What you see first

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
"How could you fall in love with someone like her?"
"Why do you say so?" he replied, arching his eyebrows at this unexpected assault on his girlfriend.
"Well... come on. Look at her and look at you. You're an actual model who's been on tv, Raghav. Whereas Anushka? The first thing anyone will notice when they see her is that horrendous vertical scar on her face!"
Raghav turned towards his sister angrily but stopped as he spotted Anushka across the room.

She stood there by the living room sofa, chatting with a small boy as she refilled his glass of Mirinda. The child smiled gratefully and gave her a high five before rushing off to be with his friends. Raghav watched as the other kids ran up to her, each awaiting their turn. She patiently obliged each child with a grin and a wink as she refilled their glasses, unaware of the conversation taking place across the room. Raghav smiled as he watched her tickle the last child and pretend to run away, allowing the little girl to gleefully chase her down. And he knew he had his answer. He turned towards his sister, a content smile upon his face.

"Those children see what I could and what you cannot. Part of being a model was realizing the value of how important - or insignificant - looks are in judging people in real life. You look at Anushka and notice her scar first. I look at her and see a smile that promises to brighten up my day, every day."

Author's note:
This is my take on the picture prompt from Blog-a-Rhythm's Wordy Wednesdays.


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