Who's been selling our household items on the streets without our knowledge?

Who's been using our garden as his personal toothpick collection?

 Who's been stealing food from the kitchen and blaming it on the doberman?

Who's been pretending to be a ninja and trying to blend in with his surroundings?

Who's been watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' after bedtime?

Who is trying doggy hypnosis to get the matriarch to serve him his food ahead of time?

Who's been deriving inspiration from horror movies like Insidious?

 Who's pretending to be a plate so that we will serve food directly in his mouth? 

 Who has been painting the plants in our garden blue?

 Who has been watching too much Masterchef Australia and now thinks he's Matt Preston checking each and every move as people in the house cook?

Who keeps pretending he's a 'PET SCAN'?

 Who keeps pretending that our cushions are his fake beard?

 Who is a blabbermouth and keeps telling everyone's secrets? 

Who da dawg, maan?

Dogambo Khush Hua!

You think this is a riot? You should check Snoopy and the gang in the hugely popular Canine's Guide to Nurturing Humanity 

P.S. Who comes to my website just to see if he's mentioned in it?

Authors note:
This is my entry for the theme "Caught Red Handed" for the blogger challenge Blog-A-Thon by Blog-A-Rhythm. You can read other entries for this theme by fellow bloggers here.

During this 7 day challenge, I have written on:
Day 4 - Caught Red Handed - Doggone it! (Dog years)
Day 5 - Robert the Doll (Horror/ Real life)
Day 6 - The Saviour (Short Fiction) 


This is super adorable! Loved, loved,loved your take on the prompt!
ʞɐ said…
I believe all cases (which-so-ever) are dismissed outrightly, without a question.

And to say the obvious, super cute.
Anita said…
So sweet! Special mention for the last pic & caption :)
Great Doc!
payal agarwal said…
Super sweet! :)
Awww..so SO adorable, Roshan. Clearly the best take on the prompt I read so far. :D
Vasantha Vivek said…
Lovely and so cute .....
Anshul Taran said…
Waoo.. very innovative method to write for the theme and I am also wondering how you have searched all the pics and compile all of them with the beautiful lines..
Shilpa Gupte said…
Oh doc, these pictures are fabulous! And. so are the captions..:) And, your Snoopy deserves to be hugged and hugged ! He is such a sweetheart...do give him a hug and a kiss from me, will you?
Now thats a very super..no..snoopy post :) Loved the photos. loved the captions even more :)
Carol Graham said…
This is my favorite post of the month! I absolutely loved it!
swati bassi said…
This was super cute and adorable. Hugs to the one caught red handed.
Sunila Vig said…
Haha loved this frm start to finish Doc :) Every pic and witty comment:) Bibble is J and wants some virtual space on my blog too now :P
Jaibala Rao said…
Snoopy big big hugs to you from S and me. Yes, S will be seeing this post and he is going to want to come and join you doing all these things soon. Thank You Doc, these pics are awesomely cute.
Shail Mohan said…
Shilpa Garg said…
Aww! Loved loved this post! Snoopy is so adorable and what great captures these have been, caught him right in the act!
Ira said…
That is such a lovely post! The captions and the pics are an absolute delight!!
Rachna said…
Awww The cutie! I have one naughty thief at home too. 😃
sulekkha said…
I want to give darling Snoopy a hug so bad, he is adorable. Loved your post and your lead actor :)
Neha Gupta said…
That was indeed quite a different and much adorable take on the prompt.
Geets said…
Haha..!! This post is so wow!!! So cute in fact! I'm already in love with your Snoopy!! He is such a munchkin!!!
And the captions are perfect Roshan!!!

Dammit... my lawyer must be crap to lose such an open and shut case!
Haha... yes, he is a crazy fella :)
Thanks Shanaya :) Lovely to hear that!
There are so many pics actually... these were the easiest ones to find :)
I am also away from him presently... need to get back soon :)
haha.. Thanks Sid :)
Aww.. thank you. That's high praise indeed :D
haha... yes, he is the celebrity of the house
so give him what he wants :D Surely you will have similar pics!
Vinodini Iyer said…
He's such a poser, this guy! And, look who's taken advantage of that and used it for posting for a prompt. 😋
Vinodini Iyer said…
He's such a poser, this guy! And, look who's taken advantage of that and used it for posting for a prompt. 😋
haha... you know you're most welcome when u visit Kerala :) The king Snoopy will always be there to steal from your plates :D
The crazy thing is... I am sure I have many more of him caught in the act! :)
I know... and we need more 'dog posts' :)
Tina Acharya said…
OMG!!! Suuuppperbbb!! What an adorable post!! Nothing could more lovely than this. You have just caught it Man "red-handed" :) :)
haha... whenever his posts come up, people always rush in. He is indeed the lead actor of the blog.
Thanks Geet :D Yes, he really is a nutty munchkin
haha... yes, I am the guilty one in the end... I've been caught red handed :D
Kala Ravi said…
Awww! Super cute Snoopy! Simply adorable and super photogenic this guy is! Loved the post!
Rajlakshmi said…
Awww so much cuteness... I just can't handle it... it is absolutely adorable... never a dull day with him in your house I think :D I too wrote a post on my pet today :D

PS: this is the third time I am trying to comment and I hope it goes through :D
Nabanita said…
He is acquitted from all charges due to cuteness :)
Yes, he has always been photogenic. Right from the puppy days :)
Lovely to see so many pet posts today :)
This jury is rigged. RIGGED, I tell you!
Rekha Dhyani said…
Super Cute! The pictures and the taglines. :-D
Mithila Menezes said…
Omg this post is super hilarious! Even though I'm frightened to death by dogs, your dog seems so cute! Sharing this till it gets viral, doc :D
Reema D'souza said…
Hahahaha! This was such a wonderful post. Such a nice take on the prompt :)
tulika singh said…
Most certainly the cutest post at the BARATHON. The toothpick was a riot and the cushion beard lol! He's adorable.
The best take on the prompt. I needed this today. Thank you!
If only!! I could use a good happy viral post though :)
He is a laugh riot. Imagine him doing stunts like this on a regular basis
Thank Snoopy. It's his magic that makes people smile.
Mayur said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aditi said…
That was me! ;)

Absolutely love this post! Adorable pictures and captions!
Glad it made you smile :D
shalini said…
Can't stop laughing! I had to show this to P, convincing him to get a dog. ����
Vidya Sury said…
You should have a huge "ADORE" button on your posts! This one is so lovable, Roshan. Dogambo deserves a special treat! Who's checking out your website to see if he's mentioned in it, it seems! What a hoot. This is my favorite read of the day!
If does not work, nothing will!
Thanks Vidya :)
Yes, he is one of a kind in his league.
Illeen said…
Always a delight to come back here! 😊
vishal bheeroo said…
Doc!!! I love the pics and the tag lines. It's simply sensationally awesome. So much creativity warms the heart and soul. That's one true Snoopy:)
Anita Jeyan said…
He is actually keeping up with the Kardashians !:D :D OMG cant stop laughing ! He is so adorable!
Wow.. that is a name from the past. Hope you are doing well :)
Thanjs Vishal :) Glad you enjoyed it.
Hehe.. he is am item. That is for sure :)
You know Who said…
And who has been clicking away photographs of me to use in his blog?? Who, who? Goo.. get me some fooood. I am the master.
*chuckles woof woof
tulika singh said…
I remember this one. Such a an absolutely adorable post.
Modern Gypsy said…
This is so cute! I love these photographs! He’s one cool dawgie dog!