This post is part of my #A2ZChallenge for April 2016 where my theme is TV Sitcoms. For the letter A, I choose Agents of Shield.


Set in the popular Marvel Cinematic World that includes Iron Man, Captain America et al, Marvel's Agents of Shield follows the covert spy agency first introduced in 2008's hit movie Iron Man as they stave off threats against the world from the evil organization HYDRA as well as their own government & other beings with superhuman abilities.

10 reasons you will love Agents of Shield:

1) The most entertaining spy show on TV in years.

2) Unique in that it is the only show on air that directly connects to a huge movie franchise.
The show can be watched independently without needing to watch the movies. It helps though, as the show fills in the plot holes from the movies!

3) When the Whedon family is involved (as creators here), expect good writing, strong characters and unexpected twists. The same applies to the team so your agents include a huge 6'7" guy who rarely ever fights and is just a mechanic. But heaven help you if you annoy a waif-like young woman named Daisy.

4) The initial uneven storytelling improved dramatically after the events of the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier directly affected the characters in the TV show (SHIELD, remember?) & it has been maintaining a consistently high standard ever since.

5) A good blend of mysteries, comic book nods, Marvel brand of humour, betrayals and surprising pathos too.

6) What at first seems like a vanilla group of individuals has since grown to become a very strong well-etched team. The show is not afraid to kill off characters you love or forever alter your perspective of them which means you can never feel safe.

7) Some of the excellent mysteries/themes with satisfying resolutions have included:
  • How did Agent Coulson survive getting stabbed to death by Loki during the Avengers movie? Even Coulson wanted answers to that one!
  • How are there super-powered beings like the twins from the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie? Where did they come from?
  • With SHIELD disbanded at the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, what happens to these agents? Do they become Agents of Ex-Shield??
  • Where did Agent Nick Fury get a Helicarrier at the end of the Age of Ultron movie?  
  • Is 'being different' a crime (a wonderful take on modern-day racism, perhaps?)
  • What has HYDRA's true goal been all along? Just world domination or something far more sinister?
  • Are there aliens among us? What do they want?  

8) Is there a more women-centric show around on TV? I don't think so. After Agent Phil Coulson, the main focus of the story has always been on the mystery behind Daisy (Chloe Bennet in a star making role) as you see her evolve from an anti-government hacker into the flawed role model she is. And then comes Ming-Na, Elizabeth Henstridge & Adrianne Palicki as the battle-scarred Agent May, the vulnerable science whiz Gemma & the kickass Mockingbird.

9) Clark Gregg. You loved him as Agent Phil Coulson (Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, Avengers). You hated that he was 'killed' by Loki in the Avengers movie. As the leader of this spy op team, he is absolutely charismatic and brilliant, taking on odds much greater than he ever considered himself capable of with that same disarming charm (Sorry, Phil. I couldn't resist).

10) Final words: When it began, I did not think I would enjoy it much. A Marvel show without superheroes? Today, I find myself more invested in this team than the Avengers who show up once in 3 years. The show has actually improved with each season.

    If aliens were to judge us based solely upon this show:

    They would retreat and regroup. They would know they have a fight on their hands. Loki & the Chitauri already failed to kill Agent Coulson, remember?


    • Whether you are a feminist or not, you have probably called Clark Gregg's wife 'Baby' and wished you were the one doing a naughty dance with her. Mrs Gregg a.k.a. Jennifer Grey was the gorgeous Baby Houseman in that classic Dirty Dancing, after all. Would not try calling actress Ming-Na Wen 'Baby' though... she used to be martial arts expert Chun Li in the old Street Fighter movie!
    • Dubsmash Wars. What started as a fun use of the social app Dubsmash by the lead actresses of the two shows Agents of Shield & Agents Carter soon turned into a hilarious online battle as the entire cast (and some famous cameos including Stan Lee!) got involved targeting each other with Dubsmash songs. Seeing the positive attention it was generating, the casts of the two shows used it to good effect, raising nearly $100,000 for two charities. You can see the entire Dubsmash war which took place over nearly half a year here.  See if you can catch two smart Dirty Dancing references in there!

    To see all the shows I have talked about till date, please CLICK HERE.


    I love Agents of Shield. And you've gone a kickass job of A for A-Z
    Mithila Menezes said…
    Spy shows *_*

    Will track it down and watch it :D

    Amazing start to the challenge :)
    Don't know much about them but this article gives good details about them. Let me find it.

