roles within a family (Family Matters - Dola Basu Singh)
  • A future where equality of the sexes is a possibility (The Equals - Sonia Rao)
  • Engineering an arranged love. (Meeting by Arrangement - Maria Perry Mohan)
  • A temple where all is not as it seems (A Night at the temple of Circe - Karthik L)
  • Being an outsider in your own country (The Outsider - Sanjay Madhavan)
  • Drinking issues (A slave to thee - John Sequeira)
  • The conversation couples dread (The Talk - Varsha Pillai)
  • Why time gets stuck at a particular moment (7:42 - Viba)
  • The dark side of love (Ada Wiam) 

The book features quite an intriguing blend of talent from across South Asia with both seasoned as well as first time authors featuring alongside each other with stories that are truly unique.
I sincerely hope you do read this book (reminder once more: it's available for free right now for a limited time period) and would love to hear feedback on the same from you.
We recently launched the book officially with a tweet up wherein the authors all came online at a designated time to catch up. You can find the tweets, comments and story blurbs by following @indireads or checking out the hashtag #VOaN

Have a few words on the book after reading it? Do let us all know by sharing your review here on Goodreads.
Indireads is also online on Facebook here if you wish to send them your feedback directly.
You can also check out their entire collection of books here.

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