The Saviour

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
  • A black man is the President of the United States of America.  
  • I can see the map of any corner of the entire world with my small pocket talking device. 
  • Children and adults run on the streets staring at their mobiles and chasing cartoon characters that are not visible to the naked eye. 
  • People will be getting up early in the morning and 'liking' or 'loling' inane random thoughts written by total strangers and acquaintances even on a single website where billions converge everyday.
  • Last month, a man jumped off an aeroplane without a parachute and fell 20,000 feet. He landed safely! Another guy jumped from space and landed on Earth with a parachute.
  • I can sit in India and watch people from all over the world with it. I can chat with them for free. 
  • I can store thousands of songs and movies in a device smaller than the nail of my thumb. 

'What are you reading?' I hear a voice behind me and turn to find my colleague, Dr Renjith. 

I stare at the diary in my hand as I shake my head and toss it to him. 

'More wishful thinking from our patient in bed 21. His diary entry for 6th August 2016.' I say with a smile. 'I don't think our medicines are working. He is still rambling the same old nonsense.'

As I start to write my morning notes in the file, Renjith continues flipping through the pages. 
'Wow. Check this out. It's later on. President Donald Trump. PRESIDENT? Hilarious. I can understand some of those science fiction things like a cult like website where everyone converges every morning or those devices with maps on them. But that guy who just filed for bankruptcy for his casino Trump Taj Mahal last month is our future President? Ya right. 21 is really delusional.'

When I don't reply, he tosses the diary back on my table and heads off to chat with the nurses as I complete my notes in the patient's file. 

  • Patient continues to believe he is from the future and has been sent back to the past to save the world from the path it has chosen. 
  • Claims seem senseless and illogical (black president) and closer to science fiction (magic devices that act as a GPS,  camera,  wireless button less telephone, video camera).
  • His story of being sent back from the past to save the world coincides with the theme of upcoming Hollywood science fiction movie Terminator 2.
  • Efforts to find relatives or family members of patient still ongoing.

  • Continue electro convulsive therapy. 
  • To consider increasing dosage till patient stops insane ramblings of future.
Dr Roshan R 
Consultant psychiatrist 
6 August 1991

I catch a glimpse of the words written in capital letters on the page in front of me. Patient 21 had written them on many a page prior to this one too, I remember as I shut the book. Too bad he doesn't make any sense.

And what does 'I can be your saviour. I can save you all. We must STOP 9/11. The end of the world begins there' even mean? How does a mathematical fraction save the world? 

Poor fellow. I have faith that the increased electric shock therapy will bring him back to reality.
Hopefully I can be his saviour.

Authors note:
This is my anecdote for the theme "Wishful thinking" for the blogger challenge Blog-A-Thon by Blog-A-Rhythm. You can read other entries for this theme by fellow bloggers here.

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  1. This was in the league of THE TIME MACHINE. good work.

  2. I thought I was reading H G Wells. Nicely done Doc, in your trademark style.

    1. Thanks Jaibala. Was looking for something different for each post... scifi seemed the way to go.

  3. that's brilliant story telling. Imagine someone waking up from coma and finding kids catching unreal objects on the road. It sure sounds like Science Fiction. If Trump becomes President... that's the end of intelligence. :P

    1. Don't know how we would explain Pokemon Go to someone from the 90s! :)
      As for Trump, I am actually worried it will happen nowadays..

  4. Omg! This was absolutely brilliant Roshan! What a fantastic take on the prompt!

  5. Fabulous take on the prompt, Doc. Perfect 'Time Machine' material.

    1. Yes... it is a story I would love to develop honestly... from either point of view: doctor or patient

  6. Very creative and imaginative take on the prompt. Thought provoking and fun to read.

  7. This was brilliant. Wishful thinking of today is the reality of tomorrow. Makes one realise how fast the world is progressing.

    1. That is indeed there.. I had made a list of stuff I wanted to add to showcase a change in generations. Could not add them all.

  8. If only it were true, and if only someone had listened to that man, things would have been different! Wishful thinking! :)

    1. It would have been nice to believe we could do it, right?

  9. If only someone believed him and his thoughts! That's an interesting tale for the prompt!

    1. Ever wonder what might be? Supposing there really was a person like this stuck somewhere

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