    A - The Art Attack
    Me Otherwise said…
    I love this too.. and what a portrayal of it!!
    Debbie D. said…
    I see advertisements for this show all the time, but have never actually watched it. Sounds interesting! Happy 1st day of the A to Z. ☺
    Glad to hear that... And I really do love this show for the way it has evolved. The week Batman v Superman released also had some big moments in Flash and Supernatural but honestly, the one which got me the most emotional was the ending of the episode of Agents of Shield (episode: Parting Shot).
    It was simply so heartfelt.
    There are lots of wonderful spy shows around - Alias, Homeland etc
    But this has the right blend for me... a mix of seriousness, humour, gadgets and really evil villains too.
    Do check it out - you will like it, I feel.
    Yay.. good to see more fans of the show
    Thanks. I actually think you will enjoy it. Do check out an episode or two...
    never watched, but sounds interesting! women-centric sounds good!
    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess
    My Era said…
    What a rocking start to the A to Z challenge.
    I am ready with a huge bucket of popcorn to enjoy your posts through the challenge :D
    Shilpa Garg said…
    Have just seen the promos for this. I think Aaryan will love to watch this. Will share it with him.
    The show has been on my TBW list forever now :O But SHIELD without the superheroes is like Gotham without Batman no? :(
    Inderpreet Kaur said…
    Such a detailed analysis! I watch it very rarely but will follow more regularly now. Thanks.
    Leanne said…
    I've watched a bit of this show over the years - it's funny how it is popular in so many countries (we're in Australia) Leanne from
    cresting the hill
    Its actually a very fun and engaging show.. totally worth checking out
    Haha... I promise I will do my best to live up to expectations.
    Please do... of the superhero related shows on tv, I think This and probably FLASH are the ones he would like the most
    Oh believe me. I thought so too. But Gotham does not hold a candle to this show. This is far more entertaining and most importantly, you actually have quite a few heroes and villains from the comic books... the show reveals their origin stories gradually as the story evolves.
    Do try it out... even a few random episodes. I think you will find yourself enjoying it
    Yay!! So glad to hear this. I enjoy this show a lot and love the mix of humour and spy v spy antics.
    Shalini said…
    Okay, I'm going to watch this one! Brilliant start to AtoZ, Roshan :) What a detailed analysis!

    Visit to read Army Wife Tales at Tale of Two Tomatoes
    You can also drop in to check 26 Chicken Recipes at Something’s Cooking

    Woah! Are you going to do such a detailed write-up for every day! This post was just awesomely written! Now I'm really looking forward to your posts this month. Haven't seen this show yet, but I'll try to watch it now.
    P.S. - Yeah, I finally joined. Withdrew my name yesterday, but a specially nice comment last night made me join again! :P

    - Chicky @
    Pri said…
    Sounds really interesting. I will surely check it out.

    Looking forward to more such TV gyaan from you :)
    Kala Ravi said…
    Yes, yes, good start to A To Z! Of course I watch this show on the Star World Premiere channel, that I had to specifically subscribe to for this show....courtesy my son! But you've done a brilliant job analyzing and dissecting the whole show! Despite none of the supes being in it, Coulson and team really swing it! As usual sonny conveys his compliments to you for doing this piece! Cheers :)
    @KalaRavi16 from
    Thanks... loved your posts... both of them!! how are you managing 2 challenges!??
    last series I saw was Friends. That too haven't seen the whole thing. Have downloaded and stored in PC for long now, but somehow time is not favoring me. Guess after April I'll get to know about some good series. Great start. All the best. :)
    Amanda Fleet said…
    Great A-Z challenge. I love Agents of Shield. Just when you think you know where you are with it, it flips you.
    @amanda_fleet1 from
    Tina Basu said…
    Ohh I love sitcomss, but haven't seen Agents of Shield yet. But hey I have an anaesthesia story on my blog today!
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life
    Rob Kraitt said…
    Glad to see someone spreading the word on this great show. Check out my B post tomorrow for some Batman Superman fun:
    Glad to hear that..loved your first post. Keep it up
    Oh believe me... there will be an education that will make Harrisons and Hutchisons cringe before this is over :D
    Haha.. he's gonna love my blog this month, in that case. So many tv show, almost all of which he would enjoy.
    Of course, if his marks drop, you are gonna kill me , I realize :)
    Oh believe me... I've been doing that for years. Saving shows for a rainy day. So find shows you like and save them. You can watch them at leisure later on
    Hi Amanda. Totally agree... they really do know how to twist a plot... and yet they make it fun too.
    rajlakshmi said…
    This is one of my favourite shows. My favourite is Sky and Agent May :D Strong kicks women !!
    Natalie Zaman said…
    Love this theme! I've not seen this show!!!!! :)
    Checked it out... awesome start :)
    Oh, I am definitely coming for that :D
    haha... Sky has evolved the most since the first episode. I felt so heartbroken after the recent episode, the one with Lance and Mockingbird in Russia. That is when you realize how much you've grown fond of people who weren't even there in the first season.
    That's good writing that keeps you invested in their fortunes.
    Oh please do give it a try (accepting the fact that the first dozen episodes are a bit uneven). After that, it gets really good.
    Ruchi Singh said…
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    Ruchi Singh said…
    This is a great theme, I'll have to visit daily. I love this series. Happy A to Z!
    Thanks Ruchi. Hopefully will help you find a few new shows to binge watch :)
    A fab theme and now i need to track this one down and watch it. :) Thanks!
    Nibhz said…
    I got to look for this series. Seems pretty interesting!

