Book review: Twists of Fate by Dr Priyanka Naik

by - February 24, 2015

The Dr Priyanka Naik I know as a fellow blogger would write lovely poetry that was filled with such wonderful visual imagery. So when she told me her debut book was being released, my interest was definitely piqued.

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Twists of Fate begins in Mumbai, a city which over the course of the novel comes alive through the eyes and viewpoints of not just the author but her protagonists as well. Sharvari Joshi, Nandini Muzumdar and Parizaad Sethna are three colours of a rubik’s cube that form the heart of this book, their very varied backgrounds intercepting during childhood and the ever memorable teenage years before life takes them away in different directions. The three who finally come back into each other’s lives as adults are altered by what life has dealt them and yet, in each other, they find the chance for redemption, hope and solace once more.

This is a story about friendship and it is that flavour that shines through the entire novel. The three young girls we meet at the beginning are just entering a crucial adolescent phase of their life and their friendship will resonate with each and every one of us who have been through the same during our teenage phase. Sadly, so too will the slow decay in what once seemed a “friendship for a lifetime” seem familiar to us all. From there, the three girls… nay, women journey through what life has to offer, good moments and bad, finding themselves caught in the nets of reality as they face unhappy marriages, bitter divorces and diseases that hurt both the sufferer and those who love her.

This is not so much a coming of age tale as it is a tale of the value of friendships and an ode to days gone by. The value of finding and rekindling old friendships and how they can alter us forms a key part of this story and I am happy it does so because it is not a theme I get to read often. Coupled with Priyanka’s lovely way with words and how she brings a truly emotional touch to the conversations between the three main characters, there are many moments in this book that will touch your heart. 

You will see yourself in those young kids journeying through first love and trust issues (and perhaps even twangs of jealousy?). You will also find yourself knowing someone in your friends’ timeline (or perhaps yourself?) who is going through what the three women face as grownups, forced to smile even as they hide their sorrows. As teenagers, they found themselves feeling safe and happy around each other… it took them a lifetime to find their way back to each other once they parted and yet, their reappearance in each other’s life alters each woman’s destiny and outlook for the better.

I am going with 4 out of 5 Appletinis for this book. 

Priyanka tells a solid tale of friendship and does a great job fleshing out three very different personalities and how their lives meet, part and then find each other again. This is a solid debut from an author who knows how to tug at your heartstrings with her words.

If you are a fan of novels like Eric Segal’s Doctors or The Class which showcase a journey of its characters across decades, do get a copy of this book. Believe me, you will love it.  

To hear from Dr Priyanka herself, do check out her interview here.
The book is presently available (courtesy Mahaveer Publishers) on Flipkart and Amazon.
You can also interact with her directly at the official Twists of Fate Facebook page.

Happy Reading, everyone.

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