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by - August 20, 2015

Every time I return to my hometown after an extended work schedule, my smile grows wider as I watch the landmarks pass by one after the other, indicating that I am reaching my house. (Of course, the converse holds true as I leave but we will leave that sorrowful face for another day!)

There is no denying it - in our house, we transform. Outside at work or even in the streets, we are lost in crowds of hundreds; just another brick in the wall. But once that foot crosses the threshold of the front door, our demeanour changes. We relax as take our shoes off, finally get a chance to freshen up after a long day and relax. It is our castle, where we can finally be ourselves.

But what if I told you that I was looking for "a castle within my castle"?
You see, even within the house, there are endless distractions and interruptions that can ruin those moments that you are looking forward to. Yes, we love everyone at home very much but sometimes, don't you just yearn to have some time to yourself? Your "me" time or even "us" time with your significant other, without the noise of the neighbours' arguing above and below you or relatives barging in.
Imagine it: Everything you need available at an arm's length, be it the latest novel, a new DVD movie you want to watch or just a cold drink as you reminisce on life's endless possibilities. No distractions. 
Sounds good, right? I thought so.

So here is my concept for that "Castle within the castle" room.


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As a teenager, I would find myself entering new worlds all the time, thanks to my voracious reading habits (which somehow did not extend to school textbooks, my teachers observed). So what better way to pay homage to that than by having a bookshelf door which hides my room from the outside world and yet, allows me once more to walk into my own world as and when I desire it? Just pick up the books on my way in too.

My Happy Wall:

Finally, I will get to display my trophies and certificates. Oh, I don't mean medical degrees and all that! I mean stuff like my "Besurdas" award for being chosen as the 'official worst singer of my college' and other such insanely awesome certificates I picked up along the way. And why not? Did you not participate in all those college events to win and get those exalted certificates back then? 
But there will be one wall dedicated exclusively to such pictures and memories from my past that always bring a smile to my face, be it victories, moments with friends or trips. 
Of course, knowing me, there will be one wall which will have a standout bright primary colour - baby blue, lemon yellow or some such. 

Mere pass LED hai, fridge hai, home theater hai:

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I am going for the very basic frugal look - just the odd big screen LED tv and home theater, a meagre plush sofa set that continues upwards to connect directly to a dining table set up so that two 'layers of friends' can watch cricket matches together. Just one fridge with an ice dispenser should suffice, don't you think? Of course, the microwave to heat the food will sit right beside the coffee maker for those times when you like something hot, for a change. The frugal look, as I was saying.

The dragon dog's lair:

I know my dog too well. Sooner or later, he will find a way inside, beating the hidden bookshelf door (and even a retinal scan, if I had one!). So rather than have him take his revenge by kicking me out of my own castle, I shall allow him a free pass inside and his own beanbag to lie in and relax while I... well, lie in and relax too! 

A place to rest:
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Speaking of relaxing, I need to lie down too while I curl up with my book and have Beethoven and Tchaikovsky play serenely in the background. (Okay, fine. I meant Yo Yo Honey Singh and Lady Gaga!) Indoor floating hammock it is, then!

So what are the benefits of having this 'castle within a castle':
1. I finally get to see what a remote control looks and feels like and whether there really is more to television than saas-bahu serials.
2. Finally, I get to read a book without any disturbances or "so whatcha doing" kind of questions every two minutes.
3. A wall filled with memories of your happiest times. How can that not motivate you? How can you not will yourself to add more pictures onto that wall?
4. A fully stacked fridge = a serene man. - Gauthama Buddha. (He would have said it had fridges been there during that time!)
5. When you are able to find peace for even a few moments every day consistently, you will slowly find that the serenity that you experience will overflow into other aspects of your life. - Me.  

That is why I totally recommend it to everyone and hope you all find the inclination (and the space at home!) to make your own castle within your castle.

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