    Nibha @ Expressions Arriving Late
    Soumya said…
    Such a wonderfully detailed post! I haven't watched this yet, but will definitely start now!

    Loving your theme! Looking forward to discover more TV shows :)
    Reema D'souza said…
    I love your theme! I was looking forward to some TV show recommendations and I'm going to get that now for whole of April! Great start Doc. I'm gonna watch this one soon.
    Please do... it comes on TV right now also.
    Oh it is.. trust me.
    Please do... it quite a nice show and deserves more love.
    Definitely... have so many more that wont make it because they all start with the same letter. Must find a way to incorporate all of them too, somehow
    Parul said…
    I have always skipped that show thinking it will be too much drama and spying around. Reading your post, I think I should get to it :) Now I think I know what's for H :)
    Deepa said…
    Interesting! I'm going to keep a watch out on the list here, might get a few to add to my "To watch" list! Good luck with the A-Z!
    Deepa’s Kaleidoscope
    NatePD said…
    I tried to watch it because I love Marvel, but I just can't xD I'm digging Jessica Jones and I can't wait for the Luke one to come out. XO
    Robin Rivera said…
    I love this show! And you've tapped into so many of the reasons why I love it. I think in terms of women characters it truly stands out! I've found myself thinking and blogging about these women a number of times. Great theme, I'll be following!

    Robin from WriteOnSisters
    I'm pretty intrigued :)
    But if you are gonna say Homeland, I will say nope. Didn't even consider it :)
    Definitely we will find something you will love in here before the month ends :)
    Aww... Dammit. But yes, Like Cage is due to come later this week. Will be nice to see where they take him
    It's something you find in most Joss Whedon shows right from Buffy the vampire slayer: strong female characters who aren't just there as props in the show.
    Aathira said…
    Haven't seen this one. Shall check it out :)
    Sarah Zama said…
    I admit I've never watched this show, but it does sound good :-)

    The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz
    Jeffrey Scott said…
    This is a show I've been wanting to check out. Oh, I have so little time. I loved reading about it here, though. I'm anxious to get around to watching it. Probably when I see it on DVD, which is how I seem to be watching most of my TV shows lately.
    Do give it a shot... you'll like it
    It is definitely fun :)
    Allow some time for the first season to get its groove... from there on in, things get really good.
    Guilie Castillo said…
    Not a huge fan of sitcoms here, so I'd never heard of this one. Great job describing it, though! And thanks for the visit over at Life In Dogs earlier; loved your comment :)

    Have a great A2Z!
    sulekkha said…
    I watched a couple of episodes of the show but the show didn't grow on me. I prefer the comedy shows like Modern Family, Friends,Seed,and my absolute favorite in another genre is 'Criminal minds'.
    Enjoyed reading your post, best of luck for the AtoZ challenge.
    I will check this out and surely have a great time watching the show.
    Thanks... love your theme.
    Criminal Minds is my guilty pleasure too. Love the show :)
    Thanks. Trust me... you will.
    vishal bheeroo said…
    Sounds like a kick ass show and enjoy reading the trivia:)
    You said it there - A marvel show without superhereos! But after reading this post, I guess I will have to watch it!
    I personally love this show... totally worth it
    Trust me... even your wish for superheroes gets fulfilled as the show moves forward. And super villains.. lots and lots of them
    mike spain said…
    I liked this show!